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    Hurhur. What's shakin', OC Remix? My name's Carrie. I'm just your typical graphic designer who grew up playing video games and has a major soft spot for their music. I played clarinet in high school, am learning ukulele, and have a good ear for pitch, but I'm no good when it comes to remixing. I guess until some miracle happens and I have the free time to figure it out, I'll just leave that to you talented folks (;u;)/ You all rock.

    (...Also, I swear I'm not some crazy weeaboo. Carrie-san has just been my typical handle since the days when I *was* a crazy weeaboo :'|)
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  1. You know, the first time I listened to this, while I found the lyrics cute, I wasn't sold on the majority of the vocals – they felt sort of strange and discordant to me. My favorite part was definitely the chorus. Listening to it again almost immediately after that, though, the whole thing somehow meshed significantly better and I found myself digging it a lot more as a complete piece. I can only guess as to how that happened but I certainly won't knock it, haha! It's a pleasant surprise, to be sure. The chorus is still my favorite part, I think. Something about the subtle differences there really makes it stick – the additional voices, the drums, I dunno. It's great. ~3:00 on was especially a delight for some reason. Anyway! Having sat here and listened to it on loop about 4 additional times since I started writing this review (read: neglecting my work) I feel I can safely say I quite enjoy it. Sort of inspires me to want to draw something. Hmm. It's a very unique and enjoyable arrangement that captures a nice feel which fits the source. I look forward to hearing more from you all in the future!
  2. Ffff, I thought I'd put that song to rest for good, but then you had to go and get zelda involved and pull me right back into it. Unlike the original, though, I'm actually inclined to pay attention to the lyrics this time and by george, they made it worth it. Man... I've been meaning to do a Saria cosplay for years, though I never got much work done sewing. I should pick that back up sometime. :|a
  3. Not gonna lie to you guys, I used to often rent this game when I was a little girl. I enjoyed playing it, regardless of how crappy it very likely was. Even after a refresher course from the chiptunes, it's a bit hard for me to identify the pieces CotMM used here, and I probably wouldn't have realized they were from the game if the remix hadn't told me. That said, though, it's an interesting piece..perhaps because they're so vastly transformed? I mean, The through a glass darkly connotation that comes from changing such dopey, perky tunes into something mangled, eerie, and industrial is absolutely fantastic regardless of whether it's my cup of tea or not, and I've got to give him props for the venture. As I've come to expect from CotMM, always unique work. If Barbie Supermodel had been set in a dystopic and/or zombie-infested USA, this would be on the sound track. I can see her now, rollerblading her way through the debris of what was once Hawaii and wondering what color assault rifle matches her purse.
  4. Inexplicably, while listening to this song for the first time, I got that tingly feeling in my nose that I get when I'm just about to cry. If you were trying to trigger my nostalgia, consider yourself successful. I've always loved Pokemon music and it never seems to get the remixes it deserves. Hearing the GSC generation represented here made me so happy. This is a wonderful medley; all of the tunes blend together excellently, never overpowering one another. It's full of energy and rhythm, while still keeping true to the original. It reminds me a bit of the Japanese remixer hapi⇒'s remixes, if you're familiar with him at all. (His Kirby and Pokemon ones tend to provoke the same 'about to cry from rush of happy memories' feeling from me.) My only wish is that there was more of it! I'd love to hear you take on some of the other tunes from the game.
  5. Goodness gracious... *dusts off forum account* Good evening everyone! When you say "DuckTales music" most people probably think of "The Moon." Me on the other hand? It's gotta be "The Himalayas." When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time on this level. . . . A lot. Despite having not played it in years, I still have very vivid memories of trying to pogo-cane from one side of a platform to the other and never quite making it. I'm actually not sure if I ever beat that stage or not,haha. Anyway! Whenever a new DuckTales remix comes out or one would turn up on orgmas, I'd always end up going and listening to all of the remixes from the game and end up a bit distressed at the fact that The Himalayas received no love. The song itself has a sort of quirky, playful quality and I feel it could really shine under the skillful hands of a remixer. Any sort of genre would be fantastic. Um. I'm not quite sure what else to say except thank you very much for your time! PS: Oh. Almost forgot. While it's not in my possession right this moment, I do have a game-ripped reference floating around somewhere for that I can go fetch,should one be required.
