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  1. I'm back to shamelessly promote my crappy Youtube show! Actually, I try to make it as un-crappy as I can. It's been a while since I have been on these forums. What happened to the UnModerated section? Ah well, probably good that it is gone. And hello to everyone who actually remembers me. Anyway, my Youtube show is called Game Sack. A friend and I talk about old-school vidya games. Sound boring? IT IS! Oh, wait, we do have some fun with it and people do seem to like it. Some good things about the show is that our intro is short and we don't beg for likes, subscriptions, comments, favorites, etc. We figure you'll do that anyway if you like the show. Here is the link to the channel: Game Sack And here are a few random episodes of Game Sack that, for whatever demented reason, might appeal to the OCR community (though the place has changed so maybe I am guessing wrong): And our most recent episode: We've got 28 episodes so far and usually release one a week. We haven't covered game music directly yet but that is something we really want to do. Also, I have needed to do some music myself for a few episodes. We'd love to hear feedback and if you have an idea for something we should cover, let us know and maybe we'll do it. Sorry to bust back in here and spam like this. But I have had OC Remix bookmarked since 1978 and never removed it. It is still 5th and 6th on my bookmarks list (main site and forums). Bookmarked 'em originally using Netscape 3 or 4 or something like that. Damn, I'm old.
  2. Ah, OK cool. Perhaps the link to the lyrics at the end of the writeup should be removed since it doesn't do anything. I also find it interesting how my remix keeps changing games. I submitted it under Final Fantasy, then it changed to Final Fantasy 7, and then to Final Fantasy 5. I think a script should be written where the Final Fantasy game to which the remix is assigned is generated randomly and is different each time!
  3. LOL @ Truth96130. However he/she is not the first to misinterpret the lyrics of this song. To clarify, that is definitely NOT what the vocals are saying. There used to be a link to the lyrics somewhere, but I'm not sure if I included the background vocals in the lyric sheet or not. But it is whispering "Final Fantasy yeah Final Fantasy" etc. I like your lyrics better, though. Maybe I'll change it! TRIVIA: I had to write the lyrics to say "FAN TUSSY" in order to get the pronunciation correct within the Vocalwriter program, so that may cause some confusion with people who have never heard of Final Fantasy before and failed to notice the title/filename. PS - If you were banned, you probably couldn't post.
  4. Looks good to me, but perhaps the following needs a bit of clarification: OverClocked ReMix reserves the right to deny continued usage of OverClocked ReMixes in any works. This might contradict with the ownership of the original submitter. I shall grace thee with an example. Let's say ReMixer A allows me to use his remix in a video I made, and the ReMix is currently here at OCR. ReMixer A says I can use his tunage whenever and wherever I may exhibit the video. But if OCR (for whatever reason... doesn't matter) decides to deny the right of continued usage of the tune in my video, who wins? I highly doubt anything like this would ever happen, but it is good to find holes in order to close them. In answer to this "problem", I would say the original submitting artist's wishes would win.
  5. Stormlord - which is the best game ever made in the history of everything ever - should feel lucky to have this remix. In fact, I bet more people have responded to this thread than have ever played Stormlord.
  6. I just have to post a review on this one. As I was downloading the song I saw that DJP said it had lyrics and singing, and I immediately thought to myself "Oh man this is gonna be teh suck!" (Yes I actually said "teh" to myself). I usually hate lyrics in remixes because the recording of the vocals is often quite poor. But not here. It's extremely well done. Everything here is well done. It's one of the more addictive mixes on the site, for sure. It's way better than the Ken Stage arrangement by Hiroaki Yoshida on the awesome Street Fighter Tribute Album (which also had SF tunes arranged by the likes of Takenobu Mitsuyoshi of Daytona USA fame, Yasunori Mitsuda, Yuzo Koshiro, and Ayako Saso among others). I have finally realized my Ken. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but at least I've realized it and my therapist tells me that's a step in the right direction!
  7. I do like the music, but I agree that sometimes the vocals get out of sync with the beat (or at least that's what it sure seems like). The vocal also sounds like it was recorded over the telephone (or at least a bad mic). It has potential, though. Don't let my comments stop ya. Get a better mic and a recording booth and you could probably sell this, if not for the legalities.
  8. I remember very little music in Star Control, which was an amazingly huge 12 meg cartridge for the Genesis (can you even believe it???? 12 megs!!! TWELVE!!!!) and later a 3DO game (a computer game before all of this). Only the 3DO version had much music, so that's where I'm assuming this is from. Anyway I enjoy this. Hard to find anything really to say about it other than the fact that I enjoy it. Good release for OCR. edit: Ooooo Star Control 2! No wonder.
  9. Great mix! Definitely a keeper. Straight from the arcade (though heard briefly as the bonus stage music in the SMS version). A bit repetitive, but I like it anyway. PS - Yuzo Koshiro did not compose the music to Shinobi, only Revenge of Shinobi.
  10. http://www.ocremix.org/detailmix.php?mixid=OCR00465 I wonder how much PHP manipulation it would take for the review threads to link back to the ReMixes they ReView? That would be kind of cool.
