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  1. See, this statement I have no problem with. Saying the market is too small to sustain the console is completely different from saying the market is nonexistent, as it seemed like you were implying earlier. I honestly doubt the Ouya will go anywhere in the mainstream market, but even if the company folds immediately after launch, there will still be Android developers hacking away at it to make sure they get their money's worth. If you browse through Android forums, some of the most obscure devices have custom ROMs. Obviously the key word here is "AFTER" launch... While I'm not as 100% confident as Newt that this thing will never ever materialize, he is right that there is no significant benefit to pledging $100 right now over just getting it when it comes out. As I mentioned, right now I'm pledging $140 for the Kickstarter-only brown Ouya, but I'm trying to decide if even that's worth the risk. Gonna have to admit I'm kinda leaning towards no.
  2. How is what Kyle said different from what I said?
  3. Cool, way to completely ignore my point. Also by your logic remixing is a complete waste of time.
  4. Wait, who was comparing them? Oh right, it was you. Let me ask you this: why do the PS3 and PSN exist when we already have Xbox 360 and XBLA?
  5. Ouya games aren't free. They have to have a free demo, but other than that prices are set by the developer. Ouya gets a 30% cut of sales. Yes, of course there are larger and more established marketplaces. Duh. I mean, why would ANYONE sell their game on PSN or XBLA when Steam is a much larger and more established marketplace???
  6. Oh right, topic. I've re-pledged $140 for a special edition now that there's actually an advantage to doing it now instead of just waiting until it comes out.
  7. Do you even own an Android? Good job just completely making shit up. Why does anyone hire business and market analysts when they've got THE ALL-KNOWING DERRIT. I've never played FF3 and this is perfect for me. Do you just like spouting shit hoping one of the turds somehow comes out resembling a valid point? Developers create HD versions of games all the time for tablets, most which work just fine on 512MB or less. The graphics chip is what matters and if you ever bother watching any Tegra 3 demos you might realize how amazingly stupid you sound right now. I'm not even answering this one, because you would know the answer if you had actually read any of the replies when you asked the first time. Tell me, what can you do with a PS3 that you can't with an Xbox 360? Then why do both exist? Why do a large number of people actually own BOTH?
  8. Which is the same price as an Ouya and only does OnLive. What the hell, man, you're not even making actual posts anymore.
  9. Sweet, Final Fantasy III HD! I think this is a good example of a typical Ouya use case -- yes I'll also be able to get this for phone or PSP, but I'd much rather play a game like this in HD on my TV. Crossing my fingers for Crisis Core!
  10. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    KotL reminds me of Nymphora in terms of skillset.
  11. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    LOL, I'm just now noticing the hover text in the blog pics.
  12. Welp it looks like FireSlash has us all beat. Had no idea he was a Valve employee.
  13. Wingless blew their entire budget on drugs and expensive prostitutes.
  14. I recommend Auditorium to anyone who hasn't picked it up! Also I am officially $365.73 poorer than I was before the sale. $50.90 of that was gifts. $89.75 of that was from this morning when I went through my wish list and bought 25 games that were on sale.
  15. Wat, how is that even... Alright, anyone who doesn't have Portal and/or Portal 2 and posts before the deal ends in the next 5 minutes gets a copy.
  16. Actually I just noticed he doesn't have Deus Ex: Invisible War, haha.
  17. You think that's crazy, check out http://www.steamcalculator.com/id/elahti I think he probably has a lifetime subscription of some sort because I'm pretty sure it's every single game on Steam.
  18. Oh wait, sorry, I confused you with FireSlash (lolz). What's your Steam ID?
  19. WHOLE TEAM IS BABIES www.http://www.steamcalculator.com/id/dhsu I was gonna get those games for you Flash, but it looks like someone else beat me to it.
  20. Whenever someone posts about their new phone on Facebook ask them if they're doing anything with their old one.
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