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  1. Correct. PH wasn't able to complete anything due to real life issues and Team GBA didn't turn anything in for reasons still unknown.
  2. Sure, just send in the correct version ASAP. Also, pattern blocks ftw.
  3. Results! 1. Ben Briggs - 30 points (33.3%) 2. Ghetto Lee Lewis - 19 points (21.1%) 3. TheRexAsaurus - 13 points (14.4%) 3. Generdyn - 13 points (14.4%) 5. ProjectSpam - 9 points (10%) 6. Team Floaty Lizard-Bee - 6 points (6.7%) Alright, about that weighting system....Basically, you get what you get. Your score will be your percent of the votes rounded to the nearest tenth (for more accuracy) times 10. For example, Ben Briggs got 33.3% of the vote, giving his team 333 points. Oh, and Round 2 mixes are up! Yea, everyone has weeks like that. The good news for you is that your team had a helluva start, so you shouldn't fall too far behind. The good news for everyone else is now they have a much better chance to catch up. You can still pick up some points by voting (like Team Floaty Lizard-Bee did last round.) Anyways, it's magfest time which means remixers have the week off. But voting is still happening so don't forget to vote!
  4. Don't forget to vote. Just pm me your top 3 choices. You get an automatic first place vote for your team when you vote, so there's no reason not to. If you're just a spectator and don't have FL, there's mp3's in the Round 1 folder so you can listen in and vote as well.
  5. Yea, I know how that is. You aren't out. It's a gauntlet, meaning that each week teams get points based on votes. The team with the most points at the end of the gauntlet wins. I've designed the system in such a way that it won't be impossible for teams that are behind to catch up. You can still get a few points this round by voting. I'll explain how the system is weighted when round 1 voting is over.
  6. Yea, I couldn't find a way to convert it to a standard version, but I did render an mp3. It should be in there with the others.
  7. Round 1 is up. Sorry it took so long, but I ran into something of a technical difficulty. Someone saved their flp in a recent beta version of FL, instead of a standard version. I had to get the beta version just to open it. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be any realistic way I could convert it to a standard version, so there may be an flp you can't open. Please don't send flp's saved in beta versions in the future. It's a bad idea anyways -- beta versions are less stable and there's no guarantee your flp's will even open in future iterations of FL. Also, Team GBA/Generdyn, what is the source/game for your remix? I couldn't find anything on it in your file.
  8. Your team sent me an entry last night. The one missing entry is from Team Floaty Lizard-Bee.
  9. Time for Round 2! Check the first post for details. Voting will begin as soon as I post the entries. I'm processing them now.
  10. Just an flp is fine. So long as you're just using fl default, I should have no trouble rendering an mp3. Which, I will be doing in case people have trouble playing back your particular flp, or don't use FL and want to listen in anyways. If you want to render your own, make it 320kbps. Anyways, I'm still missing two entries but there's a little time left to turn them in.
  11. Yes, you can. It should've been on the list. It is now. Remember to use the FL 10 version of the packs folder.
  12. SliceX no, Slicer yes. Don't know how I missed that one. Ok, list is updated.
  13. The free version, AKA, the demo. It has roughly the same generators as the Express Edition and the same FX plugins as Fruity Edition. In theory, a person using the demo should be able to participate without much difficulty by saving their files when done for a session, sending the file off to a teammate to resave, then reopening the file again for the next session, etc.
  14. Well, anything you use is made of sines, since all sound is made of sines. So yea, anything on the list in the OP is fine. Yup. The whole point is working within limitations to challenge yourself and improve your fundamentals. Plus, it's fun. I agree, it's very underrated. I also thought it was free, like you, but as it turns out... . . . . . . . . With 3x osc and ts404 free, you'd think it would be, but it isn't. Go figure.
  15. Round 1 begins now! Check the first post for details. Done. BlackPanther is on your team, assigned by chance. Generdyn, alfredofreak, and Bleck, you've got a week to pick a name for your team. If you can't pick one by then, I'll assign one. Good luck everyone!
  16. When I ran into a problem like this, I just added the hard drive where the plugins/samples were installed before to the browser so FL knew to look there. If you've deleted them from their previous paths, you'll have to restore those installations.
  17. You can import, export, and use as many flp's as you like to create your song, so long as you only use the allowed samples/plugins. I certainly wouldn't want anyone to be limited by CPU or single-phase processing. If there are still people with no team by tomorrow, 2pm ET, I'll assign them a team. I have a plan for the other loose ends as well.
  18. Yup, and only the basic plugins and samples. I'll have a complete list up at the start of round 1. Speaking of round 1, it's starting in just a couple days so let's get those remaining teams finalized. Any way you want.
  19. Seems like the general preference is to take a week off for Magfest so we'll do that. However, voting will still occur during that week. It only takes a minute to vote, so this shouldn't be a problem. Right. One remix, 1 week. The source selection for the first 3 rounds will be pretty broad to keep things simple and easy. When you've picked a name, make sure to let me know your team has definitely settled on a name and I'll adjust the roster accordingly. Pete, Ben, and ecto, are you settled on "Team Faux Vasectomy" or do you need some more time to decide?
  20. We can take a week off. We can also start a week later if that would be easier. I know this is a busy time of year for people, and I certainly think this warrants some flexibility.
  21. Sounds like quite a team. Have Ben and PH let me know for sure that they're in.
  22. You will be pleased to discover that the lyrics in that song have nothing to do with drugs, at all. I'm not sure how you made that connection, but I assure you, it has nothing to do with drugs and is in fact completely family friendly. When I first started working with Robbie, I explicitly told him I didn't want any lyrics that contained obscenities, drug references or anything that might offend. This was unnecessary, as Robbie turned out to hold the same position as I did on such content.
  23. I've been wracking my brain on how to best choose source material and I think the best approach is to keep the theme simple. The compo will be about FL Studio and teamwork, rather than any particular game or mashup concept. I think those should be saved for other compos. Each week will have different sources, and most if not all will have multiple sources to choose from to give the remixers flexibility and choice. And if you don't like one week's choices, a team mate can go instead. PRC's model is great for weekly compos, but I don't think it'd work well for a Gauntlet, since winning teams could exploit it to give their side a head start on the following week's source. Oh, and signups start now! http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42262
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