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Status Updates posted by Rexy

  1. NEW FORUM OMG... STATUS UPDATES OMG... it's just like at The Shizz & Sonic Stadium! okay, I'll stop rambing now...

  2. Thank you for your review for MY Sonic 1 Boss Theme arrangement. I'll be thinking of you as much as you thought of me when you wrote it. :whatevaa:

  3. Hi Gar!

    I appreciate the post to promote the Streets of Rage project, but I'm currently on hiatus over the Christmas holiday. It'll be on my catchup news when I return in January tho. :-)

  4. Try again Alex - I'm freed up :-)

  5. Awesome Blood Moon sig, Coop. Happy birthday, you animating wolf you

  6. Hello CraftlordSilver!

    The piano VST used in "Beneath the Ashes" was just the dark piano patch in Edirol Studio Quartet. The tone actually hadn't aged very well over the years and I had moved onto other patches since, but I hope this answers your very question.

    (Little trivia: I actually managed to relocate a copy of that cheap software, and used one of the guitar banks for the wah rhythm part in "Synthesize This!" - and I'm usually no fan of synth guitar! :P)

  7. Rexy

    "One thing though, if I'm not wrong you seem to have a limiter on which make more or less poor mixed tracks like mine to sound overcompressed."

    I'm two weeks late, but I'll see if I can tweak the mixing board a bit more. It's a difficult one to get just right, but practice makes perfect :D

  8. Rexy

    Typo? What typo? :P

  9. Rexy

    I see you attempted to sent me a PM. Try again, emptied my inbox x)

  10. I saw your PM. Let's say you COULD'VE had a finished track from me 2 months ago had it not been for a *cough*certainotherprojectdirector*coughcough*. But it is being worked on, direction and everything.

  11. Don't worry Alex, I've actually been sketching up the arrangement for your track over the past few days. A WIP during the next 2 weeks may be more than likely :)

  12. Thank you Corey :D I saw your FaceBook message regarding it as well, been rather busy to reply back xD

  13. Lol, I saw the change! I'm now imagining this deep pink marching snare drum with golden stars all over it xD

  14. I had no idea you actually announced any deadlines; even then I've been really tied up as of late with all this sudden compo activity >_> If there were any announced, which were they?

  15. I saw you tried to send me a message. Yep, need to clean that inbox out >_>

  16. Yes, that's all it is; an alternate hideaway in comparison to the forums. I tend to use it more out of the two, but your mileage may vary :razz:

  17. That's because Google Talk isn't installed on my dad's laptop. >_> But once I get it back, I'll be happy to see you around when I can. Thanks for answering my query!

  18. Yes, I'm on gmail, and have used it since my student days (damn firewalls...). My email's pretty much out in the open (in the comments tags for my past 4 OC Remix mixposts haha), though I had no idea you were on gmail too :P

  19. Do you have Skype, AIM or anything? It's sometimes impossible to want to make a discussion but having to wait with the forum system x.x

  20. Pete, "Derailed at Wily Temple" made its way past the judges - congratulations! That was a real grower for me back at the WCRG :D

  21. Chernabogue! You beat me to it :razz: Ahem... congratulations Liam - about time!

  22. You left the IRC before I could say 'thank you' :( but I shall take the concerns to heart; was a more unusual mix to work with for me but I'm sure I could learn a few things from it.

  23. Rexy

    halc, is there a delay in the shipping for the Sound of Speed physicals? Because it's been 4 months since Otakon and I haven't received mine yet xD

  24. Popping by to wish a fellow British arranger a happy birthday! And be sure to keep bringing in the quality mixes like you did with the FF8 ones :D

  25. Gotta say that I love the detail that you put into your animated signatures :P

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