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    Girls, open world games, any kind of music, having a laugh, 3D & 2D animation, game design, Donkey Kong Country, horror movies.

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    Hey! my name is Aaron. I'm a 24 year old guy from the UK who has a childhood passion for Gaming, Music & Horror.
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  1. Pokey Pipes originally by Eveline Fischer! with an industrial twist, let me know what you think.
  2. Musician getting into horror and terror. Would appreciate any feedback but most of all enjoy or not
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZewfvZwDJwA A missed opportunity when they didn't remix this one for smash. Another great tune by Eveline Fischer though! Hope you enjoy this reimagining of it.
  4. A chilled out mellow tune by David Wise. Took me a while longer to do this one, wasn't happy with how it was turning out, so I wanted to give it a bit of extra TLC.
  5. Sweet! Is that just the clean stems without any effects on them? that might be why they are hefty, otherwise I have projects that are like 1GB so nothing out of the ordinary there. Shouldn't take that long honestly!
  6. As a dutchie really was feeling the hardstyle vibe synth. In my heart I was sad when there was no hardstyle drop, but it's still a great remix nonetheless!
  7. This is really great, that delay on the ostinato is really coming through and adds this layer of emotion to the track during sticker brush. I can also hear the acoustic guitar isn't competing with the snare and high hat in the higher frequencies anymore and coming in nice and clear (in the previous mix the attack of the plectrum was clashing with both of them). As for using a compressor on the acoustic, I tend to stay away from compressing my guitars, but a little bit is fine and it doesn't sound too overdone here. You're also fine with stereo. It's mostly old albums back in the 50s that used to be in mono. but most people these days have 2 speakers, Headphones and even on phone speakers it shouldn't matter that much. If you don't mind, I would love to have a go at doing a version of this mix myself with clean stems and obviously you would get a different result but I could give you some insight to what i've done. You can send stems in a folder with DropBox, WeTransfer or MEGA. (WeTransfer is easy because you can just send a download link). But don't get discouraged, you are very close to a finished product!
  8. Dude! This sounds so good and it really excites me. I can really take in the space of the whole track, the bass doesn't dominate the whole track and the drums are coming through nice and crisp. Really love where this is going. As for the acoustic guitars, I assume you used a plugin on one acoustic track that made it stereo. You can get away with just making it stereo, but what I usually do with guitars (and makes them sounds fucking HUGE) is: I record myself playing guitar twice (The same part) Make sure the tracks are both mono Pan one left and one right Really gives you width and depth. Sidenote. If you can't play guitar, got someone else to record it and you can't get them to do another take for you. Then i'd suggest copying the track, doing all of the above and put them slightly out of sync. It's very cheap and dirty but it's the best way if you can't get the job done otherwise. Now when listening I also noticed that the keys sound a bit 'dry' when that bramble blast intro comes in. It's up to you, but you can experiment with reverb and delay and see what works best. Finally, this is a great one I learned recently and might be a big game changer for you. Every instrument that isn't drums or vocals doesn't need frequencies above 9KHz. when I applied this to my mixes I was amazed at how clear my synths and guitars were coming through because they weren't clashing with high-hats and cymbals. If you want more advice i'm happy to give it, but I don't want to go overboard with info right off the bat. But yeah, really excited to hear the next update!
  9. Best technique I learned as a sound engineer is play my music through headphones, speakers and your laptop speakers/phone speakers to get the best reference for your sound. What always helps my kick drum and bass not clash is this (EQ tips). Cutting everything below 43Hz on the kick Sweeping the low end with a bell curve around 80-150 Hz on the bass, cutting around here will make the kick sound more upfront (you want the kick to be the loudest instrument). Doing a bell curve sweep around 170-250Hz on your bass to get rid of the mud, recommend -2.5 to -4 dB Doing a bell curve sweep around 50-80Hz on your kick because this is where the bass lives, recommend -3.5 dB Finally, About the visual cue thing, never mix with your eyes but with your ears! I close my eyes sometimes to really take in the sounds and imagine the space in my head. Hope this advice helps and Happy mixing!
  10. Really like this composition has lot's of energy towards the end, Instrumentation is also very cohesive and the track does not overstay it's welcome and progresses nicely. HOWEVER. Listening to the mix, the bass is very much over powering and is drowning everything out. I reckon knocking the volume down and making room for the kick drum with some EQ adjustments in the low end would help this track breathe a bit. Also noticed the snare isn't really popping out at me I think it needs to be turned up slightly and a little play around with the release and attack of the compression to really make it "pop". Other than that, it's really solid. Would love to hear an updated version with those adjustments.
  11. The snow theme for DKC 3 If Eveline Fischer had a modern DAW but with an 80s twist this time.
  12. A fun forest tune by Eveline Fischer brought to life with modern instrumentation and software!
  13. https://youtu.be/gMty2oMZ5pg One of my recent favorite tunes from DKC 2 composed by David Wise. I had a lot of fun making this absolute chill banger and I hope it shows.
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