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  1. [Common] bur Speaking of foreign wow languages, I think it's sad how people figured out how to actually make it so the opposite side can read an actual sentence from your language haha. [Common] U LO SE? Kinda. My friend had one that said NO KIL DOG I was once waiting for the boat in Booty Bay when someone started shouting "NO KIL" "NO ANAL". Probably one of the funniest moments I've had in that game. One of the more prominent horde warriors on my server also occasionally blasts through Nesingwary's Expedition shouting "N I G G A" repeatedly.
  2. Argh. How can you have played both WoW and the warcraft games and still think the horde are the evil side? Geeze. I've heard this argument a thousand times. Orcs and Tauren, yeah, since they're simply trying to establish a peaceful culture. But Undead? Please. They're oozing, decaying abominations against God attempting to wipe out all life in the world. Sounds pretty evil to me. I once considered Trolls as one of the "good" races, but after fighting them in Dun Morough, Stranglethorn Vale, the Hinterlands, Tanaris, Zul Farrak, Sunken Temple, and just about everywhere in between, I'm convinced that they are the most evil motherfuckers on the planet. I think when the Blizzard developers were ever confused on how to populate the world with enemies to kill, they just threw their arms up in the air and put in a thousand or so Trolls. As for the death of the Horde, I agree that I've seen less and less Horde players around (I haven't been ganked in months). I'll admit that I rolled Alliance simply because I thought all the Horde races looked completely retarded (Not that Alliance races don't either, but maybe to a lesser degree.). I'm pretty jaded when it comes to the character designs, and I don't mean anyone any offense, but I'd much rather play as an Elf with sleek hair and smooth curves than an Orc with hanging jaws and the orthodontic nightmare that are their teeth (Or a gigantic cow). I think many players felt the same, hence the huge influx of Night Elf Alliance players, which is probably big enough to become a faction unto itself. The new races in the expansion should be an effective way to rebalance some of the faction population. Horde will get many of the 12 year-olds I've had to group with for the past several months ("hay a gurl letz cyber"), while Alliance will get some more of the Blizzard lore freaks. At least that seems to be how the balance is intended.
  3. I would imagine riding through enemy territory and masscring other players would be fun from time to time. ---- EDIT-- NEW POST -- WHATEV Just got out of a fantastic Mara run. We had a Warrior, Rogue, Priest, Mage, and myself (Hunter). It was probably the best instance run I've ever been through. Everyone did their job, everyone kept up the pace, everyone listened to directions, everyone was courteous about loot, everyone was polite and talkative. No one dicked around, no one complained, no one tried to show off, no one argued, no one tried to blame any difficulties on anyone but themselves. I wish every group experience I have in WoW could go exactly as this one did.
  4. Every time I get tired of the game, people keep telling me to get to level 60, cause that's "where the REAL game starts". But seriously, what IS there to do at level 60? The only thing I see people do is go on raids and farm honor in the BG's. The only motivation I have to level anymore is because that's primarily the target for new content and events.
  5. I've only heard bad things about it. But since it's what I'm going to be using, this will probably end up working to my advantage. Lookin' forward to it.
  6. Thanks for the advice on the musical-knowledge thing, since I've always been somewhat compositionally challenged. I remember a couple of years ago there was a pretty long thread on "how to mix" and such. Most of the responses affirmed that it's not for everyone, and encouraged learning music theory. Naturally, I wanted to start taking some music theory courses through high school, but they were only offered at the AP level, which I think would be a bit much being completely new to the subject. Now that I have some more free time, I can pay attention to these sorts of things, and develop some new skills. I think it'll be much more rewarding than sitting in my dorm or room and playing games all day. While my neighbor goes about creaming himself because he thinks Fruity Loops is the most amazing thing ever, I thankfully have been taught by the OCR community that it is considered to be a fairly limited program (depending on what you're trying to do, or course). Perhaps Zircon could touch up on some of the more common programs used in remixing. All in all, I think it's a great idea Zircon, and it comes at a time I'm ready to listen, since I'll soon have much more free time to study this sort of thing.
  7. Wow. This is very impressive. You've really captured a cinematic, epic feel from the source. In particular, I really like the piano coming in around 2:35. Well done. EDIT: To those confused, I'm pretty sure the 11th Commandment is "Thou shalt rock!" which makes this ReMix title very fitting.
