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  1. may 12th! also, (Ben Briggs vs. halc) x Sonic Music = implosion of entire planet
  2. this competition will be my birthday present
  3. how do I officially sign up this is me officially signing up for this thing right now
  4. holy shit yes yes yes yes yes yes you're the best
  5. oh hell to the fuck yes also, thanks for the rep, mr. raptor ;P
  6. my big step forward this year is purchasing a laptop and learning how to DJ performing live is simply the only option if I want any kind of "career" out of my music :]
  7. good luck to everyone, though! it looks like it's gonna be a blast
  8. oh you've gotta be fucking kidding me I started filling out my choices last night when there were 2 spots left and accidentally got distracted and fell asleep ya snooze ya lose, literally god damn it though I was really excited about joining. I'm pissed
  9. I had a dream that I read the results of this compo then when I woke up I cried and cried
  10. I can't believe I'm seeing this. I gotta try harder or something
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