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  1. Adge

    Saints Row 4

    Nicolas Cage gets super powers and becomes the president of the United States. It's like all my fan fiction has come true...
  2. ...But if I have bad taste, I'm not likely to be a victim of cannibalism, right
  3. Makes sense, since 'robotic' is one way I would describe Nick Cages' acting ability. Looks like there is mixed opinions over RAM so far, so I'm gunna have to dive in and see for myself whether it's my sorta thing or not. Have to say, I really did like Get Lucky, so if the rest of the album is anything to go by that track, I may be in for a treat rather than a trick. We'll see.
  4. In the spin-off thread I said: Another big thing for me, thinking about it, is production value. I like watching let's plays with a lot of editing and post production. It makes 'generic' let's plays look lazy in comparison, and overall enhances the experience. Therefore, my favourite Let's Player is TheAuzzieGamer. His Let's Plays are more like walkthroughs in my opinion, but they show a good knowledge of the game, are very well editted and are absolutely hilarious.
  5. Lets Play's are only worthwhile for me to watch if the person commentating enhances the gameplay. Do they have a lot of knowledge about the game? Is the game interesting or different every time it's played? (Such as FTL or Dwarf Fortress) or is the person simply funny?
  6. Especially when theres a deadline you have to hit, that helps a lot. As for the competition; I'm sure it'll work if you could nail down a more direct definition of 'feel'. Other than that I think that anyway an artist can improve their skillsets is a good idea.
  7. So, I've finally got my little home studio set-up which i'm eager to start using, I get a university interview Monday in which I need to bring a track to show my ability and then a new prc comes up. Three birds, one stone me thinks. I'm eager to get started!
  8. It's with great sadness I ask for a username change. Turns out, there is already an Adge on soundcloud, so I guess to avoid any potential confusion I'll take up a new moniker before I start posting music. Could you please change my name to Buster Cutler Thanks in advance!
  9. Happy 13th Birthday OCR! The question is, who is going to explain the ol' birds and the bees to the kid...?
  10. Adge


    The drink for Jamaican dub pioneer King Tubby made me laugh... 1 Red Stripe Serve cold. Garnish with salt.
  11. I loved the use of panning in this piece. It was spot on - Created a nice soundscape whilst not being unbalanced. All in all, a great track which I really enjoyed. Nice work!
  12. It didn't sound too 'suspenseful' to me. I think you'll need to play about with it to get that feel, if that's what you're looking for. Trust your ears on that one. If you're going to end with the string on it's own, at least strip down parts of the track before you have that string on it's own or fade out the sounds. It sounded abrupt since you went from having multiple tracks playing to just the strings very suddenly, so try to rectify that! By saying you want to have it lead into 'Hydrocity' I presume you mean you want to continue the track into another? Would this be in one track as a med
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