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  1. Here is a work in progress for the Major's Meeting song. (note: several of the lyrics do not match up with the tempo. This is just something to work with that my friend and I came up with.) Mayor’s Song (Two verses reframe before lyrics) Viscen & Mutoh Should we run or celebrate? The truth the mayor’s sure to know, Would you kindly tell this windbag how to run the show. Viscen Many of the townsfolk have Already packed up and fled, The moon draws closer everyday, Can’t you get that through your head? Mayor= Yes I see… Mutoh Upholding our old traditions That’s what always made us strong. The moon is just a harmless rock, in this I can’t be Wrong! Mayor=You have a point… Viscen Mayor listen, We must escape, Head for the highest hills Before that moon kills Us all. Mutoh You soldiers always boasted how you’re the Bravest fighters in the land. You’re a bunch of spineless cowards, When actions in demand Viscen & Mutoh Who let in this gloomy Deku and this chatty little sprite? Do not interrupt me when I’m proving that I’m right!
  2. I understand, the post man can be cut, but I want to keep the Carpenters & soldiers at least can be the chorus.
  3. Those that don't have a song that they already working on, we need to get started on working on the lyrics. For these collab lyrics people will put in there own ideas and the group as a whole will work on the lyrics to that song. For the first song I'd like to focus on is the Clock Town song. First the lyrics to the 1st day we'll work on first...firstly. The first day is the buzz of excitement for the upcoming festival, but at the same time a sense of foreboding as the towns people look at the ominous moon. Singers include: -The Carpenters: They sing mostly about working to get the festival ready. -The Deku Shrub Salesman: Basically sings about how he's sold all his wares and is just waiting for the festival. His wife has been bugging him about getting her a Moon's Tear. -The Postman: His lyrics should be very repetitive, like a drum, singing about delivering mail. -Soldier's: During the first part of the Musical, before Link get's his ocarina back, the soldier's sing about how they can't let Deku Link outside because it is too dangerous without a sword. They also feel uneasy about the moon. -Tingle: Yes you are reading that right, Tingle gets a singing part...a very small one. Basically through the course of the Musical, Tingle will begin to sing about his maps and fairies...but then Tatl will steer Link away from him and the music will continue as if Tingle never sung at all. Basically a joke:razz:
  4. That is a very good point QrangeDragan and one that has been on my mind for awhile. First I think we should figure out the differences between the different Musical styles and see which matches with what we are going for.
  5. That's fine, just have lyrics in mind when your creating it. I'm already familiar with your work, I just need to know what all you can do so that I can list it on the forum for everyone else to see. It's so everyone who needs to collaborate with people will know what all you can do.
  6. Hey Kenny, I wanted to talk to you about the Wind Waker song. When are you on skype?