  8. Zircon, on the ReMix tutorial episode-thing, I'd be particularly interested in learning the basics of remixing. My neighbor is going to *kindly purchase me a copy of FL Studio 6, which I understand is an entry-level program for this sort of thing. I’d like to know how much musical knowledge (in terms of composition, arrangement, production, etc.) is required to get into the ReMixing scene. Does it take a formal education in music theory, or is it something you can pick up if you’re willing to work at it hard enough? Also, what does it take to make a ReMix OCR-worthy? I think, as a judgefgt, you’d be able to help out on that sort of thing. --- You guys are doing a great job on the show. It continues to sound very professional while remaining entertaining and engaging to the community. Keeps me going during the workday. Nice work!
  9. I'm standing by for extreme bitching. On an unrelated note, I've just made a rogue.
  10. Personally, with the exception of Trolls, I've always felt the same way about Horde characters. Just stay away from Night Elf males and you'll be fine.
  11. Thread Paid server transfers just opened up, and I'm ready to move my main off to someplace far, far away from Thunderlord. The casual guild I'm in has turned into a raiding guild, and pretty much all my friends have ran off to run MC every night. They haven't listed Thunderlord as open yet, but I imagine they will soon, since we're consistently on the top of the population charts. Someone several pages back mentioned something about everyone rolling Alliance (since most of you guys play Horde, if I'm not mistaken) on the same server so we could all play together. I'd be willing to transfer to a server that we'd all play on, even start a guild if you guys would be willing. What do you guys think?
  12. I like the final boss in Uldaman. It's pretty cool to be going up against a giant colossus while simultaneously fighting the Terra Cotta army.
  13. If you want to live and/or contribute effectively to the BG group, get to level 27-29 before even entering the queue. Otherwise, you'll be really chewed up, and will rarely be able to even get off a few shots (I'm a complete hypocrite with this, since I'm entering queues for AV at level 51. But then again, all I really want is an IBS). I've never played as a Warlock, but I always try to do certain things no matter what class I'm playing. These are kinda broad, but they may help you out: -Stick together. Moving alone in a BG is suicidal. You're less likely to be easily picked off when you move together, and you can attack more effectively. This is the biggest problem in many BG's, because poeple don't really listen and just sorta do their own thing. Find the largest group of people, follow them, you'll live longer. If you're all scattered across a large area, find an ally and stick with them. -Keep the objective in mind. While gaining honor is great and all, the overall objective of going to the battlegrounds is to win (plus bonus honor), so everything you do should be in some way or another contribute towards achieving that objective. I've seen way too many people standing around the center of WSG, dicking around, waiting for the horde to come out and cap honor kills. -Don't be afraid to engage. Those who have been in BG's before know what I'm talking about. There's always a period when the two forces meet and stand each other off for a moment. Sometimes it can last a minute or longer, since no one wants to take the first shot. Don't waste that time. By the time you are waiting for the right moment to engage, it's already past. Be aggressive. I've scored in the top two to three ranks in HK's and Killing Blows even at the mid-level section of a particular tier, all because I was more willing to get out there and fight. As a Warlock, use your range to your advantage, and hit the enemy where they can't hit you back. Also, different BG tiers tend to be dominated by different factions. For instance, the Alliance may win WSG 20-29 constantly, but always lose the 30-39 tier. This tends to be more prevalent in the lower-level tiers, since there are literally guilds that form for the purpose oif dominating a particular level tier. So as you progress in levels, don't be surprised is you suffer some pretty humiliating defeats.
  14. I'm liking the arrangement here, and the vibraphone, which sounds really slick, is definately a good choice for the emotion you're developing. Nice work.
