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  1. I read on your forum wall that you write lyrics. Would you be interested in helping as a lyric writer?
  2. Here's the link to the Majora's Mask project. We aren't a official OCR album yet, but we are working on becoming one. Tear of the Moon
  3. Okay, I got a thread in the recruitment forum, but I want to edit it a bit more to really smooth out all the details and make them clear for everyone reading it. Once that is done, I'll follow the instructions from the link you sent me. Thanks again!
  4. Okay, so how do I ask for approval?
  5. I'm trying to get my Majora's Mask: Tears of the Moon Musical project onto the Projects forum, but it keeps telling me that I don't have permission to post there. Does anyone know what is up with that? Do I need to level up from my Goomba statues? If so, how do I do that?
  6. Hello, MangaMan here. I've only been on this site for a short while and I suppose I should have came here first but oh well. I review manga and anime on both my blip.tv channel and Youtube channel called MangaMan Reviews. I'm also the project coordinator for the Majora's Mask: Tears of the Moon Musical Remix project (Recruiting now!). Big fan of anime, love music, and I love video games.
  7. Is anyone still looking for vocals and if so would they be interested in a tenor with 10 years choral experience? On another note, I myself am a project coordinator for the Majora's Mask: Tears of the Moon Musical project. I'm new to this sort of thing, however, and would like some advice on organizing big projects such as these?
  8. Hello C7, my name is MangaMan and I'm the director of the Majora's Mask Musical album project: Tears of the Moon. I loved your composition work on Healing Majora and I've been trying to find a good composer for a while now. Would you be interested in join Tears of the Moon?


  9. Hello MeMark2, my name is MangaMan and I'm the director of the Majora's Mask Musical album project: Tears of the Moon. I heard your cover of the Song of Healing and was wondering if you were interested in join the project?


  10. It has been brought up before, but now I'll try to really spell it all out. The idea for this project is to take the story and music from the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask and create a musical from it. Now this isn't going to be like a live show like another member of this project is working on. I was afraid at first that this was too big a project to handle, until I saw just how big the latest MegaMan X: Maverick Rising album was. We can do it guys! I've already started to contact some people on this website to see if they would be interested in helping out. Right now I'm more worried about getting a Composer and Remixers than I am about getting singers. If you guys can go out on the site yourselves and see if you can't recruit some people, that would be awesome! Just like the Maverick Rising album was made up of multiple CD's, the same will be true for Tears of the Moon. This Post is for music tracks only. A new Character Audition post will be posted shortly. Each CD will contain songs to a certain area and will be an Act for the musical. Each area will have a different style to it and they are as follows: Day 1-Countdown to Destruction Will cover the beginning of the game to when Link reverts back to his normal self and after the Happy Mask Sales Man tells the tale of Majora's Mask. The style will be up for interpretation. Songs in order: Title Theme Opening (Source) Chase (Source) Majora's Theme (Source) Song of Unhealing/Melody of Agony (I thought it would be fun to have this song for when the Skull Kid is cursing Link) Clock Tower (Source) Happy Mask Salesman's Theme (Source) Clock Town, First Day (Source) Fairy's Fountain (Source) - Kuolema on Lyrics Mayor's Meeting (Source) - MangaMan on Lyrics House (Also want someone to make Anju's theme based on this song) Guru-Guru's Song - MangaMan on Lyrics Clock Town, Second Day Astral Observatory Clock Town, Third Day - composer PeterCrowley83 Majora's Theme (Reprise)(Source) Middle Boss Battle (Might combine with Majora's Theme) Zelda's Theme Song of Time (Deku Vers.) Song of Healing (This version needs to at least have horns in it) - Kuolema on Lyrics Day 2 - Toxic Swamp (Title WIP) Termina Field (This song may act as a intermission between Days) Southern Swamp (Source) Magic Hag's Potion Shop (Source) Woods of Mystery (Source) Deku Palace (Source) - claimed by Champ the Hippie Black - Track Not Claimed Green - Interest Expressed Blue - Track claimed with no Work In Progress (WIP) Orange - Track Claimed With short WIP/Concept Purple - Track Claimed with full WIP Red - Track Finished! Of course there is room for songs to be mixed in with the rest here. The other CD's/Acts will be add on separate posts to save space.
  11. I could cobble something together. Give me some time though. My Photoshop hasn't been working lately. Plus I'm still working on the lyrics to the Staff Credits song.
  12. Hello Chthonic, my name is MangaMan and I'm the director of the Majora's Mask Musical album project "Tears of the Moon." I was wondering if you would be interest in helping out as a composer, since we are in dire need of some.


