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  1. One time I was playing Tactics Ogre: knights of Lodis for the GBA and I got really mad and shook my cobalt GBA SP and the hinge was slightly loose after that. Never really had any hinge problems that weren't my fault. After I got my Dsi I tried to swap it for a different one because the hinge was somewhat loose, but all the units were that way. I think it was Nintendos way of solving that cracked hinge thing on the DSlite.
  2. I never noticed a DS phat shortage. I didn't preorder, and walked into Bestbuy about 5pm the day of release. My brother was reminding me that he had trouble finding a DS lite initially, but I bought mine at target a week before release. (since they broke the street date.) When I was at Gamestop recently, they told me that they expected wii-like shortages for the 3DS. That's what they always say though. Apparently Japan sold through the initial 400,000 shipment, but most stores were getting restocks the very next day.
  3. That's a good point, is there a seal or like a sticker that you have to remove to open a 360? I've never opened one before. I think gamestop is doing a deal where you get an extra $25 for trade ins on systems right now.
  4. my 360 rrod'ed a few months back. microsoft charges at least $100 to fix one. I think it's $120. Mine didn't completely die, it was on and off and I drove to Gamestop and traded it in almost immediately, it worked when they tested it. You could fix yours (because the fix seems to be temporary for some people) trade it in, and then buy a new slim. It would be about $60 bucks off the price that way. You have nothing to lose either way.
  5. So it looks like the DS functionality of the 3DS is still region free at least. Thank god. http://www.destructoid.com/3ds-and-ds-regions-ok-usa--195116.phtml
  6. I bought Hotel Dusk as well. I was only somewhat interested in it until it got a 10 in EGM. Hotel Dusk is awesome, I would import the sequel from Europe but last i checked it was like $70. All DS games are region free by the way. I own just as many japanese DS games as North American ones, I never noticed this until recently. It makes me super curious to know if I can still play my import games when I upgrade to the 3DS, or if I will just end up staring at their boxes. I was thinking about something recently, my brother is trying to sell his DSlite on craigslist. I would think in the future the DSlite will be "the" iteration of the DS to have. It's got the GBA slot, and there's no firmware to lockout piracy and whatnot. I'm pretty ignorant about piracy and homebrew on the DS, but I'm assuming it's locked out on the DSi, if you updated at least.
  7. So i sold my DSi on craigslist for $120, looks like I will be getting a 3DS after all. I know the 3DS is region locked, but does that mean that normal DS games that are from different regions will not play on the 3DS?
  8. I never played FFTA2 but I did unlock Luso in FFT on the PSP. From what you said he seems to have pretty much the same amount of character progression and attitude in FFT than he did in his own game.
  9. Soma

    Sony PS3

    I heard really mixed things about RoF, but A lot of people have recommended it to me. I've been thinking about picking it up, along with Tales of Vesperia. I completely missed both of these games. Does anybody know if Eternal Sonata has any extra content on the Ps3, enough that's worth playing again? I already beat it on the xbox360, but It's rather cheap on ps3 these days. Did you guys read about the potential anti piracy method that Sony is thinking about? It's probably just a rumor, but since the Ps3 is all hacked now, I heard Sony was thinking about implementing serial numbers on their games. That's just ridiculous. I guess Sony really does view the ps3 as more of a computer. >_<
  10. NERD FIGHT! That castlevania one was really bad. I have to assume there's a metal gear solid one out there somewhere. Lot's of VO in that game, yep.
  11. This seems like a dumb question at this point, but is Ken not in this game? I think i remember Akuma and Ryu being in. I tried googling and couldn't find a definitive roster, just fan's dream rosters.
  12. I'm not trying to buy a new handheld any time soon but this reveal makes me more likely to wait both systems out.
  13. I mostly agree with you. I wouldn't go so far as to say any person that purchases a 3DS "insane" but "impatient" might be a better word. It's going to be at least a year before a 3DS lite could be released to market, maybe 2 in america. It's not like they are going to drop the price any time soon if the wii is any indication. I'm not getting a 3DS at launch, but I would like to, even though the launch lineup doesn't interest me. It's quite reasonable to wait this one out, maybe black Friday this year will have some good deals. I don't fully understand people who are waiting because of the price. Are they going to buy a "fat" 3DS when the redesign comes out? the new "lite" 3DS will still be $250 when it comes out, I'm sure.
  14. They should put Wind Waker on the 3DS. I feel like I would play it more thoroughly if it were portable. I'm part of the problem, I hope they make 3DS sequels to games, but some ports of the games that were too beefy to be ported to the DS would be nice in the mean time.
  15. I traded in my ds lite for a dsi and got 60 bucks or so. I can live with that. I also recently traded in my dying 360 and the 50 dollars or whatever seemed worth it. I would have sold it on craigslist but I could never sell an actual person faulty electronics. Gamestop sucks but they have their place.
  16. Didn't the DSI LL come out in Japan before N. America got the DSi? Yes, Nintendo always does this but it seems like they released them as fast as possible this generation. I don't have a problem with them iterating so often. Gamestop usually does decent trade in specials for the new system if you absolutely must upgrade.
  17. I think the fact that the 3DS looks so similar to the current DS is putting me off. Not the graphics or anything, just the hardware. I understand it's a completely different machine, but looks to me all they did was throw in the circle pad. I know there's nothing wrong with the current DS setup, it just doesn't have that new hotness that makes me want to buy early.
  18. .... Um, I'm disappointed in the launch titles as well. They have been taking preorders since late December. I'm in too much financial turmoil to even consider the 3DS right now. I feel like I don't play my DSi enough to warrant a new DS. I bought every version of the DS except the LL or Xl and I want to wait this one out. I'll probably wait until there are new colors or at least until the PSP2 launches. I feel like I'm at the point in my life where I don't need to own every system anymore. I sold my Wii and never really missed it, I'm finding I don't really miss those big Nintendo franchises as much as I thought I would. Though if the price comes down or if there's a redesign I will be on board.
  19. I just want a sequel to FFT. A real sequel, none of this advance stuff. It doesn't even have to have the same world or characters, I think I would prefer that it didn't. I think I would rather have a remake of VIII than VII because the characters were already rendered somewhat realistically. I know we got updated renders of pretty much every FFVII character in all the side games and movies, but I think that world has been explored a little too much now.
  20. I want to say the reason I was lead here was a Sailor Moon remix, perhaps from the SNES rpg. I don't see it on the site anymore. I joined almost immediately after I discovered this place. I mostly lurk and barely listen to game music or music at all these days.
  21. Soma

    Ssx :(

    The only SSX I played extensively was the first one, and I think I rented 3. I remember replaying tracks in 1 just to listen to the music over and over. I don't see why it appears the game is going to be so bleak. Slapping the Gears of War 1 color palette into a snowboarding game that was known for being over the top and pretty unrealistic doesn't make much sense to me. Will reserve further judgment until there's a proper trailer.
  22. the ssx teaser was disapointing in that it didn't show anything. Wasn't the name for it the one that they copyrighted like 8 months ago? Uncharted 3 looks cool. I got really excited when Nathan Fillion started talking about Halo because I thought they might be announcing something new Halo related, but it was just some stupid violin music video tribute thing. Some lady called Ezio "easy-o" it made me sad. All those celebrities look so very awkward, females especially.
  23. It seems like everyone wanted a Golden Sun sequel, me included, I didn't even know this was coming out this year. I will probably Gamefly it, eventually. I'm not sure I care anymore. A console Golden Sun game would be cool, though.
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