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  1. this game is addictive. I loved AC2 and this is basically more of the same, it's improved a lot, combat wise and they added the brotherhood summon assassin thing. Even though it is improved a lot, the only thing I wish they had bothered to change was the NPC dialog. Like when they see you doing crazy parkour, they repeat stuff from AC2. It's a tiny complaint for sure. I'm in sequence 7 in single player and I'm level 11 in multi (Xbox360 version). This is probably my game of the year and I wasn't even planning on buying it, but I'm glad it turned out so awesome. Multiplayer is full of awesome "holy shit" moments. This one time I was trying to blend in so I went to sit on a bench and just hangout and wait for my target to walk by, there was one other person on the bench. I sit there for about a minute and then the NPC next to me gets up to walk off and stabs me in the face, it wasn't an NPC after all. Brilliant!
  2. Bof3 was pretty awesome back in the day. I beat it on psone, and imported the european psp port (it never came to the states) and I don't think it held up as well. I wonder if Capcom will ever get around to making a new Breath of Fire?
  3. I got 3D Dot Game Heroes in the mail today, haven't had a chance to play it. It's a heavy exam week, but in about a month I'll be having winter break and I'll report back with how it is, and probably what kind of pixel heroes I've made so far.
  4. Soma

    Nintendo DS

    that really does suck that we are not getting the Hotel Dusk sequel. It's one of my favorite DS games. If i remember it was pretty well received, I think someone in EGM gave it a 10. You could always just import the European one. Playasia has it for $50 and NCSX has it for like $68, which is ridiculous. I'll probably end up importing. I remember reading awhile back that at the end of the DS's life span (when 3DS comes out) that they are going to release a bunch of games that never made it over here, in like a last ditch effort to spur interest in regular DS games. Anyone heard any truth to that? I know a couple years ago there was an import initiative at bestbuy (I think?). I remember seeing Jump All Stars, or Jump Ultimate Stars for sale in the states.
  5. I'd like to echo whoever said Lost Odyssey was an awesome game. I thoroughly enjoyed that, as well as Eternal Sonata, I hear the ps3 version is better, though. Speaking of, I'm going to assume that the ps3 version of Tales of Vesperia is never coming out here? Was there at least a European version? I was waiting for the (what i thought was the inevitable) ps3 port.
  6. oh, i sent the payment and address, I am a huge fan of your beard. it's an excellent beard. I bet the ladies love your beard as well. also bump. PM's sent and all.
  7. Random, out of all the sealed playstation games you could have mentioned. I think i have a sealed copy of BoF3 as well, but it's at my parents house. I wonder if it's actually worth anything? there are a couple on ebay going for ridiculous "buy it now" prices.
  8. you have a wonderful beard sir! 3d dot game heroes, i've been meaning to get that forever, I'll PM you.
  9. Soma

    Halo Reach

    I really want to play Co-op Campaign legendary sometime. GT is tragick. Yea, I agree the AR really is useless. I'm glad the magnum is back and is a pretty good balance of the Halo CE and halo 2 pistol. I love the DMR, headshots are fun for all! I just spent about 4 hours getting that "came to hear me beg" achievement, I killed that zealot elite so many damn times on the last level that I leveled up the commendation for killing special enemy classes.
  10. People still log into home? lol. Anyway, my gamerscores are both pretty low, I go after easy achievements usually.I almost always play on normal difficulties and never really go back unless it's a Halo game. I've never platinumed or unlocked all 1000 points in any game, closest I've ever gotten was Assassins Creed 2. Their charm doesn't really affect me, I'd like my score to be higher but at the same time I don't care enough to grind through things I don't find pleasant.
  11. It's somewhat expensive month to month. I've only really ever kept one game. I think i got Red Faction Guerrilla for something like $1.76. I'm at the highest level of rewards or whatever now. I think about canceling it sometimes because of a drought of games or just because I don't have time to play when I have classes but I don't because I dig the sweet discounts. It's pretty awesome to get such massive discounts on new games, they are usually around the same price as when Amazon does their "gold box deal of the day" stuff.
  12. I don't download as many songs as I used to. But this is a fantastic community filled with some of the nicest, talented, and helpful people. I mostly just lurk these days though.
  13. tragick for both psn and xbl.
  14. I started switching things up and using rav/rav/rav combo to stagger enemies and it started going faster. I'm passed the first boss in chapter 10 now. I'm really close to getting out of the linear part of the game as I understand it and that makes me happy.
  15. I just got to chapter 10 and I'm having a lot of problems with just the normal enemies now.
  16. I'm not seeing the rabbit. A friend of mine has the Fox logo as a tattoo. He's a big metal gear nut.
  17. Soma

    Sony PS3

    You don't have to play the first Uncharted to jump right into 2. I would play through it first though. Like someone said it will be impossible to play through 1 after 2. I made the mistake of playing Dragon Quest IV after V on the DS. It's the same situation, there's a lot of annoying stuff in the first game that really only sticks out after playing the much refined sequel.
  18. I really want to try that family feud collection pack. Has anyone played it? My girlfriend and I just love family feud. Also, Torchlight is 5 bucks again and stalker shadow of chernoybl is 2 bucks. hells yea!
  19. got trine today for 4.99 and i bought audiosurf the other day for 2.49. Those are the only two Steam games i have.
  20. This cd rocks, I've had it for awhile. It took me awhile to get passed "pass the time" into the rest of the cd because it's so damn catchy. A life well wasted is probably the most well produced gaming podcast out there. If you happen to like ALWW you should checkout the limited edition posters they sell for every episode. I'm hesitant to do so because they sell out hella fast.
  21. This game looks too good. Am I rite?
  22. Tragick is the psn id. I just started playing it yesterday. Haven't done multiplayer besides the beta.
  23. I want to get this so badly. I'll probably get it on xbox360 though.
  24. Soma

    Sony PS3

    Wal-mart in my area is selling Valkyria Chronicles for 20 bucks now apparently. when I was there they had like 7 new copies. shock and awe!
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