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    I know nothing of music except that I enjoy listening to it. Just a troll who likes a decent tune in his video games.

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  1. Step 1: Double what Bowlerhat said below. Step 2: There is no step 2.
  2. The Google+ changes have rendered me incapable of commenting in Youtube, so I have no choice but to come here to say: Squeeeeeee Taylor Davis has an OCR! And it's FANTASTIC! Really smooth work from the whole team.
  3. Really captures the adventurous spirit of the game and the lightheartedness of Ultros in particular.
  4. One of the most overused words on the interweb these days is "epic." It's a perfectly good word, but I hate using it now. This song is the proper use of the word.
  5. Just got disks in the mail. I'm so excited I almost want to keep them in bubble wrap and never open them! But no, I will. SUPER thanks to every single person throwing time and effort into this project, especially but not at all limited to Nutritious, Jill, OA, DragonAvenger, Morse, Mazedude, Sixto, and about a dozen others whose names I cannot spell or pronounce. TRIPLE super thanks to Zircon and DJP, who I'm pretty sure were sweating missiles getting all this straightened out. And, y'know what? Thanks to everyone listed under "List all artists alphabetically." I figure I have about $800 worth of material from this site, at $0.99 each. Fifty bucks for 3x4disk sets, adding in all that previous stuff, is the best deal I've had in years. This one random troll salutes you.
  6. I wouldn't care if djp said up front he was doing just that. I'd be pretty damn proud to donate to my first kickstarter, happier still that it was to OCR, and overjoyed to look forward to the CD/DVD set I think I just bought. A webcomic I frequent had a goal of $50,000 and made a bit over $1mil. We should all be so fortunate. As it is, I'm sufficiently tickled that this project came along just as I gained enough cash to be a contributor.
  7. Like the mixer himself said, there are a hundred takes on One Winged Angel, and most of them are more or less identical. To take a second epic piece and slam it in to Sephi like a Meteor to the face? Great idea, well pulled off. Readers, locate your download buttons.
  8. I created this forum account specifically to thank these 3 mixers for showing some love for the smaller, not-famous, not-Squaresoft RPGs. Not because Uematsu's music isn't the best in the business, but because very few people would ever know about the very good tunes in these very good, but little known, games without people like Luiza, L99, and Proph and places publishing them like OCR. Also, thanks for filling my mp3 player's disks with insane amounts of good stuff.
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