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    Mid West U.S.A.
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    Music, Software, 3-D Modeling.


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    I began to play guitar in my early teens. Having grown up in the Midwest USA, I was exposed early to bluegrass music and found that I was drawn to it (I do however enjoy most all music).

    By my late teen's and early twenty's, I joined a bluegrass band and begin playing at small local venues. For most of my adult life, I have played either guitar, mandolin or banjo in church services. Currently I play in a "Praise Team" at a local church.

    I have recently discovered the OCR Remix site and like both the music and the open-mindedness of this/your community. It's a delight to me that OCR features/embraces virtually every genre of music.

    Another note of interest is that I served 20+ years in the Marine Corps Reserve and the Air National Guard where I found more opportunities (beyond my regular duties) to contribute musically in church services to fellow soldiers.
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    Steve Snider
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    Software Engineer

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    Electric Guitar: Rhythm
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About Me

Hi, I'm Steve, a Husband to 1 (only and ever) and Father to 3 (now adult) children. We have a close-knit family and share many common interests (which is how I came to know of OCR).


For the last 25+ years I have served as Software Engineer at a major corporation here in the U.S.


As noted in my biography below, my main passion is music. For the last ~30 years, I've had to put music "partially" on hold as life is full of demands. Now that retirement is close, I'm attempting to grow my music skills and get back to my favorite hobby.