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  1. If you feel that strongly about it then I'll see what I can do about it once everyone has submitted their art work and I start work on the final version of this piece.
  2. I've made this special little album art work for the project and I want your guys and gals opinions. What's going to happen is when I get everyones album art work, I will put parts of their artwork into the Tear. Also, there will be T-Shirts!
  3. I've updated the first post to make it clear what the goals are. Three post will be changed, the first will cover recruitment requirements, the second will cover characters, and the third will cover songs.
  4. There is always room! See you in a month.

  5. Lyric Writers put your WIP lyrics up here: http://tearsofthemoon.wikispaces.com/Track+List Make sure to write work in progress next to the title of each song unless I've given the okay (that the lyrics are just right).
  6. Just follow this link for now: Here is a link to the first WIP of the Clock Town, Day Three. Check it out and tell us what you think You can only few it through this link:
  7. Hey Tom, still working on the Wind Waker lyrics but I was wondering if you could lend a hand with them. Do you have skype?

  8. Here is a link to the first WIP of the Clock Town, Day Three. Check it out and tell us what you think You can only few it through this link:
  9. There are a few people on youtube that I have gotten in contact with: http://www.youtube.com/user/PeterCrowley83 This guy has already started work on the Clock Town, Third Day song. He will make a demo track of it for now until we get the lyrics hammered out. Then we will combine the two and re-work the song to make it fit better. I've tried to get in contact with some others on Youtube, but so far they've not replied yet. Another person said that they would be okay with us using their mixes, but I want to create new music for this project and not just use pre-made music. http://www.youtube.com/user/hylianensemble Unfortunately it doesn't look like they have any free time at this moment. If you guys know of anyone that would be interested in this project, please send them here and have them contact me so that I know they are interested. Finally, to keep track of all the lyrics, please post them up on the wiki site here: http://tearsofthemoon.wikispaces.com/ Inorder to post on the wiki, please send your emails to Champ the Hippie so he can add you to the wiki.
  10. Just to let everyone know, I've started a Majora's Vlog to record my thoughts on parts of the project. Check it out on this link here:
  11. The Clock Town, First Day has not been taken yet, so you can go and take it. It's funny you should mention clock town because I got a guy on Youtube who is interested in tackling the music for the second day. I have some notes on this thread about the idea of the first day in Clock Town, so be sure to look at that. But to summarize: The theme of Clock Town, First Day is one of busy energy and excitement for the up coming festival, but at the same time there is the ominous shadow being cast from the moon. I love the idea for the Owl and would like to combine that idea with another idea I had: We could use the Song of Time as a sort of interlude into the next area. For example, when going from Deku Swamp to the Snow Mountain first a horn section will play the Song of Time and then slowly the drums will take over the song. The Owl can come in with the reprise of his song after this while still caring the theme of the song by having the drums play during his song as well.
  12. Not necessarily. One of the most difficult parts about writing lyrics is coming up with them. Idea's are an important thing, ones that stick to the context and the theme the song portrays. I've hired a person from Youtube, with just such a talent. What we can do is have you come up with some ideas for a song, write them out and post them on here. Then the group as a whole can edit the raw idea and turn them into lyrics. Sound good?
  13. I'll keep you in mind for the Owl and one of the four Giants. I could also see you as either Japas (bass player) or Tijo (Drummer) from the Indigo-Go's. Any of the Gorons would be great too. I know you said that you don't compose music any more, but have you forgotten everything about composing? Also can you write lyrics?
  14. You are a tricky one to fit with a character my friend. You have a very smoky, Frank Sinatra-esc voice. For now, pick out one that you would like to try out for and I'll see if it clicks with your voice.
  15. There is a person by the name of Kuolema who is working on the Fairy Fountain Lyrics for Tears of the Moon and I was wondering if you could help him out.

  16. I have some songs on my Youtube page under: "MangaMan Sings" I do keep in contact with some of my choir friends and could possible organize some of them.
  17. Welcome aboard CN! I've listened to your samples and they are awesome! Is there are character you want to play or some songs you want to compose?
  18. That is a good point about the new melodies. If you want to help out with lyrics, we'd be very grateful for it. Did you have any songs in mind that you wanted to do lyrics for?
  19. I've seen the map of the new Unova Region and I'm curious to see what this will mean for the story. It is two years now from the events of the first games and nearly half of Unova is frozen over. And there are two new gym leaders? Just how much can change in two years?
  20. Over this up coming weekend I'll be editing the first post to make it more understandable and presentable, using all the notes from previous posts and what everyone has discussed so far. Then it will be off to getting an official OCR statues! Wish me luck! Also, if anyone has yet to decide on what lyrics they want to work on, let me know and I'll assign one or two too you.
  21. I heard from a little birdy that you were in the mists of Remixing every song from Ocarina of Time and were then going to do the same with Majora's Mask? I'm the project coordinator for Tears of the Moon: A Majora's Mask Musical. I know your busy right now with Ocarina but when you were ready for Majora, maybe you would be interested in helping us out.

    Tears of the Moon

  22. Abstract lyrics huh? Okay, then how about the "Title Theme", the song that plays right when you turn on the game. I wasn't planning on giving that song lyrics but if you think you can do something with it, be my guess. I'll leave it up to you on what to write about but just keep in mind that this song is the Intro into the story. Another suggestion would be one of the vers. of the Song of Healing. All vers. of the song deals with the theme of life after death and the passing of power, though that is just my interpretation and you can come up with your own. There are three main vers.: Deku Goron Zora Each will cover the character associated with it: For Zora, it will cover Mikau and will be in the form of a Rock Ballad, slow at the beginning until it builds to the glorious climax! Goron, of course, will cover Darmani. The style is still up in the air, so if you choose him, just brush up on his story arc for inspiration. I'll leave the style to you. Finally Deku will cover the Deku Butler's son, a character that never has a line in the game, but is mentioned in the story. After Link is turned into a Deku Shrub by the Skull Kid, he comes across a sad little tree that Tatl says looks just like him. I want these lyrics to not so much paint a visual picture, but to express the emotion of this characters whose life was cut short and is finally finding peace. I'm trying to get in contact with this girl on youtube that made an amazing cover of the Song of Healing. I want to ask her if she would be willing to join and if not, if she would be okay if we used her lyrics: Those lyrics will act as the reframe for all the covers of the song, hopefully:-D And the final suggest for you is the Oath to Order song. I have already mentioned the idea of having the 4 giants be a barbershop quartet in a previous post. There will only be one version of the song lyrics wise for I believe that repetition will be the strongest asset for this song. Some thing ancient, ghostly, and mystical. Other suggests that I can think of are songs from the Ikana Canyon, the Goron Lullaby, the Song of Soaring, the Song of Time, really any of the songs that you use through out the game. If you want me to go more into detail on any of the songs I've mentioned, let me know and I will happily oblige.
  23. Alright, do you prefer choosing the song to write lyrics for or do you want me to choose one for you?
  24. While at work, I strung together this little musical phrase for the "Guru-Guru Theme", better known as the Song of the Storms. I imagine that this would play out in the Stock-Pot Inn scene and would add to the tension the townsfolk are feeling. The festival Time is near. But everyone has disappeared. The glare from the Moon, it's spelling out our doom. Still we dance, and we play. (Two choices for this line, tell me what you think) Preparing for the Holiday (or) We can't simply run away. It's all that we know to do. Tell me what you guys think.
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