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  1. Are you sure about the "had"? I'm thinking it should be "have". I also don't really like "affecting", but I can't think of a better word off the top of my head. Also, there's a bit too much real-life and/or technical info compared to what's said about Crash himself - the world he lives in and his personality. Leave the tech info as is, but flesh out the world and personality part. Good start, but give it some more love!
  2. Haha, I agree. And his face and his hands look like he's about to do something very illegal to someone.
  3. No - always post bios right here in the thread.
  4. Oh, so we are doing a poll now? Well... good! Roger that. If Guts Man becomes a mascot, I hope The Coop wants to write it Not that I'd bar anyone else from doing it, but it would be cool to read his non-encyclopedic novel-like take on a character I'm already familiar with. And one with so much potential personality.
  5. Right, I still have the list djp asked me to put together that we can pick from for the time being. And it should still be in his inbox, dated 2012-11-11. He said he'd have a "lock" on a few he wanted, yeah. Sounds good. I really like doing things in batches. Makes it feel like you're making progress, as opposed to working on a list that just keeps growing. I don't know how you judges do it, honestly. Oh, so even fan art is a no-no in the mascot corner? I'm sorry to hear that.
  6. By "you guys", do you mean the people running the project, or anyone? I'm a little worried about just anyone being able to post a bio out of nowhere at any time, even though the community should of course be able to participate in suggesting new mascots (and writing bios for them). Would it be alright if we ran polls ourselves, limiting the number of "winners" to, say, 20, and then didn't accept new mascots until that batch of 20 was written (on a first-come, first-serve basis, as we have done previously) and uploaded to the wiki before running another poll, and so on? Otherwise, this is going to get chaotic real fast, and I don't want us to need a whole subforum for this project in order to be able to organize it.
  7. ... yeah, what happened to the community poll? I sent you an PM back in... 2012-11-11 listing all the candidates for it (no images, though). Do you want me to re-send it, or should I just quote it here in the thread for all the world to see? Anyway, if TMNT ever makes it, I can't think of any other image than this. I just, you know, wanted to have said that, just in case. I don't think it would be appropriate to have Banjo as a mascot without Kazooie But... we can't just nick images from all around the internet without running into copyright issues, can we? Does it fall under fair use if the image is resized to puny OCR mascot size?
  8. On the green background, you mean? Also, yay, more mascots! LT: This guy:
  9. Some real instruments would be awfully nice. ... mainly though, I think this is too close to the original to be very interesting. The signature change near the end is welcome, but this is also where the song sounds the least realistic.
  10. The drums in the intro are driving me insane! >< Really nice otherwise, if a little long and repetitive for my taste.
  11. Nice! Sounds like something out of an artsy, silent, French, short movie or something. Not very Zelda (which is, of course, not a problem), but nice all the same.
  12. I think the melody sounds a little naked. It could use a little reverb and lower volume.
  13. Glad to see someone tackle this theme - this really brings me back Drums are a little repetitive (a fill here and there wouldn't hurt), but other than that, I think this sounds really nice.
  14. Very nice guitar performance. Would love a video where I could actually see you play it.
  15. This starts out really, really nice. The compression is a little bit too heavy for my taste, and at 0:45-0:50 it gets almost ridiculous. The bass that comes in at 1:30 could use some more... bass. I like where this is going though. If it's any help, I think the bassline could be a developed a lot, maybe even to the point where it's danceable on its own. The source is a good place to start there, but if you need more inspiration as far as basslines are concerned, try listening to some random Jamiroquai tracks, for example.
  16. I don't like the lead instrument at all, it's too harsh and dead somehow. You got the beat down though, obviously.
  17. Gets very interesting towards the end, I think.
  18. Well, this was unexpected. But fun! On a side note, you should totally change your artist name to ⣧⣇⡅⣿⣼ or something.
  19. Personally I think this theme is really mixable:
  20. I have to ask - does the remix title have anything to do with halcyons and Mattias' name, or is it just a coincidence?
  21. I'd think djp is the bottleneck as of a while back now. Seen the list of to be posted ReMixes? Not that the judges' queue is up to date, but most mixes seem to get either no'ed or yes'ed within 3 or 4 months after submission (which is a long time, I agree, but it's not 3 years). Anyway, it might not have been the best comparison on my part to begin with. I think it'll be longer before we see new mascots than it'll take us to write the bios, haha.
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