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  1. Excellent! Show me what you have with the Deku Palace theme when you feel you have it together.
  2. Here is a link to the official Majora's Mask Musical page:


  3. Here is a link to the official Majora's Mask Musical page:


  4. Here is a link to the official Majora's Mask Musical:


  5. Here's a link to the official Majora's Mask Musical page:


  6. Here's a link to the official Majora's Mask Musical page:


  7. Hello Orange, I wanted to say to you personally that I'd be honored to have you be apart of the Majora's Mask Musical. Just let me know what part you are interested in playing, though I think you could be good as Pamela's Father. Also could I get your help with some lyrics I'm writing for the Wind Waker album and possibly help sing it?

  8. Tears of the Moon A Majora's Mask Musical Extended Concept Album This is an extended concept album, intended to take the music from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and remix it into a musical-like format. This project is similar to "Nightmare Revisited," an album done by multiple artists, with different styles, based on the music from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The thing that ties all these songs together is the story from Majora's Mask translated into lyrics. The other great inspirations for our vision with this album are the rock operas “Broken Bride” by Ludo and “Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of War of The Worlds,” so please familiarize yourselves with a fair amount of these albums so you may understand just exactly what we’re trying to accomplish here (by “musical,” we don’t just want to slap lyrics on a few Zelda tunes, we want to make a grandiose and passionately moving vocal tribute with incredible vocal work throughout). This first post is recruiting information and an overview of the project vision. See SECOND POST for the Project track list (and current status of tracks) and Character Roles. Since this is such a huge project, We've decided that we will combine many themes and significant plot points into medleys (rather than remixing individual source tunes for a 50+ track album). It's been pointed out by many gamers, critics, and reviewers alike that the different areas in Majora’s Mask represent the different stages of grief, so we would like to keep that theme alive within this project as the latter end tracks portray overcoming grief; Clock Town = Denial, Southern Swamp = Anger, Snow Head = Bargaining, Great Bay = Depression, Ikana Canyon = Acceptance. The combining of themes is a way for us to address the major plot points of MM while hitting the most critical themes and songs. Therefore, we have a rough guideline of blueprints prepared for each of the medleys and we (The Director and Co-Directors) are willing to assist each arranger to insure that we're all on the same page. However, we STRONGLY want to assert creative freedom with each arrangement; in no way, shape, or form are we going to inhibit the creative output of anybody, we just want to insure that all tracks are fit with the Theme. Likewise, if any prospective arrangers have a strong desire to arrange one specific source outside of the medley blueprints, we will gladly welcome that on a case-by-case scenario as long as said arrangement manages to capture the sensations of dealing with and overcoming grief (the overall feeling of Majora's Mask). Section I - Project Team & Contributors Section II - Project Theme & Structure Section III - Blueprint Guidelines Section IV - Character Parts Section I - Project Team & Contributors _________________________________________ Leadership Lead Project Director - Dan Wanezek (MangaMan) Co-Directors - JLawrence Kenny (Orangedragan) ; Jordan Etienne (Damashii!!) Remixers/Arrangers *starting from scratch due to the project revamp. Send in your audtions, ladies and gentlemen! Corey Manuel ChaosDragon004 *Auditions Open Instrument Part Contributors (those who may not want to tackle a full arrangement, but assist in providing single instrument parts) *see above Lyricists/Singers Wildfire MangaMan Orangedragan Damashii!! *see above [if you have a skill that I have forgotten to list please tell me. Also, I'm still waiting to hear auditions from a number of people and if I've asked you to re-submit a new audition, please do so asap. Project Deadlines On Hold until January 2014. Check in then for update. -**Note: The “Album Complete” date is completely tentative, and we’re not trying to complete this in line with any significant date of release or anniversary, we just believe that with enough enthusiasm this can be completed within the allocated time; if