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  1. When I first started remixing VGM years ago, I started remixing Ridge Racer tunes. So I always wanted to assemble a proper tribute/remix EP related to the Ridge Racer series. Well finally I've been able to release it for the public and I couldn't be happier. ENJOY! (click on the image and it will take you to the release)
  2. I reeeeeally like releasing originals lately lol So I decided to put a new NuDisco track, this time with no label. Had a ton of fun composing this one. Hope you'll enjoy it! And I swear I wasn't inspired by the title of a certain song from Macross Frontier lol :3 Anyway, enjoy! (As usual, click on the image and you'll be in the Bandcamp page)
  3. I made this some time ago to celebrate the first anniversary of Club Needlemouse. The Planet Wisp Act 1 from Sonic Colors in the style of Giorgio By Moroder. Pretty weird right? Check it out and tell me what you think about it! https://soundcloud.com/robkta/planet-by-wisp
  4. I released a new original EP yesterday with the kind gentlemen of Future City Records :3 Focused on a Nu Disco direction while I been able to hide some Videogame sounds beneath the tunes as well I'll leave the link here for you guys to check it out: every kind of criticism is well appreciated! Hope you'll like! (Clicking on the artwork takes you directly to the Bandcamp page ^^)
  5. I'm going through the same kind of issue here. To be honest tho, I think that if my fans appreciate my work, they even appreciate its natural evolution. Like, I've been doing mostly, disco, funk and stuff for years and just now I'm going through paths of experimentation. In my opinion, if they love my work they'll love the direction I'm taking. If they don't, I'm still happy I'm trying something new. It may sound a little selfish maybe, but that's how I always worked :3
  6. Wait, what? Even here there's a "what's on your mind" thingie? Huh...

  7. Looks very, VERY clean now muy professional :3
  8. After many years of mainly remixes (VGM and non) I decided to release my first official original EP, right before coming to MAGFest 13. Is the reward for a GoFundMe campaign I started to support my epic USA journey and I decided for an official release afterwards. It contains also a track where I sang in, featuring lyrics written by me and my girlfriend I thought it would be nice to put it here and receive some feedback :3 https://robkta.bandcamp.com/album/the-invincible-ep
  9. Believe it or not, the thing that really made me want to get balls deep into VGM remixing wasn't specifically a track, but a soundtrack itself - if it wasn't for Ridge Racer Type 4 probably I wouldn't even started to think "what if I arrange this tune that way?" and I wouldn't even be here now :3
  10. Believe it or not, I used to compose a lot of original stuff back in the early "Noughties", but I had to pull back a bit on making music on my own to concentrate more on my remixing tasks, but I've been catching up a bit on letting my mind free and this is the result: my ever first publicly released single. A concentrate of all I find cool about old school disco house. Hope you will like it https://robkta.bandcamp.com/album/get-him-to-the-radio-tower
  11. Found back with pleasure this old remix of mine from my pre-Club Needlemouse phase. I always been a fan of the Ace Combat series also because of its soundtrack. Especially 3 and 4 were my all time favs and ended up remixing the ending from Distant Thunder. Humble remix, very simple as you can hear. :3 TAKE OFF
  12. Sky High remix featuring vocals by yours truly... ...because sometimes I just really like doing stupid things enjoy FRY HIGH
  13. Boom! I decided to adventure into deep Nu Disco territory with this one :3 Here's the link for ye to listen :3 THE DANCEFLOOR
  14. I thought Chemical Plant Zone is a very dangerous and unwelcoming place. So I took it over and turned it into a Lounge Zone HEAR IT
  15. Here's a Bomberman Hero remix I did some time ago in occasion for a collaborative project that involved me and some other artists around some reinterpretations of the tune "Zip!" off Bomberman Hero. It's my usual style, with a little bit from the original Bomberman NES soundtrack in it to give it a bit of more colour Enjoy and tell me what you think about it THE TUNE
  16. Got a share of Radio ID drops underway for such an event Hell I even watched "Good Morning, Vietnam!" again to get in the radio spirit haha
  17. UPDATE: the album got released yesterday and it's available for download on Loudr.fm ZE LINK
  18. The album will be released tomorrow with a Listening party on Mixify.com! Feel free to take part as the album will be released soon after :3 !THE LINK TO JOIN THE PARTY! Meanwhile, we unveiled the album artwork!
  19. Hey there dude: 1 - yes I do they're sorta my main inspiration for almost everything 2 - the drumkit is entirely made up using the Korg 707 sounds: everything's generated using this synth
  20. Made this track when I bought my first serious synth, a Korg 707, at a flea market for 70€. Entirely produced using this synth: from bass sounds to drum sounds. It feels very '80s-ish from what I can understand from the comments I received :3 hope you like it http://youtu.be/fO0gJfOhPe8
  21. Here I come / Rougher than the rest of them The best of them / Tougher than leather You can call me Knuckles / Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle I'd rather flex my mucsles I think it's more than enough :3 that tune's a guilty pleasure of mine :3
  22. Thought I could entitle these images "God bless this mess" as... well, it's a mess :3 Zone A - core work zone MacBook Pro 13" Edifier R1600T Plus Studio Monitors Sony MDR-7506 Studio Headphones Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Audio Interface Ableton Live 9 Reason 5 Logic Pro X SampleTank 2.5 + various AUs (mostly freebies) Sanic Plushie Zone B - "where all the instruments are" zone Korg MS-20 Mini Analog Synth Korg 707 FM Synth Yamaha RX7 Drum Machine AKAI APC20 Ableton Controller Edirol PCR800 MIDI Controller Keyboard. There should be also a Korg Electribe ESX Drum Machine but is missing from the bunch as it's gonna have its tubes replaced currently :3
  23. https://soundcloud.com/robkta/sr-sunshine-sonic-r-remix-ft An oldie of mine, from the "Immediately-post-Club-Needlemouse" period. Usually when someone remix this, they speed it up or use the same speed of the original, I decided to slow it down and giving it some house vibe. Also, special shoutout to James Landino and Andy Tunstall for the vocal track Hope you will like it!
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