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  1. I'd really like to get feedback on this remix I did, I thought it came out pretty well but I'd like to get more opinions on it! I haven't done anything in awhile, and in that time my music has gotten a lot better. Nearly everything in this was synthesized by me, and all of the melodies are also done by me, so yeah it's almost an original song? Anyway, I hope you like it!
  2. The guitar is very good, the choppy bit at the beginning was kind of awkward, but once the song started it was ok. The guitar mixing was good, and I did like that you could hear the bass without any trouble, sometimes that is really hard to do because guitars are sometimes hard to mix. Maybe bring out a bit more high end though, the guitar arpeggios were very difficult to make out. The only really big problem is the drums, which are in serious need of EQ and compression. Boost the snares at around 250hz for more punch and between 4-8khz for more texture, also at 1-2khz for more fill. As to
  3. I loved it! I agree with DevilBeats about the lead, it did feel a little bit jarring at first... It actually did fit once you got into it, just right when it started playing it was a little bit jarring. If you'd had more of a buildup to it, (just playing up a scale to the first note you play in the melody just before the actual melody) it would have been absolutely perfect. Or maybe played a few slower notes beforehand. You did have better buildup to it every other time it came in though, it's really just when it first comes in that it is somewhat surprising. But who cares? I could listen to t
  4. I liked it, it had a nice vibe! You had a nice bass line going there, next time maybe try adding just a little bit more mid range sounds to it and it would be perfect. Also, this is just personal preference, but the lead you used for the main melody was ok, but the way you did the stab effect was slightly distracting. But that's just me, I can easily see why others would like that sound. Overall though, great remix! The kick drum was very well mixed, and I really loved that bit starting at 1:23.
  5. I actually just left a comment on Soundcloud, but I really loved it. It fits perfectly with being a battle theme for Gaster.
  6. I like it, it brings back memories. The mixing is awesome, and it has a very different style that you don't hear very often. I really dig that funky vibe though, it's pretty awesome, and very much so fits with the material.
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