  13. Hello Abadoss, my name is MangaMan and I'm the head director for the Majora's Mask Musical Album Project "Tears of the Moon". I'm looking to recruit people and I'm looking for a composer to help with the arrangement. I was wondering if you would be interested?


  14. Can any project use this website? Could I get my Majora's Mask Musical up on there?
  15. Anyone not familiar with Operation Moonfall, check out the link here: http://operation-moonfall.org/ As the project director, I've decided that it would be a good idea to tie in our efforts with that of Operation Moonfall. This project will act as promotion for OMF (Operation Moonfall) and their efforts, the fans efforts, to get Majora's Mask a 3DS release. There have been many albums on this site that have honored, supported, or just payed tribute to game titles (Skyward Sword and the 25 OC-Remix tribute album is one of these examples). This will not only be supporting a worthy cause but it will also gain more attention to our efforts and hopefully will gain us new recruits to help. So check out Operation Moonfall and give your support. I will try to contact who every is in charge of Operation Moonfall and see if we can't work something out. This project is still in it's infant state and still needs more support to keep it going. I need ALL lyric writers to message me or contact me anyway they can. We need to really get rolling with writing the lyrics. I know we are all busy with life, school, work, and other projects, but please contact me as soon as you can. I would like to have ALL THE LYRICS for the album completed by the end of June, but will only happen if we can get everyone together and start pounding this out. I will soon be ready to submit our project to the heads of OC-Remix for a possible OFFICIAL ALBUM STATUES! A few of you have been good at working on this project, even if a small portion, and have been good at keeping in contact with me. Others I haven't heard from in quit some time and that really worries me. Please don't make me have to track you down just to see how you are doing. Check in with me every once in a while, like at most once a week. Thank you all for your time and efforts. Lets create one hell of a great Majora's Mask Album and open the door too more opportunities for all of the talented singers that have yet to really shine on this site!
  16. If you know anyone that would be interested in this, weather as a vocalist, composer, remixer, or whatever, please direct them to this page and have them voice their interest.
  17. You have a great voice! I'd be honored to have you help with this project. Does your musical talents extend further (Can you play any instruments or compose music or write lyrics)? With that vibrato I'd put you on the Ikana Canyon tracks, possibly as KING IGOS DU IKANA, but I could fit you in on any part. Welcome to the team! Please forward Champ the Hippie your email so that you can access the Tears of the Moon Wiki http://tearsofthemoon.wikispaces.com/
  18. Totally understandable, everybody is busy. I'm planning on setting some time aside to really pound out the guidelines. Then I'll try to get this project an official OC-Remix album status and that will hopefully gain more attention. I was planning on taking some roles for myself but I wanted to wait and see want everyone wanted. Thank you for letting me know and there will always be a place for you here Callum!
  19. In order to keep track of everyone involved with this project, I want you to check in every once in a while to update me on what your working on. Also if you haven't already, send Champ the Hippie your email so you can join the Wiki site: http://tearsofthemoon.wikispaces.com/
  20. Well if you look on a previous post I made for casting the characters I have them all listed out. Though I personally like the second idea, with having all the characters listed in their respective acts.
  21. Hey Terra, OrangeDragon and I are working on the lyrics to the Wind Waker song I'm working on and we were wondering if you would help us out not only musically but vocally?

  22. I let most of you guys and gals to your own devices but now I'm issuing a due date for first draft idea's/lyrics: May 1, 2012 first Drafts for lyrics and idea's due!
  23. For those of you who hasn't played the game yet or for those that could use the reference, here is a link for the entire Majora's Mask game play:
  24. Well could you just sing a song you are comfortable with, it doesn't have to be a video game song or even a musical song. It's just something that I can get an idea of your vocal range. For vocals all I ask is a sample and you can even use a karaoke track if you need to. For instrumentation and composition or remixing, I'll need to see some examples of that as well.
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