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  1. I've added every single person in this thread. As has been pointed out, 3DS names differ from our forum names. My 3DS name is nick, it is also my real name. Thanks for the PW info. I've played way more Free flight mode than mission mode now, probably 5 hours all said. I have like 2 more locations to find, I feel like it's going to be a bitch to find the last few of any item.
  2. In Pilot Wings Free Flight mode, are there different collectibles between the same type of flight? Like, there's the rocket belt and the super rocket belt, so between those 2 are there different rings/ tropies/locations? I have like 2 Mii trophies left in rocket mode.
  3. Robert Ashley's A Life Well Wasted. Weekend Confirmed w/ Garnet Lee, from Shack News The Geekbox Gamespy Debriefings The Totally Rad Show (daily video podcast) Rebel FM Gamescoop (IGN) Those are some of the podcasts I like, Geekbox isn't for everyone, it's often hard to listen to.
  4. I don't quite get the reference, but it sounds so familiar.
  5. Have you guys messed with QR codes much? They're sorta novel. There are sites out there with tons of QR codes for cool Mii's. It's kind of a clever replacement for the mii create shop channel or whatever it was called on the wii.
  6. I think it's safe to say I rarely finish games anymore. I don't ever 100% games and it's never bothered me if I don't. In Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood, I came pretty close to 100%. In 2 I didn't do some combat achievements, I think it was kill 10 enemies without dying. In Brotherhood I did all of the single player achievements but not all of the multi. I don't have a single 1000/1000 game on Xbox360. Recently on a different forum I was asked if my "backlog" bothers me. The answer is, I don't think I really keep a back log. I have games that I am currently playing and then I have unfinished games that I own, that I'm probably never going to play again, not because of quality, just because of fun factor or fatigue. I don't buy a lot of games, I have Gamefly, but I have noticed that since I got Gamefly I do finish a ton more games. /rant
  7. I've been playing Pilot Wings more, It's not as bad as I thought. There's little depth beyond collecting things in free mode and 3 starring the main levels, but it's a blast, and the controls are pretty spot on. I absolutely hate the rocket belt. I could do with a more proper Pilot Wings sequel, with birdman and sky diving. A better setting would help as well, I have to assume Pilot Wings being out at launch has a lot to do with reusing the Island from Wii Sports Resort. I'd like to see what Nintendo could do with some more time.
  8. How is everyone feeling about their 3DS purchase? Honestly, I'm very conflicted, at least it has potential. I don't really like the 3D at all, I like it best in SFIV, but it's hard to focus on in Pilot Wings and typically gives me a headache. All of the included "games" are cool, and are a welcome change for a system launch. So, streetpass, both systems have to be in sleep mode with their wifi switches on? Does it affect streetpass when connected to a wifi hotspot? My brother's 3DS sat on top of mine for about 20 minutes before streetpass tag kicked in. Though, he was connected to his wifi network and I wasn't. Also, I don't really see the point in the friends list. You cannot communicate with eachother, and you can't trade 3d photos, and as far as I know you cannot trade mii's without using QR codes. Speaking of QR codes, why the hell do you have to save it to the SD card and then put the card into another device for it to work?
  9. I've been playing Radiant Historia on the 3DS, and to me it looks fine. I never did play it on a regular DS though. This, Pokemon and Okamiden will likely be the last DS games I play. Has anyone noticed that there isn't a wrist strap attachment on the 3DS? The original DS came with that thumb pad wrist strap, and every subsequent system had a place for a wrist strap, why not the 3DS? it kinda bums me out.
  10. I never understood the need for a second analog stick on a portable. Granted I never played Monster Hunter, but I did play Peace Walker. The PSP is known for console style games, but the DS has never been about console experiences. Plus it has the touch screen, people complaining about a second analog stick just want a portable console, I guess. I play handhelds for a different experience than a home console.