push comes to shove the dates will be adjusted so long as it is for reasons that increase and not diminish the final quality of this project. Any thoughts, questions, or concerns please PM MangaMan. Audition Guidelines Please PM me samples of your work or Email me at drwartist@yahoo.com. Auditions are the best way for The Lead Project Director to get an idea of your skill and vocal range (in addition to finding the most appropriate part for you to contribute to) 1. Auditioning material must be clear, good, acceptable quality audio so it's easy to hear. 2. If you have multiple talents, I.E. you can play an instrument and sing, if possible please send examples of both separately; if you submit both examples on one audition track just make it clear to me that it is all your work, I.E. if you are the singer but the instrumentation was from a different source let me know. 3. Artists who are invited to the project by the project directors and/or arrangers are exempt from auditions. (We obviously know about their artist potential in that we felt compelled to invite them.) 4. Auditions DO NOT require live instruments. Arrangers, Producers and Remixers are also encouraged to audition (those of you who may not have singing talents, but are formidable in the production and arranging field). The same rules above still apply. 5. If you are a lyricist please say so. 6. If you e-mail your audition, you can send the material as an attachment. Album Art We are looking for talented artists to help create album art work for this special project! The rules are simple: 1. Each artist will get to pick a scene or moment from the game to illustrate for the album. The artists are given free rein to use any style of their choice. 2. Contact me (MangaMan) and state the scene or moment that you would like to illustrate. I will then give the okay if no one else has taken that scene yet. 3. Submissions must be in PDF format. 4. The dimensions of the piece can be no less than 100 x 100 pixels if done digitally. Scenes that have already been claimed: >Stone Tower - Johaan Faust >Musical Box House -Johaan Faust >Deku Palace Scene - MangaMan >Link falling through time after playing the Song of Time - Animanga21 >Pirate Bay(Finished) - Rachet777 ____________________________________________ Concerning the reasoning behind the 'Medley Approach' with the Blueprints This project is to give vocalists, who don't usually have that many songs here on OC Remix, a chance to show their stuff and to pay tribute to one of the best and most memorable games within the Zelda series. Since we will be taking a medley approach for each track, please analyze and get a feel for the guidelines/structures below (post 2) which we've currently concluded to be most appropriate and effective for this album (these basic guidelines can be modified on a case-by-case scenario with approval from MangaMan, Orangedragan, and Damashii!!, but for the most part they are the blueprints we will be using). *NOTE several themes are repeated or make some kind of reprise throughout (even back to back). This IS intentional on behalf of The Directors, and it will make much more sense as the entire project comes together. For example, one of the most important recurring themes of this project is "Oath to Order," and this is because we envision each of the Giants to have a slightly varied take on this theme (ie., Swamp Giant could have a tribal version, Mountain could have a brass choir version, etc.), and towards the climactic part of the album The Four Giants come together as an epic Barbershop Quartet mixing of their different variations. The same logic applies to the different iterations of Song of Healing throughout. However, some of the sources that are also used in Ocarina of Time should be used sparingly unless explicitly stated on a case-by-case scenario. Songs with no 'blueprint description' are left open to interpretation of the arranger(s) as long as it flows smoothly with the area theme and narrative (ie., when Lulu gets her eggs back this should be a happier moment, so there's no need to have a melodramatic sad piece where it would be appropriate to be a little more optimistic sounding).
  9. I would be honored to have you work on the Majora's Mask Musical project with me! I will be posting a official recruiting post soon, be sure to look for it!

  10. I can sing tenor if your still looking for someone.
  11. Okay, so if been going over the ending theme in my head and I thought of an interesting concept. Imagine the song being sung from the point of view of the pirates in a kind of folk-esc bar song of sorts. The best example of this is this song by Voltaire:

    Tell me what you think of the idea!