  15. Just went through another AV bloodbath today. I think there's some sort of secret to getting an IBS I'm not aware of. Everyone keeps saying "It's so easy, all you have to do is win AV!" but that part is NOT easy at all. I managed to get into AV when we were sitting at the doorstep of Frostwolf Village. We had Ivus, Commandoes, all that shit, and were charging like madmen... until we hit the towers. We'd basically gather outside the tower entrance, old our ground til we had enough poeple to charge, and then push forward. The problem was that every time someone would rejoin the group outside the tower, they'd bring in 4 -5 guards with them, and by the time I got there they were all Champions. Add this to the host of mobs hanging aroung the area and the horde coming out of the towers, and there was not a thing we could do. We even outnumbered them by at least 10 for the majority of the time I was in there (3-4 hours), even as much as 15 at times, yet they STILL pushed us completely out of the village. After being killed upwards of 50 times, I just left, cause things were going downhill, fast. I think I might hang up this game again a for a little while. I haven't been having much fun with it recently. All my friends have left to join raiding guilds, and they don't even stop to chat anymore. The multitude of 12 year-olds home for the summer is making itself known, and no one seems interested in doing anything other than high-level instances. I wanted to start my own guild a little while ago, but everyone was too attatched to their endgame raiding guilds to help me out. I might just be a little burned out, but as an MMO, WoW has just really disappointed me as of late. Everything's so focused on large endgame content and geared for players who are the top tier of their playstyle (raid, PvP, etc.), so much so that a great deal of interactivity and comradery is lost in the pursuit of better items and bragging rights. EDIT: Hunters have plenty of uses. Pet tanking, Ranged DPS, FD + Jumper Cables (Engineer only. I love that profession), Pulling mobs...there's more, but I can't think of them at the moment. As a hunter, I'd say we're a lot like mages and rogues in that we're not essential to a group, but we add a great amount of offensive power, and a modest amount of crowd control capability. Of course, everyone I tell this is to gets very defensive about it ("omgwtf r u tlking abot? mages wer cloth u dumshit").
  16. Made my first trips into AV today. Wasn't pretty. Although I got more HK's in one hour than I had in all my playing before total, we still couldn't get past the first chokepoint. Not to mention I'm only level 51, so I'm as good as dead if someone even looks at me funny. I've got to ask: how did ANYONE get an Ice Barbed Spear at level 51?
  17. Wow. (Skip ahead to 12:30.)
  18. Uhhhh... So even if I played 8 hours a day... it would take me around 44 days to do it?! Yeah, I'm thinking no. It's just too much time, and I've heard there are more then 1 hour long raid of 40 people. It must be a pain in the ass coming up with enough coordination to carry them out. How about grinding, do you have to do it if you want to play competitivly? You're over-emphasizing the necessity to get to max level to have fun in the game. Granted that is were the game opens up a bit, there is still PLENTY to do on your way there. The amount of time it takes to get to the maximum level is supposed to be an adventure, like the progression of the story in a standard RPG, only you dictate what happens. Sure, it takes a long time, but that's all part of the game. You're not supposed to be able to sit down and start slaying dragons, you start from humble beginnings and work your way up. Don't go into the game thinking "Okay, when am I going to be level 60?", that attitude will lead you really frustrated with the game, because then it just turns into an extended grind. The game isn't without drawbacks, but you have to approach it with an adventurous spirit.
  19. Does anyone have any modding skills here? If so, I have an idea I'd like to run by you: Is it possible to make a mod that allows you to specify your own music files to play in specific areas? I'm always changing songs in between different zones, going between WoW and Winamp, searching around for the right song, etc. It'd be great if there was some way you could alter the music file paths to different files. It'd be like having your own soundtrack to the game.
  20. Some endgame guilds frighten me. So much drama, so much business. I have a friend (who originally got me into this game) who has to log 6-8 hours a DAY to make quota for his guild. Sounds like more work than play. From what I've seen, I'll probably end up just getting to 60, running around for a couple of weeks ganking people, making naked suicide runs into Orgrimmar, and start a new character.
