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  1. Yep, same one! It was never "fixed" like I thought it was, the same file just looked ok in Winamp after I re-downloaded that one file from the torrent... but it's still wrong in Rhythmbox. Maybe fixing it is as easy as overwriting that part of the file with zeroes, but it's probably a better idea to find a tool that can strip the file of the APE tag. I don't know what you've been using to tag all these MP3s so far (and I really hope you weren't using Winamp ), but it looks like EasyTAG (https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/EasyTAG) or Mp3tag (http://www.mp3tag.de/en/download.html) can do the job. Both are free and run on Windows. I've tested neither, but the former looks a lot more like something I'd want to install on my machine than does the latter.
  2. I downloaded the torrent on a machine that had never had OCReMixes on it before, and only one of the files came out with the wrong tags (as opened in Rhythmbox, Ubuntu's default music player). I don't know how it could have happened unless the file was wrong in the torrent, or somehow, the file still contained old tags that would only show up in Rhythmbox. I'll have to try to open that same file on that machine tomorrow. EDIT: Found it by using a HEX editor: at 0x00011ea2, i.e. 73378 bytes from the start of the file, it says vgmix.com. A few bytes ahead of this, it says "APETAGEX", followed by the same info I saw in Rhythmbox, so I guess it's an APE tag (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APE_tag). Never heard of it before, but it looks like it can exist side-by-side with the ID3 tag in the same file and that Rhythmbox gives it higher priority than the ID3 (which, according to Winamp, starts at byte 73423). Since this was the only file that Rhythmbox treated differently, I'm guessing it's the only file in the torrent that has an APE tag. Interestingly, Winamp can supposedly read APEv2 tags, but they don't show up for this file. Maybe the tag has been corrupted somehow, or it's an APEv1 tag? I guess leaving it in won't exactly hurt (unless someone else uses Rhythmbox, or another player that behaves like it, and reports the same thing I just did), but for consistency, it would be better to remove it, whenever time so allows.
  3. Might have been mentioned already, somewhere, but after downloading this new torrent, one file, Terminal_Velocity_Proxima_Path_OC_ReMix.mp3, seems to have the wrong tags: Both the Title and Album fields are wrong, and the Comment field looks strange too (it says "www.vgmix.com"). EDIT: This is my 4th post in the last 12 months, and it's one where I tell you that you've screwed up. I am a terrible person. EDIT2: Ok, it looks like it's been fixed now. EDIT3: Negative, it's still wrong, but only in Rhythmbox.
  4. Talk to Doulifée.

  5. Seriously, it's 2014. How many people make games for the GBA these days? If you're a game music composer, you'll be expected to deliver audio, as in wav/aiff/mp3/ogg/whatever. You may need to make music that fits on a disc along with the rest of the game's data, but that's not any more complicated than "the soundtrack can't be any larger than 600 MB" (or whatever). Even if you're a script kid, or even a programmer, you won't have to worry about where in the game's memory things go. What you said does make sense, but only if you're making chip music.
  6. If you're into computer games, try getting involved with mods. A lot of mods modify sound, music, graphics, game behavior etc. and because modders typically don't have access to the game's source code itself, they'll have to make do with scripts. So anytime anyone wants to add a new sound to the mod that wasn't in the original game, or change when what sound is played, someone will have to create or modify a script. Any game that has a Steam Workshop should be a good place to start, if you want to get an idea of what it's all about. Some modding teams are interested in having someone make music for them (modders work for free, so it's a lot easier to get that kind of assignment than to land a job). Once you're on the team, someone can teach you how to do stuff. I very much doubt that your knowledge of scripting will have any bearing on whether or not someone will contract you to write a game soundtrack, but if you make a soundtrack for a well-known mod, that's something to add to your portfolio.
  7. We knew about this, yeah, but we also do slip up sometimes, so I appreciate the effort. Thanks! I'll put something in the first post about this so people know we know about it from now on.