  12. School has been dragging me down, but don't worry I'm still working on the ending theme lyrics. Had to change gears from doing the intro to the ending, but once I have them complete I'll send a copy to you and the people that are helping me on this.
  13. Ah, I see now (I'm so silly ). Think of each part of the Musical as a medley of the songs from those areas. Now I can't say that what I write here isn't going to change but here is a general idea for each part: The Intro -Title Theme --This will be either a instrumental or a narrator of sorts will sing about the events that are about to take place. -Opening -Chase -Majora's Theme -Clock Tower -Happy Mask Salesman --Again, this will be the start of the musical, the "Opening" will be an instrumental part at first until The Skull Kid and the Fairy's come in. From the "Chase" theme too the "Majora's Theme" will be sung by the Skull kid and the fairy's as back up. "Clock Tower" and "Happy Mask Salesman" themes will be sung by the Happy Mask Salesman as he asks the Deku Link to help retrieve his stolen mask. Tael will sing too at some point during this as she will sing in place of Link, who I think should be silent, though if you guys have any idea's please tell me. -Clock Town, First Day -Clock Town, Second Day -Clock Town, Third Day -Fairy's Fountain -Mayor's Meeting -House -Shop -Astral Observatory -Rosa Sisters -Mini Game -Guru-Guru's Song -Zelda's Theme -Song of Time -Song of Healing -Mask Salesman Theme -Get a Mask --This is a long list I know and I'm still thinking on how they will all play out. Remember when I said I wanted the Clock Town part to be like the town theme from Beauty and the Beast? Well each of these songs will play a part in giving the towns people a voice. This part will play out just like how it plays out when you first enter Clock Town, you are limited in what you can do. Not all of these songs have to be used, in fact they can serve more of a short little segments in a much larger medley. Important ones like "Mayor's Meeting" and the "Clock Town Theme's" play a part in showing the dire situation. For the next parts I'm just going to list the songs because I haven't had time to think about all of them, but really for any of the parts I'll leave it up too you what you want to use. No limits here people, show me what you got! If you have any questions on a particular part, contact me and we'll talk about it. Songs that are underlined are key songs for that part. The Swamp -Termina Field -Owl -Southern Swap -Magic Hag's Potion Shop -Woods of Mystery -Boat Cruise -Deku Palace -Sonata of Awakening -Song of Soaring Not sure what to do with these next songs but if someone has any ideas let me know. -Woodfall Temple -Southern Swamp Clears -Boss Battle -Giants theme Snowy Mountain -Mountain Village -Song of Healing -Goron Village -Goron Lullaby Intro -Goron Lullaby -Snowhead Temple -Snowhead Clear -Goron Race -Goron Race Clear Romani Ranch This part I need to figure out how to fit it in. Again, any idea's, send my way. -Romani Ranch -Epona's Song -Bremen March -Horse Race -Horse Race Goal -Ghost Attack -Event Clear -Cremia's Carriage -Milk Bar Zora Domain Again this part will play heavily on the Rock opera style. -Great Bay Coast -Mikau --Seriously, I want to see some one really rock this song out! -Marine Research Laboratory -Zora Hall --These next songs will be the other band members telling there sides of the story. -Drum Practice -Bass Practice -Piano Practice -Bass & Guitar Session -Piano Solo -Pirate Fortress -New Wave Bossa Nova -Great Bay Temple -The Indigo-Go's The Ballad of the Wind Fish makes me think that the Romani Ranch part should happen after the Zora Domain so that this song can come in there. Ikana Canyon -Ikana Valley -Song of the Storms -Sharp's Curse -Music Box House -Ikana Castle -Elegy of Emptiness -Stone Tower Temple -Stone Tower Temple Upside-down Finale This last part will incorporate small parts of several themes in a big Medley. -Last Day -Oath to Order -Calling the Four Giants -Tatl & Tael -To the Moon -Majora's Mask Battle -Majora's Incarnate Battle -Magic Emperor of Mujula Battle -Moon's Destruction -The Giants' Exit -The End/Credits Hope that helps everyone and again ask me if you have any questions.
  14. If you mean a link where you can hear the music from the game then: Sorry if I don't understand still. I'm still a little new.
  15. That's fine. When you have something put together, send it to me and I'll see what I can do for lyrics. I'll private message you my email.

