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  1. The Wii is a GameCube with waggle, but it's $100 cheaper than the alternatives, and more importantly it plays Nintendo games. The Ouya plays indie games. You don't see why people would ever want to play Android games on something bigger than than a 4" screen? Also keep in mind that any non-subsidized Android device is going to be way more than $100. It can be a way to play Android games for people who don't have/want an Android for one reason or another. And what Apple fan wouldn't pee themselves at the thought of an Apple console, let alone for $100? I don't own any Apple products and even I'd buy that shit. I don't know what you mean by "at best," this alone makes it worth it for me. You're acting like these are insurmountable problems, rather than details to be ironed out. They'll probably have a rating system just like the Android and iOS markets, as well as featured games. And I don't understand where you're getting this idea that console devs will for some reason think it's a good idea to create software for custom hardware that they don't themselves provide. When has that ever happened?
  2. Yeah, the wait times were the big surprise for me, only having been to small conventions like MAG. I think as the waits get longer each year, people will start realizing it's not even worth it and it's a lot more fun to hop around the smaller panels and showroom. I didn't expect much from the Axe Cop panel but it ended up being one of the best ones I went to last year. Although I have to admit the celeb lineup they got this year is making me a little jealous... I think at some point they're just going to have to implement a ticket system for the big panels.
  3. Where's the "over $100" come from? And what happens when your girlfriend wants to use the TV? Are you going to unplug and replug all your cables and drag your PC between your bedroom and the living room every time you want fullscreen and surround sound?
  4. They're following the Apple/Amazon model of taking a 30% cut of sales.
  5. I see no future in the PS3. Anyone who is a gamer and wants one already has a 360. I see no future in the 360. Anyone who is a gamer and wants one already has a PC. Android devs already have to accommodate dozens of devices, what's one more?
  6. It's $5.09 by itself until the end of the sale. Personally I'm hoping for an Ys pack before the sale is over.
  7. Man, these indie bundles...twice already I've owned 4 out of the 5 games in the bundle but bought it anyway because I really wanted that last one.
  8. The Nexus 7 doesn't have HDMI. The Wii isn't HD. The simple fact is that not a SINGLE device on the market today has HD output for less than $100.
  9. A Kickstarter is most often just that -- it's for kickstarting a product, not for completely funding it beginning to end. They most likely have other investors and sources of funds as well, some that might have been dependent on how well the Kickstarter did.
  10. For developers maybe, but for consumers no console, PC, tablet, or phone on the market has HD output for $100. That said, I'm in the same boat as Jimmy...I'll buy it if it ever comes out, but until then I'm not tying up $100 I could be spending on a Wii.
  11. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    You're welcome! Too bad we don't get carnival tickets this year...
  12. Wow, I don't think I would've noticed it was different from the real version if you didn't tell me, haha.
  13. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    Haha, nice...jukings still one of those skills I haven't quite gotten down. What exactly did they fix though? Was it just the health scaling thing? Doesn't seem like a few HP would be a huge deal when playing him.
  14. See this is what I love about economics -- so much of it is counter-intuitive.
  15. Interesting article someone posted on Facebook: http://www.shacknews.com/article/74220/origin-boss-steam-sales-cheapen-intellectual-property TL;DR - EA and GOG complain that having crazy 50-75%-off sales so often isn't beneficial to companies in the long run because then customers never buy at full price. Although it should be noted that GOG is finishing up their crazy summer sale as we speak. Edit: Interesting excerpt from the GOG interview: I can definitely identify with that first paragraph...
  16. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    I like Disruptor quite a bit. Wisp and Undying are pretty fun too. Luna is...well, Luna. Press R to win!
  17. Dhsu


    I'm surprised Danny B wasn't involved in this, he's all up on the Slender Man stuff.
  18. Note the "or for gain." You don't need to be full-time to be a professional composer. "Professional" in this context is generally used in contrast to "amateur," i.e. someone who does something for free.
  19. Wait, how come there's SD2 *and* Secret of Mana for Super Famicom?
  20. Originalsoundversion.com if you haven't already contacted them. Although they'll probably get their hands on it sooner or later anyway. Great soundtrack by the way!
  21. If it wouldn't be too much trouble would you mind posting B&W versions? I remember someone else took similar "artful nudes" of their NES, Game Boy, and DS Lite and put a B&W filter on them and they turned out great.
  22. Wow, he took over less than 10 months ago. Must be a really stressful job.
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