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  1. I'm not new, but I've been away for a LONG time, figured I'd come say Hi, I'm back! Love the new design (I said I was gone a long time.) and am looking forward to becoming more active again.
  2. Punk Rock kids? Real Punk is dead and the meaning of it's ranted message lost in time with the real punks who grew up and got jobs. These so called Punk Rock kids today are nothing more than emo conforming assholes. Man, I miss real punk.
  3. Holy wow. I dunno, pretty much all I do is use n00bs, nublet, pwn, pwnage, and FOR GREAT JUSTICE! Yeah, I'm not as bad as some, but I still get funny looks in the mall.
  4. Dear Newbies, We love you. We really do. Pay attention not to the trolls, and forgive them their inability to comingle with society on a meaningful level. Welcome all, and remember you get what you put in. And we love you. Seriously. Anyway, welcome all new people to OCR, have fun and enjoy!
  5. I preordered Spore in June '06, a full month before my wedding. And still I have the recipt, I keep it in my windows XP booklet thingy, where I figure no one would ever look.
  6. Umm...HOTU (www.the-underdogs.info) has TONS of abandonware/freeware archived on their site. I guess so far my favorite is a more recent title. Sanitarium. It's there, so are tons of other gems, you guys should check it if you didn't already know about it.
  7. I am mostly a PVE kind of player, I only did alliance battles for a quest in Factions. But yeah, I'm not so big on the whole PvP thing. That's Ku Shang. 20 A/R. (I have more this is just the one I goof off on the most.) And I have all 3 games.
  8. Vid cards are oh so easy to get, and really good ones at that. I just got a Radeon X1600 Pro 512Meg vidcard, and man...it rocks the socks. OK, I'm ready for the Nvidia crowd to show me ATI hate now.
  9. OH, sorry about that Ku Shang is my 20 A/R. I also have Victo De Dracula who is my 20 N/R MM (I did it for the Black Moa) I have like 4 others, but they're not super important, I got like an ele, a dervish, another necro (pre-sear) and a rit (storage)
  10. I play. Probably just find me under the name Ku Shang. Meh, I have all 3, does that mean anything?
  11. Ja, name changes in VG characters FTL.
  12. I would play with you guys, I really would, but I have this issue with paying cold hard cash and then having to pay alot more cold hard cash just to play it. Which is why I played guild wars so much...until I decided to figure some things out and make a private WoW server. Going nicely so far.
  13. Meh, Peach is my worst enemy, I think. WTF happened to Princess Toadstool?
  14. I would totally play with you guys, but to quote one of those OMG movies "I walk a different path." You guys have fun with that one.
  15. Is it just me or does it take a helluva long time to get any sort of profession skills raised to a somewhat respectable level? I been busting my butt and got my engineering all the way to a whopping 51.
  16. Wespip, I understand what you're saying, I do. However, the point of that particular sig is to poke fun at the younger generation, whose first console was PSX or something similar. I don't like explaining my personal jokes, but you're deserving.
  17. Wow, I posted in the rate that sig section last night about being back..I had embarassingly enough forgotten about the sig shoppe. Well, don't worry folks, I don't suck as bad as I used to, so I'll have some up soon...I guess you can have this one, tho...I just did it to goof off...
  18. I personally use a combination of programs, I think it gives you the best result...I also like to use my animation studio sometimes, just for fun.
  19. Well, I'm sure alot of other people could do it, but I'm willing to put up a little website on like geocities or something to hold a complete list, with pics and all the accumulated stories. Thus is about the extent of my skills...with my primary computer dead, I can't do too much else. But no worries, my system will be ressurected in a few days...and then I can really go to town on it.
  20. Thanks a bunch, Shnabubula, very much appreciated.
  21. Shnabubula, can you put those all in a zip file and stick it somewhere so I can dl them all at once? If not, no biggie I'll grab 'em one by one, but I'd appriciate it if you would.
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