  8. When is the next torrent scheduled for? OCR02750 was posted exactly 1 year after OCR02500 - if that rate keeps up, will we be seeing another torrent (2501-3000) about a year from now, or the existing 2001-2500 one extended to 2001-2750 sometime sooner?
  9. I, too, would prefer to wait a few months before adding more mascots. Even so, this mascot image side project will likely need to be run outside this thread (the art subforum would work nicely, if we do decide to go that route. The place doesn't look very active yet), as I suspect it's going to running in parallel with the next set of mascots once we get the ball rolling. I'll send you a PM, Polo.
  10. Oh, alright. But that still only applies to the actual bio pages, doesn't it? We still can't have Squenix characters, fan art or not, in the upper right corner, can we? (I'm not arguing, I just want to make sure.) It isn't to us, so we'd be happy to do it ourselves. You in, Polo? Not a problem. It's just that, "somewhere in wiki limbo, the characters that debuted in Super Mario RPG [among others] live a rather boring life, copyrights and red tape preventing them from doing much else". I feel like I owe it to the writers to make their bios more accessible again, if nothing else. A bio without a mascot isn't much fun. I'm glad you like it!
  11. Aye, matey... likevyse. ... Sorry about that. Well, it's uploaded and everything. That's the last of it for now. Thanks, Arrow! And to everyone else who helped this time around.
  12. Yeah, I was thinking something like "As if someone was hearing his prayers", but without the prayers, so your first suggestion works pretty well, methinks. Well, I don't know what became of this, but if fan art could be placed on the bio pages themselves, that would make a big difference from the void we have now. Maybe we could keep it in a certain style to avoid too much similarity with the official art, like, limit it to pencil sketches if need be. And if we can't use any pictures in the upper right corner that could indicate Squenix affiliation, maybe we could find something unrelated, but less misleading than Mega Man X to use as a placeholder. A fuzzy cloud or something. EDIT: Or... a square.
  13. Yeah Nonamer, you got us off to a good start! Alright. Yeah, it does. I think it's the 'thus', it feels out of place (coming from the fairly poetic previous sentence), but I'm having trouble coming up with a word to replace it, and removing it altogether makes the whole sentence too independent from the one before it. One alternative might be "When he and Aika meet Fina, a mysterious girl from an unknown land, then, he finds his wishes granted/his dreams come true.", but I'd rather not change the order of the clauses. Another one is "In meeting Fina, a mysterious girl from an unknown land, Vyse finds his wishes granted." I'm not fully satisfied by either of these, but hopefully it helps inspire someone to come up with something I like better. I think we can afford a few more days to get this right, seeing as it's the last thing we'll be doing in this project for a while ahead (and once we're done, I'd quite like to see if we can't do something about the Squenix mascots before we extend the roster any further, though it's not my call).
  14. Glad you like the changes! And thanks for clarifying.
  15. So | it has come to this. Vyse: I thought that was the intention, actually. But sure, we can make a smoother transition."Despite the daily excitement and danger of being a sky pirate, Vyse has always desired to fly "beyond the sunset" (why is this in quotes?) and encounter things people have only imagined. He and Aika (though this is not hard to imagine, the previous sentence only mentions Vyse) thus get their wishes granted when they meet Fina..." Better. How about "the two young pirates join their new ally in her quest and set sail for the adventure of a lifetime.", because I liked the "set sail" part? That gets us I'm not completely happy with "He and Aika thus get their wishes granted when they meet Fina", but we'll work something out.
  16. Aww. I was hoping it was a construct analogous to "She also carries on her back one of several Divine Instruments" which would probably be "She also carries one of several Divine Instruments on her back" (but don't change it now!). I've seen this quite a bit in writing, where the latter sentence causes ambiguity that the former does not, even if it does sound a little... old. It's a very practical way to avoid confusion, and something that can't really be done in my own language. Yes! This here bitch is ready for the wiki. This doesn't need changing, but I'm curious about this: It's obvious that it's not her red markings that appear as a white wolf, but Amaterasu herself. But you couldn't say "Appearing as an ordinary person to ordinary people, David's cybernetic bellybutton boombox lead a peaceful existence hidden under a plain white t-shirt", or "Late for work that morning, David's bike wasn't going to take its owner to the office fast enough."
