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  1. timaeus222 Thanks for the feedback! You've helped me before I think I know why the first 15 secs. of rhythm are clashing (I need to rethink that section). Also, I intend to work on "meaningful" panning and definitely keeping all instruments out of the same EQ / Octave range. I did some reading about side-chaining as a result of one of your earlier posts. I understand the concept, but don't have the software or hardware needed to do that. From what I read, it would appear that FL Studio could perform that functionality. I can do the "high pass" though. I'll work with that. I'm in the process of working on the remix. Thanks... dabedaab (Steve Snider)
  2. Gario... Thanks for your words of wisdom. And, glad you liked it. I have taken your advice and submitted the Remix/Arrangement with the live Banjo Thanks Again... dabedaab (Steve Snider)
  3. Garpocalypse... Thanks for the feedback. What you're saying has a familiar tone to what Geoffrey Taucer is saying (and I agree with you both). Seems sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees (not to mention I'm new at this). I will be working to get the end result from all feedback listed so far. Interesting that you mentioned the Uilleann Pipes. I really wanted some in the mix but was unable to find what I considered suitable (at least considering the resources currently available to me). I'm going to look a little harder to see what I can find, but if I don't find a suitable sound I'd like to get your help. I'm not sure how to do this, but I'm sure you can tell me what you need (I've got the midi and the wave files). BTW, I listened to your remix listed above. It sounds really good! Thanks... dabedaab (Steve Snider)
  4. Geoffrey... Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like some good ideas. I'll work per the suggestions and have a re-post once done. dabedaab (Steve Snider)
  5. Dear OCR Community... This is my second remix. I thought it a good idea to look at the "Requests" forum for ideas and found one from "DoubleBro7" that was both fun and challenging. Here's the URL of the original tune on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ZdZ6bwhCmms Here's the URL to my remix of same: http://www.homegrownhymns.com/Celtic_Square.mp3 <- This is the ReMix Here's a screen shot of the remix in the DAW (helps explain the mix): My attempt was to focus on the Celtic feel I got from listening to the original. I tried to stay with the swing 12/8 feel and add triplets as spice. I also added harmony throughout and a new melody line in the middle. Please provide feedback as I always find it helpful Thanks... dabedaab (Steve Snider)
  6. DoubleBro7... I liked your option# 2 (Pokémon Square) and am in the process of posting my remix of this song tonight. It should be out there soon. Hope you like it. We'll see what the OCR community thinks. I've posted it as "Work In Progress" under the title of "Celtic Square" hoping for feedback. Thanks... dabedaab (Steve Snider)
  7. All... Here's version 5: http://www.homegrownhymns.com/PickinColors-5.mp3 (Humanized the Banjo Track) Here's the Original Tune for comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GdapZ1FZhI In my last post I included a live recording of me on the banjo. I'm not down on my ability to play... but It's my opinion that the listening pleasure decreased on version 4. In a nutshell, I have yet to gain the experienced needed at live recording. I've been reading up on how to do this, but for now I'm reverting back to a humanized/midized version of me playing. I'm quite pleased with the humanizing effort on the banjo track. Sounds considerably more human-like to me. I'm going to put this in Mod Review now. Thanks... Steve (dabedaab)
  8. All... On my last post, I informed everybody that I had inadvertently corrupted my files and didn't have the heart to start over. Well, I waited a few days for my wounds to heal and then started over again (completely from scratch). So, this time I was able to implement the advice given me via feedback. Here's the latest: Here's version 4: http://www.homegrownhymns.com/PickinColors-4.mp3 (Enhancements: Live Recorded Banjo, EQ'd Mandolin) I'm interested in all feedback of course, but in particular about the live banjo. For example, how does it compare to it's midized predecessor and/or does it need some technical tweaks? BTW (different subject)... The young man in the video (link provided below) is one of my 3 children that introduced me to VGM. He's the one playing mandolin on "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Magi is Everything": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pxRvKzCJ5o Thanks... Steve (dabedaab)
  9. Well... Here's version# 3: http://www.homegrownhymns.com/PickinColors-3.mp3 I made a horrible mistake. I inadvertently corrupted all the individual files pertaining to this remix Since all the tracks have been merged, I have no way to unmerge them I was working on making the changes listed above when I corrupted the files. My only improvement was to modify the ending per evktalo's suggestion (as best I could considering the damage). Though I wasn't really ready to do so, I'm going to mark this as "Finished" (I don't have the heart to start from scratch again).
