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  1. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    bonzai Y U NO HAVE INVITE? D:
  2. I was mostly being facetious about Tulsa...I don't think my roommate would be okay with a bunch of strangers at his place, so I wouldn't be able to host. Although if people like Five Guys, we have a similar place called Fat Guy's. Also Jonathan Coulton & They Might Be Giants are coming to Tulsa but that's in like 4 days.
  3. After the success of 4 and 5, I don't see them going back to the old-school 3rd person perspective and puzzles.
  4. I'm not, you guys are amazing!
  5. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    I find it amusing that John Patrick Lowrie, voice of the Sniper in TF2 and 8 characters in Dota 2, was not aware there was a Sniper character in Dota 2 that used TF2 Sniper lines.
  6. I lol'd when I saw that. At least they didn't make him talk.
  7. I'm just picturing Alex with the "forever alone" head now. Checking this out now, yay for Bandcamp!
  8. 1. I think most people submit to OCR because it's pretty much THE video game remix site...I don't mean to sound like I'm brown-nosing, but there is literally no other video game music site as well-executed as this one. It's a central location for downloading and discovering video game remixes. Your alternatives are to try searching for and sifting through thousands of Newgrounds/Bandcamp/SoundCloud/MySpace pages scattered throughout the nethers of the Internet, which is pretty much what you have to do with doujin sites. So basically, OCR is perfect for artists trying to expose themselves to a considerable, and more importantly, targeted audience. 2. Whenever I send a track to OCR, I am essentially guaranteed four reviews of my work from people I know and respect, plus one from DJP if it gets posted. There are other reasons regarding why I arrange and share music in general, but beyond the aforementioned virtues of the venue, the quality of feedback is the main reason I submit to OCR specifically.
  9. My roommate's been into brewing for a couple years. He started with Mr. Beer too, but after the first batch or two he's pretty much gone all-grain. He's now averaging over a batch a month, and literally has more beer than he knows what to do with. I'm still a beer dunce personally, but I can't complain about always having something on tap.
  10. Oh wait, I'm already on the list, haha. Never mind I'll just add everyone.
  11. I'm #8 on my own Last.fm... Every time I listen to an old track I'm amazed that I actually made it and swear I could never do it again.
  12. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    6.73 update :DDD
  13. Heh, no worries. It's a good thing after all that you didn't say hi to the guy you thought was me.
  14. You were explaining how the "Frost" part of your name was completely random. On a completely unrelated note, how much did you drink that night?
  15. Dude I sat next to you while you played Puzzle Strike. I completely missed Tensei, and I don't know how. :[ I did however meet Mellogear, and his epic mustache.
  16. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    Sven, Slardar, Viper, and Zeus are pretty straightforward too I feel.
  17. There's a thread on Facebook if you wanna check it out.
  18. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    DarkeSword, mind updating the first post with people with keys? I go by [OCR] Dhsu, but IIRC Steam's friend-adding system is weird and you have to use my account name, which is deeshoo.
  19. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    wtb Tranquil Boots in Dota 2
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