  17. I see what you're saying, but for a long sentence, it's pretty easy to read. There's no back-referencing or any complicated structures in the sentence, and each subclause stands pretty much on its own feet. Both solutions have the problem that neither Orochi nor Sakuya are ever mentioned or referred to again anywhere else in the bio, so they're just names. And, counting Nippon, that's actually 4, not 3 names. "The tree spirit" becomes fuzzy and impersonal without a name, but "Orochi" doesn't really need to be there. Well, except it could cause confusion as to whether Sakuya is both the tree spirit and the demon or the two are separate... Argh. This is the best I can do, I think. I'd like to say "When a fearsome demon returns to shroud once more the land of Nippon in darkness", but I'm not sure that's even valid English these days. I'll leave it to you to decide whether to go with this or your above stated preference. Still one more option might be "All is peaceful in the country of Nippon until a fearsome demon, defeated many years ago, returns to shroud once more the land in darkness." (but eeeeh.) I'll go over your and Arrow's comments on Vyse and post a new version shortly.
  18. The two first sentences lack flow. We got the facts straight this time, but I liked it better the way it was before. Maybe just would do the trick. I know I didn't think so two posts ago, but there it is. Another suggestion is which I like better, and sticks closer to the original wording, which was pretty neat.
  19. 'Sealing', eh? How about 'banishment'? I think so, yeah. Saying 'that' rather than 'who' indicates emotional distance to the person in question, making them seem less human and more like objects. 'Which' is still more distant and objectifying to my ears. We can do 'that' instead of 'who', based on your rationale. Thanks for explaining.By the way, since I thought Issun was a human being before you described him as "an excitable bug", I thought you meant 'bug' as in definitions 5, 6, or 7 given here. So maybe "an excitable little bug that"? I think that works better, yes.
  20. Sorry, what I mean is, while Orochi does return to once again shroud the land in darkness, it's not obvious from that sentence that that's what he was doing before he was defeated, but it should be, because that's was he was doing, so the sentence needs to be fixed. "return with the intent to shroud the land in darkness" sounds awkward and again doesn't make it clear he was shrouding the land in darkness last time he was around. Lol Well, I think that typo only helped get my point across. Try! I'm curious. Replace one of those "using"s with "with" and I'm good. Which is it, "the" or "a" divine instrument?
  21. Yeah, thanks for that last fix! Very nice Moving on, I don't think it's obvious here that's what the demon did before it was defeated. I can't just add "once more" to the end without rephrasing "once defeated many years ago", though. I'd replace "her" with "Ameratasu's" here, as it's an uncommon name (to my ears, anyway) and can afford to be repeated once more, especially since it's not immediately obvious we're not talking about Sakuya. Would it be wrong to say "an excitable bug who"? Issun may be a bug, but he/she's also a person... right? ,She carries the brush... but it's her tail. How does that work? ... which I think could be elaborated on with a few words. I thought it was a magical harp or something until I read the sources. Can we say "primary means" rather than "primary mode"? "Mode" makes me think of automatons. Other than that, nice additions.
  22. Darn. That's the hardest thing I've ever said in English besides "unalienable". I want to add a comma before "which", but then there's too many commas. "That" doesn't really do the job here. The red spots, or Pikachu? That's the last of it, I think.
  23. "opponents before hitting them?" I need my daily fix of semicolons. Is this a good place for one? *poof*. Yeah, that's what Pokémon do - you never see them coming. They just appear. So, I'm ok with the wording here. Were it a real animal though, it would sound weird to say they appear, right? Honest question. "or simply replenish"? This whole paragraph has a lot of very short sentences. Semicolons, anyone? Commas are fine, too. What's there is good, it just needs more flow.
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