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  1. Si j'étais tombé sur un faisan, je ne serai pas en train de me la péter comme ça.

  2. what is going on in your sig brandon? what is that thing hunting the dog?

    1. Brandon Strader

      Brandon Strader

      Plastic bag in the wind, lol

  3. that's an old project, everything is now stored properly. but thanks anyway.

  4. added, i'll keep my gate open right now

    64 base price today.

  5. current turnip price: 103

    FC: 4468-0951-2468

    if the price is enough for ya (small profit)

  6. nothing wrong it's me. i thought i answered. look like i didn't. my apologies. s

    anyway if those are bracket-like competiton with FF theme, nothing wrong in there. Go and proceed. Just try to avoid too much overlapping compo time.

  7. it's doulifee from Figaro like figaro in FF6 or the opera. not fargo like the postal service of old :P for animal crossing.

  8. far away in a distant land :P na i'm still around. just catching up with books and TV show, so less 'ternet' for me.

  9. happy birthday you old prot!

  10. sound like a fun idea. there are many way to meld all that. only drawback is how many people are interested and can record this stuff

  11. just passing by to say happy new year :) and stop shooting yourself at people's knee (incredibly_lame_pun)

  12. i made irish sig in fact, and i put all the FF in existance (at the date of creation) in there. that's why 11 and 14 are there, but out of Irish challenge.

  13. submit more street of rage mix my good sir please.

    -an anonymous fan. :3

  14. at last, friend code :P you lazy bum

  15. hello David, just pointing that i added your 3DS friend code ;)

  16. don't forget to sent me your source ;)

  17. your sig is ready feel free to contact me via irc ;)

  18. Salut le parisien. un petit coucou français de Bretagne qui sent bon le croissant et le pain chaud.


  19. hey nase, you should send me your OCR tune for july :)

  20. The ocr southpaw squad is an old bunch of left handed people. it's from the time of unmod. technically any left handed people can join.

  21. badge will be delivered tomorrow. Tonight an angry crowd of ocremixers (with pitchfork, fire and glow stick) is going to burn remixinator (you are welcome to join) :P

  22. Senor Gario, i'd like to have your mix before the 1st April ;) jut a reminder.