  21. I was originally going to post this at the worldofwarcraft.com forums, but realized I'd probably get nothing more than a hundred "stfu git 2 60 then u can spaek" responses. So I was watching some PvP videos and trying to get a better idea of how this hunter thing works. This happening just after a brutal night of being destroyed in WSG and having some less-than-pleasant PvP encounters in the Wetlands and Badlands. One thing I noticed about PvP Hunters (and for all PvP in general) is how small the window of opprotunity is to get off some good shots on your target. While watching these videos, I was notcing how quickly these hunters were dropping traps, getting out a Scatter/Concussive Shot, etc. Really, I want to know how anyone can time their skills so perfectly, and I'm guessing it has something to do with key configuration. And let me know if I'm looking too much into this. I have my keyboard set up the same was I setup my Shooting games. "W" for forward, with "Q" and "E" for strafing, "S" for back, and the number keys above for skills. However, since my hand position is so far to the left, I only have the number keys 1 through 5 within direct reach. The others I have to remove my fingers from movement controls, and since I have pretty big hands, need to make sure I'm hitting the right key with very fast passing glance. That puts only 5 skills within my direct ability to get out when I want to, which is a scant amount to say the least. Currently the are assigned to Auto-Shoot, Raptor Strike, Hunter's mark, One of the stings (Serpent, Viper, or Scorpid, depending on what I'm fighting the most at the time), and Concussive Shot. My traps aren't even bound to a key, and I have to manually click them. Is there a better way to set up my command scheme for PvP? I know many people have a seperate PvP - PvE setup, but mine are still restricted to the 5 primary skills, everything else is a toss up as to whether or not I'll be able to effectively use them. Here's a screenie of how it looks:
  22. Alot of people are hoping for this. I'd assume the producers would at least try to get Sonic & co. into SSBB, given their popularity and a final answer to the tireless argument of who would win in a fight, Mario or Sonic -- it would be an addition with alot of popularity attatched to it. However, it seems to me that they would've announced it by now had anything gone through. Keep hoping though, you never know.
  23. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4503332649651467155&q=smash+brothers Consider me late, but I just found out today that Snake is going to be in this game. I didn't believe it at first when a friend of mine told me, but then he showed me the trailer. Solid Snake sharing game space with Donkey Kong, Mario, Link, and Kirby: not in my most twisted LSD hallucinations did I see THAT one coming. This E3 is jes' full of surprises.
  24. So I'm thinking of starting on a new server. My current server (Thunderlord), is just way too full of level 60's and endgame guilds to have any fun, even when I'm relatively close to level 60 (Highest character is currently 47). I just went through two and a half hours of mediating between old guild buddies on personal problems, something which I have to deal with way too much in real life, much less a game full of Dwarves named "Chuccnorrris" and dancing, naked, purple elves. Most of the people I play with are way too concerned with endgame content and are leveling way too fast for me to even have time to enjoy the game with them. By now, all my contacts has moved on to fairly exclusive guilds that take up all their playing time. I played around with the idea of starting my own guild, but you have to have prospects for endgame material to be even taken seriously by charter signers. It's just not a friendly environment for new characters, or anyone not dedicating four hours a day just to make quota. Like someone before me said, it's become too much like a business. Oh, and God forbid Blizzard ever open up our server to transfers. So I'm looking for suggestions. Server suggestions, race/class suggestions. Anything. This game can be really fun, but now when it's a chore to play. I was thinking of joining a RP-PvP server, if nothing for a significant drop in 12 year-olds and being able to strike up some decent conversations with people, not ending up in a group of 4 Chinese farmers every time I run instances. Only thing is that there are only four RP-PvP servers, and I'm sure they have a similar establishment of my current one. If anyone knows different, let me know. As for race/class, I was thinking either a Human Warrior, or Night Elf Rogue. More likely the former, since my main character was a Night Elf, and the early quests got really repetitive. I'm still open to the idea of playing Horde though, but only if I can be convinced that Trolls aren't that ugly.
  25. No kidding. I've seen three high DPS classes attempt to gank a druid in Gadgetzan while in bear form. They were in the 48-55 level range, the druid was 46. Though the druid didn't stand a chance, he lasted ALOT longer than anyone could've expected. It wasn't until a hunter laid down an aimed shot that he went down. You'll jump for joy when you get cat form. The difference between bear and cat DPS is remarkable. The biggest drawback is that you'll lose that incredible survivability. However, if you self-cast rejuvenation prior to engaging any mobs, you'll last alot longer. What I've found with a solo druid is that switching between cat, bear, and normal forms are key to surviving. The first character I seriously played was a druid. I liked it alot, until I got to level 20 or so and realized that, to groups, I was nothing more than a healer. I really wish these types of games would have less dependence on healing classes, because they are always few and far between.
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