  6. I've never played a megaman game, and I've never heard this song before, but I can't tell you how amazed I was. This is wonderful. A great rythym with such hilarious [ I laughed,quite hard ] lyrics,sung so well! You have a great voice and a superb sence of sound and style. It's so professional sounding, like something I'd turn on the radio and hear. One of those ones that automatically becomes a big hit and then everybody is playing it and then it gets over played and everyone hates it for awhile,but then it makes a dramatic comeback and is loved forever and always. Certain parts made me think of Sonic games, for some reason totally beyond me. Maybe the chords or something. Anywho, the song, in general, was just... wow. I can't critque certain parts because the only instrument I play is a woodwind , so I can't really go into detail. To be blunt: it rocked. I already adored your other works [namely theincrediblesingingrobot, which i find myself humming constantly now], and I can add this one to the collection.
  7. Now, don't get me wrong, i like this remix alot. Saturn Valley's music on it's own is very bizarre. Try singing it in a car and the reptitiveness of it will drive people crazy. When I first heard this Remix,my immediate impression was a bunch of Mr. Saturn's on metal bed springs hopping around.It's an awesome electronic style remix that dulls down the annoying loud parts that repeat over and over and makes them alot more..tolerable. this is like the ReMix version of an acid trip. It sums up the bizarreness of Earthbound in a catchy 3 minutes [well,almost]! Rock on!
  8. simply amazing. you took probably my favorite song from earthbound and tweaked it so nicely. i actually taught myself how to play this song on the clarinet and piano ....i have a problem X3; . anyway, it's very beautiful. a melodious,almost haunting melody that lingers with you after it's over. i feel like i'm sitting and playing earthbound all over again. great job. and a remake would be wonderful, i eagerly await it!
  9. a bit off tune at the intro parts... but. i like it. very danceable. infact, i'm dancing as i write this. whoo. i like the 'mike' parts, that's pretty cool. it seems so short,but the songs pretty fast... I like it.
  10. I always was creeped out by the eerieness of this music when i was little and i played it,but as i got older, i fell in love with it. This remix captures all of the eerie + kickass aspects of it. It really rocks! i really love the cut into the overworld tune [wasn't that the overworld?yeah,it was] ^^ transitions are real nice,and the drums rock my socks. wait,i'm not WEARING socks. okay,it rocks so much I put socks on,only to have them rocked right off?
  11. oh my god. i love it. it's so pretty and emotional. XDD i thought this was a gato remix when i first started it up,and i was all 'HOLY SHIZ' ..I love it,it's got alot of feeling. the intermission is so great. ^^ i love it. ::nodnod:: it's real nice. i always pick robo over frog,personally. frog creeps me out X3; r66y that is my name but you can call me anything That part sounds so awesome. great job!
  12. that was..lovely. I loved Tikal's theme,and this remix is simply groove-able. i had to get up and dance to it. XD; good job. the misspelling threw me off a bit originally, but, i'm glad i downloaded it. really nice.
  13. the music and the singing is great. the part with jeff.. that..frightens me a tad. but it's a great remix. yay!
  14. I hated gato.hated. hated with a capital h. but i've grown to love him, crazy metal bastard. this song is just what i could picture happening to gato at a kareoke lounge. i usedta sing with his theme too..heh. this remix..this remix..oh lord,where to begin? the tune rocks, the singing doubled me over laughing, and i..well..damn,good job. gimmie my silver points and i'll be on my way..
  15. i mean..damn! i first heard this song via an midi file.. i'm glad it's been remixed. it wasn't ever put in the real game, it was unreleased,right? well,anyway, the remix is really nice, it's very well put together..::nods in approval:: i like!
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