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  1. ....Two years ago? Wow. If I can, could I remake this in FL? I'll credit you, of course.
  2. If this is his/her first attempt at remixing/remaking something, this is very good.
  3. the pitch bend might turn some people away from this piece, it seems to end too quickly. But that's my look at it.
  4. Also- A Fox in Space is awesome. Can't wait for Episode 2.
  5. ....That pitch bend, could go somewhere with that...
  6. ...Not trying to criticize? but this needs some work. Change the beat around a bit, maybe get a different snare? (first review don't yell at me-thanks.) Other than that, it's good. I'd rate it 7/10.
  7. Hi. Are you still working on this? If no one has taken the Molgera track, I can possibly make something....
  8. I haven't checked but I have just one question- How do you pitch-bend?
  9. Hi. I've been listening for a few years now. Just got the notion to join. Where to start....I use FLStudio 12 (Fruity Loops), and, of course, I am a HUGE gamer. For one thing, I just got the original Star Fox for the S.N.E.S., for 15 dollars. It is hard. Very hard. But I can see why everyone was blown away by it at the time. But the lag.... Anyway, who's ready for E3?