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  1. I think a few coin tosses make a great way to kick things off with a competitive spirit this shit is going to be so fun
  2. I'd personally rather keep the conflict and see what happens with the coin toss I really love my second choice as well so I figured it was a good way to do it
  3. 1. Aquarium Park (sonic colors) 3. Flying battery zone (sonic and knuckles) 2. Mystic Cave Zone (sonic 2) 4. Marble Zone (sonic 1) 5. Angel Island Zone (sonic 3) jesus christ every song from every sonic game is amazing all except sonic 4
  4. herpy derpdy coop and jmr you guys good birthday
  5. I like AAA Gaming as a buzzword gotta ring to it
  6. this is kickass very nice; I endorse this
  7. this is one of the most noteworthy songs on this site nails the style, to a capital T. and I disagree with anyone complaining about the vocals. they are perfect exactly the way they are this song is amazing.
  8. this guy is so good our very own GaMeBoX is also equally ridiculous on a keyboard http://www.youtube.com/user/djdolber/videos
  9. yeah, I'd be down with that for sure this soundtrack is so amazing it deserves a full-on arrange album
  10. DIDDY KONG CHRISTMAS EDITION??? btw guys, thank you so much for the overwhelming response. since releasing (~60 hrs ago), the bandcamp page has received 226 facebook Likes, over 200 downloads, 1,700 page hits and 3,004 streams ridiculous. I am so very grateful
  11. holy shit! featured on destructoid!! http://www.destructoid.com/it-s-the-little-worm-have-a-diddy-kong-racing-remix-ep-225209.phtml
  12. oh hell yes. didn't even know this was coming, but somehow it feels like I've been looking forward to it
  13. yyyeah.... sorry bout that. I set a 1-month deadline for myself this time to ensure I would end up with something focused and high-quality thanks for the support, everyone! I know I'm kind of riding on familiarity here, but I still consider 164 likes in 24 hours to be a success thanks again
  14. hello, everyone! today is a release day for me... I'm sure many of you know already, due to social media outlets and the fact that I released it at midnight, but I'm still makin a thread about it. some of you know of Dj CUTMAN... well, he's in charge of a brand new Game Music/Chiptune netlabel (OPEN SUBMISSIONS!! SEND YOUR STUFF!!) called GameChops, and I've snagged the debut release ARTWORK BY THE INCREDIBLE HALC!! "Benjamin Briggs's first-ever sampled game audio album includes five pumping arrangements of Dave Wise's unforgettable tunage from one of the best racing games of all time. Diddy Kong Racing: Bootleg Circuit features over 17 minutes of pulse-pounding, nostalgia-fueled house beats, expertly mastered by the one and only CUTMAN. Please enjoy this free videogame remix album. And don't try anything funny." http://benjaminbriggs.bandcamp.com/album/diddy-kong-racing-bootleg-circuit SO BASICALLY, OCREMIX, WHAT I DID WAS PUT BEATS IN YO VIDEOGAMES SO YOU CAN BEATS WHILE YOU VIDEOGAME ahem. heavily sampled. definitely not ocr-submission quality ;D Thanks for your time, and if you enjoy the beats, please LIKE/SHARE/RETWEET etc
  15. oh hell yes this sounds fuckin incredible dude MAJOR PROPS.
  16. totally agree it was so fuckin fun you guys ah mah gawwwwd it was so fun
  17. aw, so close too!! glad to finally see dem results; congratulations to block rockmen beats for holding it down
  18. ecto you're a dirty bastard and you should feel bad
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