  16. I can send you an example over by email. I'll send you a private message with my email to you and you can send yours to me.
  17. I may be a male vocalist but I've been singing professionally for 8 years now. Plus I've been writing lyrics for about 3 years for my own stuff. I can adapt to many a style if need be, but you can check out some of my older work in the youtube link in the signature ( I know you were talking about the signature in the forums before and I haven't gotten time to really work on mine but it works for what its worth and I'll do more with it when I have the time). Any questions, please ask me.
  18. It has come to my attention that there is already a Majora's Mask Opera in the works on another Zelda forum. The guy working on that has contacted me and informed me of this and I've asked if he wants to collaborate. If he does, then that's awesome, cause he's already far ahead in the making of his opera. On the chance that he doesn't then we'll either have to try something a little different or if he's okay with us going on with are own interpretation that would be great too. Nothing is final yet and I'm waiting for a reply. Until then, let me take this time to elaborate on the set-up/idea for this project that will be later posted on the official recruiting post. It will be split up into about six parts: The Intro -This part will tell the first part of the story where Link gets turned into a Deku shrub by the Skull Kid and then the first set of 3 days as Link is going around Clock Town, ending as Link confronts the Skull kid on the first day and getting back his Ocarina. -This part will be focused on introducing the characters of Clock Town and their plight. The Clock Town theme play's a key role in this as each day goes by the towns people get more and more frantic as the music mirrors their anxieties. Think of the scene from Beauty and the Beast when Bell is walking through the town as the towns folk are all talking about her. I imagine something similar too that only the topic is the moon that is slowly falling down. -The Mayor's meeting song is another great song that really lends itself to lyrics. The Swamp -This part deals with the events that take place in the swamp area. -Key events include: --The Witches missing sister. --The Boat tour. --The Deku palace trail of the monkey. --The owl -One thing that I'm a little foggy about is what to do about the boss fights. Of course the Majora's boss fight is important but I don't know what could be done about the others. If anyone has any idea's I'd like to know. The Snowy Mountain -Key events in this part include: --The goron tribes plight. --Darmani --The baby goron and his father. -Not much has been thought about for this part but this is only a basic idea and will be elaborated on in the Recruiting post. Zora Domain -This part will really lend itself to a more rock opera style. -Key events include: --Mikau's death/song (Really want to take that corny, simple song of his and turn it into a corny, rocking number!) --The gerudo Pirates --The Indigo-GO's (Each band members practice songs will help tell of the plight they are in.) --Rescuing the Zora eggs. Ikana Canyon -Key events include: --Pamela and her father --Igos du Ikana --Stone Tower -Again, not much has been thought of on this part. The idea of this part is very dark and sorrowful due to the concept of...well almost everything being dead. As a style idea, maybe a more Nightmare Before Christmas style (only a suggestion.) The Finale -This is were everything should be leading up to. I know that I haven't mentioned alot of the side story stuff and that's because I'm trying to figure out where they will fit. Like the Lon Lon Ranch stuff and some of the towns peoples plights (Mostly Anju's and Kafei's) -At this point, I really want to have (like every great musical has) a medley of the past songs all leading up to the final confrontation with the Skull Kid. -The intro of the Song "Order of Oath" will be the cap stone of the medley, everything will go all silent and dramatic as the music slowly rolls in. The thunderous footsteps intensify the music and it swells as the giants are holding the moon at bay. -After this will be the Majora's fight and then finally the ending theme. This is all just idea's and are subject to change. I want to know what you guys think and will have the Recruiting post up by March.
  19. Hey would love to work with you on the Majora's Mask Opera/Musical! Do you have skype?

  20. Do you have a Youtube page or something that I can hear an example of your work?

  21. Hey, I'm trying to add you on skype, is that okay?

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