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  1. I just wanna make it to the finish line properly this time haha.
  2. Yeah I figure it has to do with the conversions and stuff. I'm thinking of using davinci in the future to see if it helps me get better results. That's a nice setup btw! Can't wait to get my old setup back. Couldn't bring it with me to Japan.
  3. One thing to keep in mind is conversions, mastering, and such. Even though YT technically supports a higher nitrate, I seldom get good sound quality from it personally. Even at 128 sound cloud still gives me decent enough depth in audio that I want to share with others. I dunno why, it could just be how I make videos and uploads but it always manages to sound like somehow the soul of my music got sent to the shadow realm on YT.
  4. I haven't listened yet but fit wise, I think so. I don't see why it wouldn't and there are plenty of more classically oriented arrangements that have made it. As long as it fits within the rules and standards, why not?
  5. I got really busy and tired so I couldn't finish 100% but here is my submission. I also got locked out of registration and then realized where the answers were posted haha...Oh well. The link should be okay for download. https://drive.google.com/file/d/166qewkUBGGLapLYh_8dnHzStdGnmcvOL/view?usp=sharing
  6. Thank you! The woodwinds actually showed me a lot in sound profile. I am really enjoying working more with them after I got spitfire woods.
  7. I'll be entering this one! Never played the game but I like the feel of this song
  8. I don't...know what I was expecting but it wasn't that hahaha. This was cool though, thanks for sharing. What were the instruments/synths used?
  9. Thank you for sharing the track! I think it was a really good effort and I like the production values. To be honest, I'm not a fan of this kind of music in general (even though I take a lot of inspiration from it personally!) but I think I always appreciate the effort that goes into it. Here, I really like that you keep it more melodic and less just...wave of sound and add X cool effect here for "epicness." Great job! Some personal critiques that just come to mind. Highly subjective things mind you. I personally would have liked to see some variation in the string run motif that go
  10. Yep! I would be interested as well. Always looking for new goodies to mess with. Edit: I only use Kontakt w/ Pro Tools so if there were a way to get it to work in those that'd be great ;-;
  11. Hmm, keep in mind I am unfamiliar with the source material but I'll try my best. Things that are worth thinking about. 1. The one big agreement I had with the above is that this just seems like a hell of a journey. Like at no point was I able to sort of...pin down a melody or a sort of feeling. Maybe put another way I felt like it was a rollercoaster of a journey and I had no time to stop and appreciate some of the more beautiful aspects of the track. There were some really beautiful chords and moments but I think I needed more time to process them. 2. Speaking of those pretty c
  12. Ahh, that makes sense now. The orchestra samples sounded familiar yet...not like something I've used before. I have BBCSO discover. Despite also having my fair share of other orchestral libraries (Ark, Nucleus, Albion, and Spitfire strings) I still find myself reaching for it a lot! Great product. Look forward to hearing more.
  13. You've gotten a ton of advice on orchestration and I think I'll let that be for now until you drop a newer version. I just want to say that all the suggestions were great there and I second them. I think to add to what has already been said, I would have appreciated maybe a little more subtlety in certain parts. I think one that really stands out to me in right before Lavos' iconic scream. I think maybe a dimenuendo would have been great right before. i guess it depends on your image though! Speaking of Lavos, while that scream is iconic, maybe you could try your hand at making your own sound
  14. I can't wait to return home today and see what is going on here! From what I can hear on my headphones it sounds good! But I would like to give more useful feedback haha.
  15. Hello again! I'm doing a transcription challenge for this month's February Album Writing Month and my second song was this guy here I had a lot of fun experimenting with the percussion since I'm...really bad at it to say the least haha. The vocalist within me also couldn't help himself and added some tidbits there too. I won't take this any further since I can't really fathom how to make this song OCRemix worthy in terms of adding enough of my own flavor to make it original. Still, it was fun! I also lost a lot of quality on YouTube so if you want the HQ version here is a
  16. Hey guys, maybe some of you guys know of this page already, but I recently discovered Vienna Symphonic Library's Instrumentology section here https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Academy/Instrumentology I often compose using at least somewhat of an Orchestral profile (not necessarily well lol) and one of the things I can struggle with is the roles of the instruments in the orchestra. My background is choir mostly so this to me has been a great help. Particularly helpful though is the sound combinations section for each instrument. I'm mostly familiar enough with the instruments individually but
  17. Thank you for your perspectives as always! I actually never use a xylo or a glock in this piece but there is a Celesta. The rest are pianos layered with effects to create a sound very similar to the the instruments you listed though. I think it helped soften the sound but still give the ringing tone of those instruments. I'll try and give some personalization for Melody and other things too in the future. As seems to be my call, I like to uhh, stay in the lines when I make things initially. I need to learn to spread my wings some more!
  18. Thanks for the perspective! Things will open up a lot more as I go I think. I'll try and keep in mind the things you said as I develop the track!
  19. What an amazing analogy at the end. That is so helpful in thinking about how musicians as individuals like to approach their own works. Thank you for your kind and attentive words. Thank you for sharing your experiences! It really does have this dual feeling when you have someone comment on what they like about what you're doing or what feel it has. As a classically trained musician (singer) I feel as though I need to like, be able to compose in proper orchestral settings at least sometimes and be able to succeed at it. Especially if I cite John Williams as one of my key inspira
  20. Wrote this last night as just kind of an exercise but I think I want to take it to the next level. As written it's mostly just straight forward and in rhythm. Really quantized. I think though I can take some time, play some of the parts myself and really humanize it—take it slow and add feeling. There are some issues with frequencies being cluttered with the vocals but that is fixable. I'd appreciate any feedback on this take as I move forward making it feel more alive.
  21. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EZAkmJNGteO9CLOF74O6JhNShvK2QKf9/view?usp=drivesdk This is in the early early stages. Like maybe 5% or so done but I wanted to post it as proof of concept I guess on my direction before I really dig into it with all the other instruments and verses to come promise more updates in the future!
  22. Finally got my headphones back so I can more accurately hear what I thought I was hearing. The 1:11 isn't harsh actually. Its just a bit choppy/inconsistent in the velocities. It causes it to sound a jumpy in the dynamics. Just something where you would need to take some time to make it more natural sounding. As far as the static strings, I would need to know what VST you are using. Probably just some time getting more familiar with the mod wheel might do it. For the tempos and stuff, I use pro tools so I cant help with FL studio. However, one thing I've learned is something you alluded
  23. Lol you are too kind. I don't know much Metroid music so I wouldn't have been able to connect!
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