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  1. at least your snoring made it so I could watch you kick the shit out of some crazy-ass dreamcast game
  2. glad you enjoyed my RAGING PEDOBEAR remix ;D thanks!

  3. admission of defeat?! HA! maybe in Dr. Wily's dreams
  4. hard men sneak attack successful; total pwnage acquired thanks for all the votes everyone!
  5. got everything packed and heading out very soon! see you guys in 10 hours... :0 edit: LUKE YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DUMB RUN TO MAGFEST IT IS NOT SAFE
  6. I cannot sleep for the life of me
  7. I hate this game so much I can tell because I keep suddenly forgetting that I'm playing it on a 250 fucking dollar piece of fucking hardware fuck WHY CAN'T I THROW IT AGGH
  8. THIS GAME PISSES ME OFF SO much omg blood pressure edit: GODDAMN IT edit: I'm never playing mario kart 7 online ever ever again.
  9. most people aren't very familiar with the "Gourmet Race" in Kirby Super Star, the game in which the source originated, but when they used it in Super Smash Bros. for Kirby's default level theme, it essentially became cemented as "THEME OF KIRBY" also we like being dicks to the database
  10. I bought a bunch of that Emergen-C stuff, so you can find me if you need an immune boost! I'm assuming I'll be easy to locate ;D
  11. petition to add the contact spreadsheet to the first post? damn, I didn't even check if that was already done. but it definitely should be. ALL OF THE PEOPLE should put their info on it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvqoUELLOaMUdDUzbGdta0NYU3ctUzRuTnJOTjBFSFE#gid=0
  12. yeah I don't really consider my entry to be "laid-back" either ;P
  13. my new year's resolutions? 1. go to MAGFEST 2. release more original music (SOON) 3. continue being a badass
  14. oh my god. oh my god oh my god oh my god. I'm so ecstatic to be getting this right now OH MY FUCKING GOD OH MY
  15. awesome sauce. info added! also, I will be at MAG without access to twitter from my phone. unless I set it up to text me certain folks' tweets... but eh I don't know if I care?
  16. I like this idea... I'll start one later tonight if nobody else does
  17. ectogemia and I should be arriving wednesday evening... we need to get some phone number exchange going around so we can all stay in touch and meet up more painlessly what do you guys think
  18. I got 250 bucks burning a hole in my pocket for this shit I don't even have anything to post about except OMFG MAGFEST
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