  10. Wow... Thanks evktalo and MrKyle for the feedback! evktalo added: I completely understand and agree. I did get my recording equipment and am experimenting with it now. My plans are to replace the midized version of my banjo playing with the real thing (we'll see how that goes). Also, I have a bass, but it's an electric bass. That one would be easy to record. I'll experiment with that too! evktalo also added: I agree again. I've got some ideas here. I'll incorporate and re-post. MrKyle adds: I'm somewhat of a newbie to these ideas, but I can see in the DAW I used (Audacity) that they have an equalizer option. My guess is that I can work with this and add the noted enhancements. I don't know what "Side-chaining" is though. I'll look it up on the internet. In summary, I'm kind of amazed that there's an on-line forum/community that offers good constructive criticism. Thanks OCR Community!
  11. I'm new to the OCR community and remixes in general, so I don't feel completely qualified to give "constructive criticism" (not aware that you need any) but I will list the positive attributes about this: It's kind of infectious. I liked it from the first few notes. The song keeps changing and adding new parts. The mix and levels are good. The style, instruments and the way they're rendered are very appropriate to the overall feeling/mood of the song. Really nice piece! FYI... My first remix/post is in the same forum listed as WIP and is entitled "Mario Paint Theme Song - Pickin Colors". Please feel free to provide feedback if you're so inclined.
  12. All... I have followed Skrypnyk's advice and created a Second-Take of "Mario Paint Theme Song - Pickin Colors" Now that I've heard it with Skrypnyk's feedback included, I like it better. Hope you will too! Here's the link to my Original Remix: http://www.homegrownhymns.com/PickinColors.mp3 Here's the link to Remix-2 (using Skrypnyk's feedback): http://www.homegrownhymns.com/PickinColors-2.mp3 <---THIS IS THE NEW ONE *** Oh Yeah... And here's the link to the Original from Nintendo (so you have something to bump it up against): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GdapZ1FZhI Shown below is a screen shot of the changes and where they occur: Thanks... Steve (dabedaab)
  13. Hi all... This is Steve. My guess is that I'm somewhat older than the average OCR member (59 plus). I have recently discovered the OCR Remix site (from my adult children) and like both the music and the open-mindedness of this/your community. It's a delight to me that OCR features/embraces virtually every genre of music. The following paragraphs tell a little about me I began to play guitar in my early teens. Having grown up in the Midwest USA, I was exposed early to bluegrass music and found that I was drawn to it (I do however enjoy most all music). By my late teen's and early twenty's, I joined a bluegrass band and begin playing at small local venues. For most of my adult life, I have played either guitar, mandolin or banjo in church services. Currently I play in a "Praise Team" at a local church. Another note of interest is that I served 20+ years in the Marine Corps Reserve and the Air National Guard where I found more opportunities (beyond my regular duties) to contribute musically in church services to fellow soldiers. Thanks... Steve (dabedaab) Oh Yeah... and I have my first Remix "Mario Paint Theme Song - Pickin Colors " in the "Post Your Game ReMixes!" forum and would appreciate feedback if and when you may feel so inclined
  14. timaeus222... Thanks for the link I listened and I love what "worldsbestgrandpa" has done with these 2 songs. His style is probably best defined as "Old Time" or "Appalacian String Band" tradition!" (and this according to him as well). No doubt about it though, there's cross-over between his style and what I'm attempting on my first post. They are cousins (and not too distant cousins at that). I wish I could play the "Claw-Hammer" style banjo like he does. My background is more of the "Earl Scruggs" style. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to see both of these styles get a little air-time on OCR. Here's to us old-folks joining in with you young whipper-snappers. I really like what you guys are doing (in all genres)
  15. Thanks for the Feedback. I like your suggestions about the Bass line and the Transitions. I'm going to accumulate all these suggestions as I head for a next attempt In regard to my ideas for improvement, I would like to "Humanize" several of the lead instruments. As it is, they are a "midized" (note-for-note transcribed) version of me playing and then rendered via professionally recorded sound fonts. I chose to record it this way as I don't have the recording equipment needed to obtain a quality recording. I'm working on getting the needed equipment for this. I'll eventually bump the 2 versions against each other to see which comes out best.
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