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  1. Kind of an extension of the original, abit rearranged, slight odd time signiture later on for fun. Mix of ambient and uhh, I dunno, hard funky electronic?
  2. Hey there. Released 4 of my original tracks from the Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun mod Twisted Insurrection soundtrack, remastered, as an EP under my band name! Includes the Surveyors, an all new track with a Red Alert 1 sort of vibe, which will be included in the next version of the mod! Tracklisting: The Surveyors [4:17] Prodigal Son [4:56] Arming to Win [4:39] Xenophile [5:41] Cover artwork by Dawid Stobik of the Twisted Insurrection team, check out more of his work on Deviant Art! Available on Bandcamp Listen on SoundCloud Like on Facebook Watch on YouTube
  3. Released today is my first album, self titled Artificial Eye. The catch-all genre is synthwave, but it encompasses a range of cinematic soundscapes and melodic tunes. Available on Bandcamp Tracklisting: Love Locket [3:00] Flight of Apollo [6:43] What Awaits [5:57] Don't Feel Bad [4:38] Designer Perfection [6:47] The Babysitter [3:42] Vacation [4:29] American Dream [8:29] The Future We Are [3:45] Follow on Bandcamp Like on Facebook Follow on Soundcloud Please give it a listen and tell me what you think!
  4. Altered the mix a bit so the kick and bass might be clearer together, and generally reduced compression on some of the instruments. It's got a bit more space in it, and will probably need to make a bit more room for the vocals too, but that'll be a separate mix.
  5. Thanks for your response. I guess I could try EQing after the effects too, see if it makes a big difference. I do separate many tracks across the channels, but with the bass I think it can lose focus more and get muddy quite quickly, although mirroring it to a separate channel that only outputs reverb which is spread out a bit can be quite nice depending on the sound you want. I should have someone for vocals who I think will be quite great! I will update this when that version is done.
  6. Hey, I rather like it. I could hear it in a movie or something. But I think it needs a bit more edge, especially on your voice. I think some distortion could work really well. Your voice, and the instruments early on, sound very clean and a bit naive or something.
  7. Would like some feedback, particularly on mixing and overall sound as I struggle with that I think. For instance I like the bass sound, but it feels kind of disconnected and I don't know how to fix it. Same with the end lead I think (at least in the beginning, before it goes up an octave). It would be great to get a singer on it too! I think a female voice would be a nice contrast to the original, but I'm open to suggestions.
  8. I'm cleaning up and putting together the most polished stuff I've done so far towards a first album (or I may give up and just do an EP). I'd like to hear what people think about it, as often I'm not sure it's anything anyone would really want to listen to. I'd also like to know what genre this would most fit in too as I have no real idea how I would market it at all. It doesn't sound a lot like the synthwave / retrowave stuff I hear, or anything that's been derived from it. Band name suggestions would be cool to hear too!
  9. I guess you mean the voice sample? There is in the last 45 seconds. That is the biggest homage to the original. With the rest of the track I didn't want it to be too similar because I want to stop doing what are basically covers and actually do remixes, which IMO should be taking ideas from the original but not try to simply reproduce the track, which is what I've done on a number of tunes already. So hear I wanted to take the riff and do something else, though it's still identifiably based on Mechanical Man if you know the original/are into the games/this mod, (or listen to the last bit. ) Thanks for your thoughts!
  10. Hello all. This is a track I made for the TS mod Twisted Insurrection, set in a post apocalyptic future and part of a soundtrack that features about 50+ tracks made by lots of different artists covering all sorts of hard electronic sounds I can't even name the genre of. So that's a little context. Anyway, I'd like to hear what you think and whether it's worthy of OCRemix at all!
  11. Original: https://youtu.be/x1SUUkhKkXo Not drastically different to the original in composition, albeit a rather different flavour and 2 minutes shorter.
  12. Kind of remake / remix of the original track: https://youtu.be/ifLhOMK6n7g
  13. Thanks! I might go back to this sometime in the future and do it better. Way back I reformated and none of the VSTs were linked up in the project file and it would've taken a lot of work to get back on track. The long break is probably a good thing though. My latest C&C one was an update to an old AOI remix you might like: Currently doing a March to Doom mix as well, I'll see what happens with that.
  14. If I had a hammond I'd knife it out of respect.
  15. For fun I wanted to touch this tune and just try to basically maintain/recreate the atmosphere I always felt in this level, with this music, of mystery and... anxiousness really. It's no departure from anything you've heard before, but I think it's OK. I definitely like to hear non-metal remixes of Doom tracks, so this is my contribution. Anyway, tell me what you think, particularly to do with the mixing as that's mostly the practice I got from it.
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