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  1. lol yellow yoshi is hiiiigh

  2. I'm going to disagree here, with gusto it's almost entirely a question of arrangement, and every remixer has already held to a specific standard of doing so
  3. ooh, yeah I agree with Cave Story and Sonic Colors
  4. what's funny about this for me is that I brought my acoustic guitar to MAGFest but my ADHD prevented me from finding a place to use it so I just took it back home with me lol
  5. oh, if we're supposed to be voting then at least count another one for Scott Pilgrim
  6. super mario galaxy 1 and 2 both have incredible OSTs
  7. incorporating a stupid number of sources into one song is certainly not alien to me, so I'll go ahead and take charge for the hard men this round good luck everyone, I'm super-excited
  8. this is going to be fucking ridiculous in the best way
  9. getting posted on ocremix validates my otherwise puny existence and its dumb hobbies
  10. seriously. all my old ocremixes are like, mind-blowingly detailed compared to my post-hiatus wankery
  11. narcissism is more useful for artists, right? ;P
  12. quiet you I'm still in denial in all seriousness though, I think it does help to instill a thread of continuity in my musical portfolio... knowing what "my sound" is keeps me from losing focus on what I love to make so far I've been lucky enough to actually turn a few stylistic corners without yet losing touch with my "roots", but I'll probably completely sell out one day
  13. I listen to my music way too much. like, waaaaaay too much. but that's ok! because I can decide where I want to go next more easily if I know my musical history like the back of my hand as for my older stuff, from when I was first posted on ocr, I barely listen to it at all... probably because it pisses me off to hear a more creative and effective version of myself ;D
  14. maybe it's just because I'm 21+, but I was walking around with open beers and cups full of rum every single night nobody ever said a thing to me about it :3
  15. the nigga nigga nigga song is absolutely hilarious though
  16. I think everyone in this thread has either been responding to the title of thread or responding without actually listening to the songs in question all three of which are absolutely horrible examples of the point being brought up I hear little to no 8-bit influence. what you appear to be pissed about is simple analog synth sounds. but even then, most of the sounds are just layered saws or other standard trance/electronic sounds that have bled into pop and hiphop in the last 10 years... not 8bit the reason people think 8bit music is "uncool"-- and for the record, I share your outrage about knee-jerk dismissal of chiptunes-- is that 8bit sounds like this: http://soundcloud.com/heathmorris/heath-morris-secret-menu-memories-gameboy-camera-remix and it reminds people of old video games. games they don't play anymore and have probably somewhat blocked the memory of due to polarizing it against something "cooler" like sports or being a really broken person bottom line is I agree with you. it sucks that TOTALLY CLICHE synth textures and HYPER-SIMPLE melodies with TOTALLY CLICHE drum samples and COMPLETELY BARE soundscapes top the charts, while dedicated songwriters/producers have to slowly build an audience. thanks to the internet, I prefer the latter anyway, I'm just gonna leave completely off-topic item here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szlk9eMWkpU
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