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  1. Yeah, rock opera is totally open. The only real guide lines that I have (so far) for this project is that I want to tell the story through lyrics. This is still in the idea phaze of development. I want to find a composer that I can collaborate with on this project, cause I want to make sure the songs are at the very least unified. If you want to talk it over with me more, just look me up on skype if you have it. If you don't it's free for both Mac and PC or you can PM me.
  2. Wow really? That's awesome! Hope there won't be any issues there. I still want to do this, you see.
  3. Anyone who is still following this post, I've decided to go a head with the project. Recruiting will happen between March and April. The entire summer will be dedicated to working on the songs. Everything should come together (Safe to assume) by November of 2012. An official post will be made for Recruiting.
  4. Great and GREAT! Yes I have vocals covered however I'm not against having some back up :D You have a truly beautiful voice and your recording set up makes me jealous. Also if I remember you can play a wood wind instrument I believe? That would also be very helpful. As for when I would need this all by is still up in the air. I have to finish writing the lyrics first. Do you have a skype account? Maybe we could talk it over:)

  5. I like the Andy Warhol quote by the way. Anyway's, I'm not too familiar with Neurofunk or that other style you suggested, so I took a listen to a few songs and from what I hear it sounds like a form of techno. Now I'm not the biggest fan of Techno music but maybe taking the idea of the Neurofunk style and adding a bit more jazz and funk into the mix. You know what I mean? I'm just saying this because it's hard for me to picture lyrics to the type of music your describing.

  6. Yeah, this was just to see if people would be interested in the idea. Once I feel I'm ready, I'll post up an official post for Recruiting and Collaborating! And it will be all fancy and shiny
  7. Yes, I have idea's for the Crystal bearers Ramble. I haven't had time to do any research for it yet, but once I have something I'll let you know. What is your idea for the song?

  8. I've noticed a rather lack of vocal songs here on OC Remix. So to remedy this, I propose the idea of a Majora's Mask Opera/Musical album. There are not too many remixed songs from the game and there are a lot of vocal artists on the site looking for work. The idea would be to structure the music into an Opera/Musical format to tell the story of loneliness, betrayal, and redemption. Certain character from the game would be given a voice: The Happy Mask Sales Man for example. Unlike most other Zelda games the side stories are more focused on than the main story really. I feel that this makes Majora's Mask perfect for a Opera/Musical adaptation. Now I'm not going ahead with an "official" album project...yet. I just posted this to see who would be interested in doing this. If I did go through with this, I would need the help of a lot of people. I don't mind writing all the songs lyrics but I wouldn't be against getting help on that. Composer's and mixers would be necessary as well. I haven't ever done anything like this before, so a more experienced hand would be very helpful. Biggest thing that I'm trying to decide on is: Is Link and the 4 Giants going to sing? Mostly I'm pondering on Link because he's been a silent character for so long that I don't know if it would be right for him to have a voice for this project or not. Maybe it would be better if Link did stay silent and let the other characters tell the story cause frankly there's plenty to go around. Anyway's this is just to generate interest. So if this project did get made, would YOU be interested?
  9. Also, I've been playing around with the idea of doing a Majora's Mask Opera/Musical album. I would love to have you be a part of that, but for now it's just an idea. Would you be interested?

  10. Hey, heard your a vocalist, same here. I'm trying to generate buzz for a Majora's Mask Opera/Musical Album. Interested?

  11. I'm trying to generate buzz for a Majora's Mask Opera/Musical Album. Interested?

  12. Hey, heard your a vocalist, same here. I'm trying to generate buzz for a Majora's Mask Opera/Musical Album. Interested?

  13. What are the usual dimensions for a forum bar? Just so I know what I'm working with here.
  14. Hey Ora, I've gotten this idea for a possible album project. You know as well as I do that there are not that many remix songs with vocals in them. Well I thought it would be cool to dedicate an entire album to vocals! Also there isn't that many remix songs from Majora's Mask. See where I'm going with this? What do you think of the idea of making a Majora's Mask Opera/Musical? Contact me for more info!

  15. I'm currently in the works on the lyrics for the Legendary Hero track. The violin and the harp are the main instruments in the game and I thought it would be nice to incorporate them in this little introduction number. I imagined this song being sung like an old folk tale, everyone around the fire listening to the elder as he spins a tale about our ancestors. The violin and harp join in to assist in the story telling, give it atmosphere. That's the general feel I get from this song. I know there isn't a harp in the original version of the song but I want you to take up the part that the...actually, I don't know what it's called. The string instrument that may or may not be some kind of guitar. Once I have the lyrics finished, I'll send you a copy of them along with a demo track of me singing over the game music, to help give you a sense of what I'm going for. I've already contacted Chris for the violin. Hope you can help!

  16. This is by no means an actual project...yet. This is just me throw out the idea. I've been noticing for a while, here on OC Remix that there is a lack of songs with lyrics. Now I know it's understandable given that the original materials didn't have lyrics and I know that we do have remixes on this site that have lyrics, I'm just saying. Being a singer myself, I thought that it would be interesting and fun to take a video games soundtrack and put lyrics too it. That being said: Majora's Mask. Out of all the Legend of Zelda games, this one has the greatest potential for lyric writing. Not only that but there isn't that many Majora's Mask remixes so this is a win win already. The idea I had was to tell the story of Majora's Mask in the style of a Musical/Opera. The interesting thing about Majora's Mask is that it doesn't really have a Main story, but rather all of it's side stories paints not only the overall story but the world that young Link is in. This is also one of the few times that the setting is not Hyrule. We have potentially 4 different parts of this world to sing about: Clock Town, Zora's Domain, Goron's Domain, and the Deku Nut Kingdom. Each one of these area's houses huge casts of characters, each with there own problem that Link helps solve. Each one of these characters could have a voice in the Musical. The only problem that I see with this is that it would be a very large project to do. If we could focus just on the major story arcs, then maybe that could help. Plus I know that there are a lot of singers here on the site just waiting to shine. This is still just an idea and at the moment I have no real plan for it but I thought I would just throw it out there and ask what other people thought.
  17. Hey Terra, I'm a vocalist on the Wind Waker album project and was wondering if I could get your help on The Legendary Hero track.

  18. Hey Sky, just putting it out there that I'm a vocalist/lyricist and if you need one for any song your working on, let me know ;D
  19. Hello Chris, I'm a vocalist on the Wind Waker tribute project and was wondering if you could assist me with The Legendary Hero song. I know someone else already has claim to that track but the head of the project said it was okay for me to go with this idea. Contact me when your able.

  20. Will do. A drum track will be nice and I know we have someone who can play the harp and a violin player. Once I get the lyrics written, I'll see if I can't contact those people to possibly help me out. Also can't wait for this "other" vocal piece. Keep me updated.
  21. I'm really liking Cid from the Crystal Bearers. He has a very fun song that I could make some fun lyrics too. I'll send you a rough copy of the lyrics and a demo version of the song (mind you it will be the song FROM the game only with my lyrics on top of them).

  22. What would you like me to send? I found the link by the way, thank you.

  23. I don't really know what I can give NOW. How do I get to this KNGI?

  24. I don't have any track in mind, but I can help out with anyone that needs it. I'm only good at singing and can't compose music to save my life. I could spin quite a tale for any of the Sids, maybe the on from Final Fantasy 4, if I had to pick one.

  25. Awe, but that song is begging for vocals!

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