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  1. Disc 1: http://www.phantasy-star-universe.com/Music/Saturn/PDRPG.htm Disc 2: http://www.phantasy-star-universe.com/Music/Saturn/PDRPG2.htm I recommend "Ecce Valde Generous Ale (Behold the Precious Wings)" from Disc 1, and "By the Source of the Protective Flame" from Disc 2. Maybe throw in "Pure Blood Seed" from Disc 1 if you have time.
  2. Heh...you'd think with all those tentacles he'd at least be able to attack Sunken Colony-style. Just imagine how much harder that mission would be if they did 40 damage...
  3. Play some Sega. Seriously. Panzer Dragoon Saga or Orta would do nicely.
  4. I miss my "The...whistles are WOOOOO!" ;_;
  5. That makes two of us. ;_; Watch this guy...he's gonna be famous some day.
  6. Reminds me of your EarthBound Hotel song. ...j/k Naw, really, this is awesome stuff. I haven't heard "Of Darkness and Legend" yet, though...where can I get it?
  7. Why exactly does a remix need to "capture the feeling" of the original song? Isn't the point of arrangement to give something your own interpretation, your own spin, your own FEEL? In fact, "Dream Shore" is actually already an arrangement of another theme, originally from Radical Dreamers, which had a very different feel itself. Listen to Jaroban's "Interdit" remix to hear just how different two interpretations of the same song can be, and yet at the same time BOTH be excellent pieces of music. As long as MC captured his OWN feelings in this arrangement, it's fine as it is.
  8. I think Digital Coma hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head. If he can work such magic with a machine, I can only imagine what wonders he could conjure once he starts using a real instrument. You can even hear the action of the keys in some places (like 3:06). Just when you thought he couldn't possibly get any more detailed... The only thing I didn't like about this arrangement was the ending. Dude, that is NOT an ending...it *can't* be! There has to be more...there just has to be! *sobs*
  9. All words escape me except one... Beauty. Pure, unadulterated...beauty. So this is what love feels like...
  10. The ModPlug QuikStart kit comes with a nice installer, tutorial (includes sample songs), and a Microsoft GM DLS package. Whether the samples count as "decent" or not is debatable. Get the kit at http://www.modplug.com/modplug/download.php3?session=&download=QSKit Also, some people might be interested in Microsoft's DirectMusic Producer. A small warning, though: it is NOT designed to be a straight beginning-to-ending MIDI sequencer, although it is capable of doing so. It's more oriented towards interactive/dynamic, event-triggered in-game music. Don't be surprised if you end up writing scripts after using this program for a while. O_o;; Check this link for a list of DMP downloads that you can get, depending on the version of DirectX you currently have.
  11. Your friends are awesome, Y2J. You need more guests in the future.
  12. I'm trying to kill him right now. Stupid hard type, there's no way to keep your characters alive through that battle if you don't spend hours levelling up. Steal his Dark Matter, heal non-stop with Rosa, and use Edge to throw everything you've got at him. You can also try summoning with Rydia if you ever get the chance. Personal picks? I can't think of any *impossible* bosses, but Seymour Natus did give me a lot of trouble. Vagrant Story's final boss sucked, too...good thing I saved up on Vera items. I've heard things about Kingdom Hearts' Phantom, too.
  13. Just a note, everybody...you don't have to make another post to test your sig. It automatically changes ALL your previous posts.
  14. Man...I don't think I've told you how much I absolutely love this mix, Gecko. It might be because the original is so awesome, but still...I think the little things like the synth at 1:00 and the "pump up the volume" guy are what sets this apart. I even liked the "fake" ending...but like djp said, you could've worked a little more on the REAL ending. Anyway, as Coach Z (and Ginnsu) would say... "Great jorb."
  15. Don't you mean...BIZARRO silliness? You know, I hope these "joke" remixes aren't just an old-school legacy because OCR was desperate for anything it could get...because I can think of a few BEER (and IMC) mixes that should be on the site.
  16. Gah! Ix-nay on my real ame-nay! o_o;; Hey, I won't argue with you there. ;; However, what I meant was that while those notes may be physically possible to play on a harp, they don't work too well in this context. It just seems unnatural and unnecessary to go that low. I was also using it as evidence to show that part was a MIDI rip...it might've sounded good in Michael's piano arrangement, but it becomes awkward when directly converted to harp.
  17. I've always felt a little iffy about this remix...in a few places it's a direct MIDI rip of Huang's arrangement, with some instrument changes (you can tell harps were never meant to go that low). However, the transition to the Aria and the occasional original arranging work is enough to justify this remix's presence on OCR. Congratulations, maestro, on your first OC remix.
  18. Ha, knew this would be up fast. You know, the last thing I want to do is inflate Star's ego even more, but this time he deserves it, darn it! Truly exceptional work of a caliber I haven't seen since "Sex Machine."
  19. ...looks like those were submitted by yet another misinformed fan. Unless it comes straight from SoaD themselves, you shouldn't rely on lyrics that were submitted by random guys called Erin and kyle.
  20. I seem to recall that it was supposed to be the Phantasy Star dungeon theme. I can kind of hear the resemblance... Anyway, this ReMix is a little on the short side, but oh so much on the sweet side. I really hope to see more of your other stuff show up on OCR (Sonik Metro, in particular). Nice work, analoq.
  21. One word comes to mind at the moment: SWEEEEET. The sax is so convincing, I wouldn't have been able to tell it was fake if my life depended on it. I personally loved the part at 4:00. I can't wait for your next ReMix... As for the soundtrack itself, of course a lot of it's going to be generic, since RD is a text adventure. But the main tunes, like Day of Summer/Far Promise and Star-Stealing Girl, I feel are some of the most profoundly beautiful I've ever heard. Of course, Far Promise has been done quite to death by now, so I was very pleased to see someone remix the ending theme for a change. Mad props, Jaroban. Mad, MAD props.
  22. I already reviewed this in WIP. To be brief, this is AmIEvil. 'Nuff said.
  23. Really? How come the main themes sound the same then? O_o;; (BTW, there's a remix based on the American Present theme in progress in the WIP board ).
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