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  1. good work with this! originally i thought it was crap, but then i listened to it with a real good soundcard and it's f'in awesome!
  2. this piece has some quality moments... especially from 00:48 to 01:08, which features some of the finest guitar work and mixing in the entire scene, i would say. but, it seems as if it weren't for that 20 second part, (which is sweet but oh so short) the song would be a bit lacking in the mixing and arrangement department. it could have been really great if you had elaborated more on the mix, though! cheers.
  3. I like this mix alot. It totally reminds me of the awesome japanese experimental electronica band Supercar. Everyone who likes this mix should check them out. Great mix, Rellik!
  4. Wow Gray! This mix is really impressive and well done! Production-wise, it could use a bit more low-end, but other than that, and the abrupt ending, it's really nice.
  5. on second thought, I concur with Trenthian about the low-end.... it could be a lil bit fatter, no doubt! but it's still a good track..
  6. Those samples aren't believable, but they ain't that bad. It's the production that's somewhat understatingly sub-par. The orchestration definitely sounds solid, though subjectively speaking, it's not much to my liking.
  7. hey, this is some neat stuff... drums sound a bit loopy, but never boring. low-end sounds nice and the song doesn't fail to deliver... i especially dig the last 30 secs! wish it were longer
  8. I've checked the file for clipping - none detected. This is a well-produced and exceptional orchestral arrangement. For that, my commendation goes to you, Mr. Soule.
  9. I find the speech adds a nice flavor to the mix. I would have prefered it had been toned down a bit though. In any case, the mp3 clips several times indeed.
  10. The first time I heard this I wasn't really too keen on it. But now, after repeated listenings over a span of a few days I can say it really grew on me. This song is indeed no less than a true masterpiece. Nice work.
  11. Very nice and uplifting - I like. Kudos to ziwtra.
  12. I agree with Blak_Omen here. This a decent remix, but the flute, and with it all other melodic instruments that's not the rhythm guitar could've been louder, especially around 1:58. Overall, pretty nice.
  13. Cool Edit Pro is a pretty versatile multitrack editor. Cheers.
  14. Awesome work, SGX. Can't help but love it! This remix gave me goosebumps four times when listening to it... Impressive.
  15. I absolutely love this remix. Best work from McVaffe I've heard so far.
  16. Amazing. This is simply a masterpiece. Mad propz to Jared Hudson - In my eyes one of the best remixers on this very web site. In lack of words... Wonderful.
  17. I'd have to agree with GrayLightning and djpretzel. This remix is just great, listening to it feels like going thru an extensive story. It really captures your mind. Great work MC and SuperGreenX!
  18. Hello, I've been surfing the net like I do every so often and then I saw this Lotus 2 ReMix... All I can say is "Wow! It r0x0rz my s0x0rz" Well, this being my first post on this board please excuse my n00bish lameness, but this is a real cool ReMix of the main theme of Lotus 2 of which I've always been a fan of in this game, since Amiga days. (ah, the nostalgia...) Cyborg Jeff did a great job remixing this piece of candy after the Fury of the Furries ReMixes that also rock. Get it now, if you haven't already!
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