  11. So I ended up buying one of these http://www.amazon.com/Cisco-Linksys-Refurbished-Wireless-G-Access-Point/dp/B002VB5JCA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1301341031&sr=8-2 The price was right, and hopefully it doesn't die. I just plugged it into my wired switch and its all been working like a charm. Thank you so much to everyone in this thread. Thread can be locked now..
  12. Actually, i was about to call Nintendo, but I called a different gamestop and they took care of it. Yay non defective 3DS. Since I have a new 3DS, here's my new new friend code: 3050-7587-3777. Please update it on the first page.
  13. I called a gamestop near my house and talked to the manager about my warped casing issue. They have numerous blue 3DS's but he says he won't exchange one for something that doesn't hinder game play. Fuck Gamestop, for real. I'm thinking about returning the case i bought, the very thing that is supposed to eliminate physical blemishes on the outer casing.
  14. My 3DS casing is messed up. On the outside top shell, near one of the cameras there is a bump in the plastic casing. you can feel it.. and you can see it in the same way that it doesn't reflect light the correct way. I tried to call gamestop back but couldn't get ahold of anyone. I'm sure every store is sold out, but I really want to exchange it though. I'm obsessing about it, and it sucks because I don't think you can export your mii and street pass system data.
  15. I was totally taken aback about the 3DS. I was not expecting to be anything less than impressed. It seems like a huge gamble to me now. The 3d works different for every single person, because not everyone's eyes are the same. I dunno, I'm not really excited for it at all now.
  16. This game is so hard. I got about 2 hours in, there's some battle with a knight who heals himself. screw that noise. I'll probably never play it again, but it was fun while it lasted.
  17. I went to Bestbuy today to check out their 3DS unit. They had Pilot Wings running. I played the jet pack and hang glider. The 3d didn't give me a headache until after i stopped playing it. Describing it to my brother, Pilot wings doesn't "jump out" at you like all the commercials demonstrate, rather it feels deep. I mean, there is depth, which is less gimmicky than I thought. Even with the slider all the way up I felt like the 3D was rather subtle. I'm pretty unimpressed with pilot wings, I'm way less excited for the system now, but I'll still pick it up, as I sold my Dsi.
  18. Since I no longer have a DS capable of playing DS games and the only SP i have is a limited edition, I've found myself looking around for my Gameboy Player disc for the gamecube. I can't find it anywhere. I'll probably never play a GBA game again, but I like to pretend I will.
  19. I still do need wifi where the cable modem is, yes. The access point plugged into the bridge sounds good. I'll be honest, I don't really understand all the IP stuff, but I could probably figure it out. so an access point like this could potentially replace my switch and add wireless, it seems. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/D-Link+-+Xtreme+N+Duo+Wireless-N+Bridge/Access+Point/9358045.p?id=1218090589240&skuId=9358045&st=acess%20point&cp=1&lp=1 You posts were very informative and extremely helpful. Thank you very much.
  20. The locations are on same level, just very far apart. more than 100 foot. There's an ethernet cable running to this dead wifi area from my router. I have wired internet here but I want to be able to have wireless because having 25 feet ethernet cables all over the floor is getting old.
  21. I don't think that will help, I've had one of those in the past. They only work if the area you are in is able to pick up the wireless signal and then boost it. The area I'm talking about doesn't even pick up the network. What I meant by bridge is more aptly described as a 4 port ethernet switch. http://4portethernetswitch.cheaptransceivers.com/linksys-etherfast-cabledsl-router-with-4-port-switch-befsr41-router-4-port-switch-ethernet-fast-ethernet-external/
  22. It took me a minute to think about this. So, potentially a girl could use the AR cards as "pasties" basically? I'm sure there are other less savory things that can be done, but that's what I thought of.
  23. So the way my network is setup now is that my cable modem is plugged into a wireless router (linksys) and one of the 4 outgoing ports is plugged into a wired bridge which has more 4 more ports. The wireless bridge is way outside of the range of the wireless, so I can't get a wireless signal on that side of the house. So is there a way to have 2 wireless spots on the same network? I've tried to look for wireless bridges, but nobody really understands what I'm trying to accomplish. Any input would be appreciated.
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