  11. Excellent! I realy enjoy the mood this creates, and the sound quality and level of composition is very good as well. I like all of CotMM's stuff. I like dark, foreboding and yes, ambient stuff. This one really isn't "dark" but it does have a kind of a slight sinister mood to it, as well as a slightly hopeful mood at the same time, as if something bad could happen or even something good, you just don't know... yet.
  12. I really enjoy this one. All of the instruments are done well enough as to not distract from the enjoyment of the song in any way. Great driving tune! All in all quite good, except the start of the song seems a little quick. It's like it starts with a fast fade-in or something. But this tune should definitely be downloaded if you like guitars, and ones that are recorded very well at that!
  13. Excellent! I downloaded, listened, and enjoyed. So why did I delete the MP3 file after only one listen? Because the high-quality longer version is even better! Thanks for offering that, SuperGreenX. I like good melody and this tune definitely has that. I don't remember much music from ICO, though. Oh well. That doesn't stop me from enjoying this.
  14. Sounded half good, half bad. I did not care for the distorted sounding synth. It just sounded.... bad. And it is featured prominently throughout. Everything else sounded good and well done. If only that one instrument could be changed....
  15. Excellent work. EQ'd a bit strong in some of the upper frequencies, but nothing that ruins it or anything. I also like the alternate version you provided, but I do like the OC version a bit better. Your alternate version downloaded FAST... like 700K+ per second fast. I had it in a few seconds. Not sure where that is hosted, but it dishes out good speed.
  16. This was always one of my favorites from SMRPG. Glad it was finally remixed. I not only got the SMPRPG "vibe" right when I started listening to it, but the Pulp Fiction vibe as well. I felt this mix was extremely well done, and I enjoy listening to it multiple times. Perhaps not for everybody, but who cares? Anyone who thought OCR1000 should have been something that blows EVERYONE out of the water no matter their musical tastes would be living in a dream world. Anyway, love the sound quality, love the music. Terrific!
  17. I haven't decided yet as to what I think about this. The tune remixed is my favorite tune from Xenogears. Sometimes the melody seems out of sync with the tempo for some reason. Maybe I am just too used to the original song, as this is quite a departure. I'll give it more listens, though.
  18. Am I the only one who hears bits of "Quartet" in there? It's definitely in there.
  19. Excellent. The bass line kind of reminds me of Virts' old Dr. Mario mix which was/is also excellent, but I like this better. The sound samples are great. Not sure what I can really add to this discussion. Excellent!
  20. I like this for the most part. Very good sound quality and construction. But the fret noise kills it. It is waaaaay too loud and becomes annoying. If there was a mix that was exactly the same EXCEPT with the fret noise lowered by at least 6db I would enjoy it much more and wouldn't have anything bad to say at all.
  21. Nice and catchy. I like it. And of course the game itself rules, and has lots of great music. The intro to this remix almost sounds like synthesized speech. I thought it was trying to say something for a second or two until I realized it was not speech. Yes, it's short, but I like it anyway. Oh well I'll just click on the MP3 file multiple times to play it again and again to "extend" it. Great job! I wonder whatever happened to the original composer, "Bo"? He's done some great stuff.
  22. First of all, Yuzo Koshiro is not the original composer of Shinobi III. The only Shinobi's Yuzo worked on was Revenge of Shinobi and the two Game Gear Shinobi's. That's it. He had nothing to do with the original (or any incarnation of it on a home system), nothing to do with Shadow Dancer (arcade or home versions, which were completely different), Shinobi III, the Saturn Shinobi (Ug) nor Shinobi for the PS2. Not sure why that bothers me so much. Glad to have that off my chest. Oh well life goes on: Anyway, on to the ReMix. Definitely nice sounds and a nice interpretation of the best tune from the game. I still enjoy listening to the Genesis original more, though. The only way I think that could be improved is with better sounding instruments but with the same construction of the tune. Hopefully someone will prove me wrong someday. But if you want a slightly slowed down multi-genre version of "the good tune" from Shinobi III, then this you want this!
  23. Pretty cool. The rather high-octave bass is almost overwhelming. I rarely listen with headphones so the panning didn't bother me as much but I could still tell that the left speaker was doing most of the work. Due to my line of work (technician for motion picture theaters) I kept thinking that the analog soundhead was off laterally and I wanted to adjust it until the audio was perfectly in the center and then do a complete A-chain. But this is not that type of system, obviously. I also learned that DJP is a Democrat while downloading this mix.
  24. Very well done. While this mix doesn't have the super high energy of the original game music, it is still upbeat and very enjoyable to listen to. There are a few interruptions now and again in the beat which I felt brought the mix down a tiny bit... it just happened too often. DJP is very impressive musically, though I think he prefers to impress technically more than musically. But like always this is a great mix and gives Socket some much-deserved recognotion. I recorded the sound test onto MiniDisc years ago when I rented it and still listen to it often. Great stuff! Edit: Here is a link to the original Genesis version of this tune (in MP3 form) for those of you who can't find it. Be warned... this was recorded from a real Genesis and not some emulator! So the sound quality is 100% genuinely authentic. http://joe.film-tech.net/oc/socket.mp3 Listen to DJP's tune first. Then this. Then listen to DJP's remix again. You'll raise your opinions like I did. Great mix DJP!
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