  7. I've decided that it would be neat if we had a booklet for the album made up of major scenes from the game done by different artists. I've already been contacted by one interested artist, Champ has his artist, and I'm an artist as well.
  8. On the character list, any character's name that is colored red has been claimed. Once again, please submit a sample of your work via PM.
  9. That is correct. Link will play the role he has always played, the silent protagonist that is thrusted into a situation and it's up to him to save the world.
  10. Not to worry guys. I've already contacted the guy working on that opera and he's said we were cool. His opera is more about Kafei and his quest for the sun mask. He's even willing to help out with our project as well.
  11. Did you make this? Or was it someone else? Looks good, but maybe a different style of text. Can you send me a version with out the text through email?
  12. Tears of the Moon A Majora's Mask Musical Recruiting has begun! Please read the guidelines below. For those just joining, welcome to the thread for the OC Remix album Tears of the Moon, Majora's Mask Musical project! Project Details _________________________________________ Project Coordinator MangaMan Remixers Tuberz McGee Auditions Open Instruments MangaMan-Vocals Champ the Hippie-Vocals Salluz-Vocals OrangeDragan-Vocals Tuberz McGee-Vocals, Guitar, Ocarina, Shamisen, Mandolin, Keyboard/Piano. Terra Mater-Vocals, Harp TheFallenSnow-Bass, Tuba ZerotheMaster-Vocals UnbridledApathy-Trumpet RayCooke-Vocals, Bass Amphibious-Vocals Lyric Writers Head Lyric Writers MangaMan OrangeDragan Champ the Hippie Raycooke Terra Mater Zerothemaster [if you have a skill that I have forgotten to list please tell me. Also, I'm still waiting to hear auditions from a number of people and if I've asked you to re-submit a new audition, please do so asap.] Artwork MangaMan spire-III on deviantart Project Theme Tears of the Moon is a opera/musical approach to the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Soundtrack. This project is to give vocalists, who don't usually have that many songs here on OC Remix, a chance to show their stuff and to pay tribute to one of the best games in the series. The challenge for this project is to take the soundtrack and convert it to a flowing narrative through song. Audition Guidelines Please Private Message me samples of your work or Email me at drwartist@yahoo.com. Auditions are the best way for the coordinator to get an idea of your level of skill and range of vocals. -Auditioning material must be clear and good quality audio so it's easy to hear. -If you have multiple talents, I.E. you can play an instrument and sing, if possible please send examples of both separately, but it is okay if you submit both example on one audition track just make it clear to me that it is all your work, I.E. if you are the one singing but the instrumentation was from a different source let me know. - Artists who are invited to the project by the project coordinators are exempt from auditions. (We obviously know about their artist quality in that we felt compelled to invite them.) -Auditions DO NOT require live instruments. Sequencers and Remixers are all welcomed to audition. The same rules for auditioning still apply. -If you are a lyric writer please say so. - If you e-mail your audition, you can send the auditioning material as an attachment. Please message me with any questions, thoughts, or concerns. Discussion is still going on for this project so project goals will be listed later, as well as the time line and a list of songs. Link to the Wiki forum where lyrics are discussed. http://tearsofthemoon.wikispaces.com/
  13. Yeah I can channel Voltaire pretty well I think.

  14. Welcome aboard! If your band wants to play around with some of the Zora Domain music, then go right ahead. Show me what you can do with those songs.
  15. Some one on the Wiki was asking if a discussion forum on the site?

  16. It will be a sort of Operatic, in that ever line is basically sung. Just like Phantom of the Opera or any of Andrew Lloyd Webber's work or like Rent. That isn't to say that every singer needs to be a Opera singer, it just means constant singing. Each part of the Musical will be slightly different from the other but once we get to the composition work we can worry more about that later.
  17. That's true. The Song of Healing will change based on who it is being played for. For Mikua, it will be a Rock ballad cover. For the Deku Butlers son it will be a very sweet and innocent melody with a soft horn playing. For Darmani it will be a big mens choir of all the gorons singing and praising his name with an intense, uplifting drum beat. For each of the other times the Song of Healing plays will change depending on the situation. A person from Youtube that I would really like to get involved made beautiful lyrics to the song: I would love to use this as a sort of reframe for all the covers of the Song of Healing.
  18. A question has been brought to my attention: What kind of musical is this gong to be? For example: A "Singing in the Rain" or a "Les Miserables"? This musical, I believe, should be split up in multiple parts. Each part represents a region and the quests with said region of Termina. Each region also has its own style, for example the Zora Domain will have more of a Rock Musical style to it. Ikana Canyon will play out more like an Opera (Phantom of the Opera Andrew Llyod Webber). Each region also has a signature instrument (Except Ikana Canyon) Wood Fall the horn, Great Bay the guitar, and Snow Head the Drums. This is just an idea and of course we'll need something to tie it all together. Another thing that I think a lot of people are misinterpreting is: Since this is a Musical it needs live instruments. I'm not sure if that is really what people think, but if it is then it is not true. Yes live instruments are acceptable but that is not to say that electron instrumentation aren't. If you compose your music on the computer and use computer based instruments, then that is totally fine. So don't feel that you need to play a live instrument to be apart of this project. The only instrument that is required to be live is vocals.
  19. Alright, cool. But lets leave this post for discussion on the project only and save the chit chat for facebook.
  20. Great just PM me a sample of your work. It can be a link to a youtube video or an MP3 file. Great to have you aboard.
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