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  1. Article feels like it is asking too much of developers/publishers to push people’s buttons. As said before, there’s a distinct difference in acceptance levels between the gaming community and the general public (read: GTA series) However, I did like the tidbit about WWII shooters – that all this violence and shooting is acceptable and fun so long as it is against something as faceless and arbitrary as Nazis. It certainly does feel as if there is an opportunity for further exploration that is being squandered – but I would never really hold it against a developer or publisher for shying away from that. I do recall, however, the first Call of Duty addressing this with the Stalingrad level (As I recall, there was even a certain risk to including the Red Army campaign into that game). The concept behind it was fairly well-executed, at least initially. You’re thrust on the battlefield with no gun, and ordered up a hill with a mob of other ill-equipped soldiers. All around you, people are throwing themselves into the Volga and running away from the battle as allied officers gun them down. It even takes the player a few tries to realize that if you DO what you are TOLD TO DO, you are killed off pretty quick, and the game offers you only a few clues on how to actually get through the level. Most distinctly, one might say, the level is not “fun” as much as it is “thematic”, and it doesn’t make light of the situation you are in. It adds a nice touch that explores the mindset of the Russian Soldier. While the Call of Duty series might inherently be “part of the problem” (making fun out of something as complex and horrific as war), it does its own part to explore the genre (Sadly, the later games in the series don’t really seem to take this type of exploration any further). Perhaps, really, the article is focused too much on games addressing specific topical issues.
  2. Three times was NOT ENOUGH.
  3. The last mission from Ace Combat Zero: Also quite a few songs by Yuki Kajiura, namely the vocal pieces from .hack//sign, will send a chill down my spine.
  4. MGS2: Colonel Campbell in Arsenal Gear. In fact, just about all of Arsenal Gear. Just about everything emphasizes the total loss of control, awareness, and connection between reality and the game.
  5. Saw this movie at our university theater a couple of weeks ago. By the end, I felt like I had been laid. I cannot see what everyone is so utterly butthurt about.
  6. I saw a friend of mine play on the closed beta. The UI is nearly a carbon-copy of WoW's interface. Gameplay appears similar, though he said leveling is a bit more involved. What he's told me in terms of gameplay is that WAR borrows many of the elements from WoW -- discards the frustrating aspects, and enhances the fun parts (much in the same manner that WoW borrowed and cut from Everquest). Seeing as WAR has been in production for several years now, I'm anxious to see how that will turn out. Also, I'm tempted to play a Witch Hunter, but I'm sure everyone and their brother will be doing the same.
  7. Oh goody, another MMORPG to lose time into! I've been hearing a whole lot about this game as of late. Seeing as the open beta is set to go live soon, I'm considering trying it out. Anyone else doing the same?
  8. I go to school in Wilmington, will probably either be traveling through Raleigh around then or sticking around here. Either way, it is not all that far. PM me and I'll see what can be worked out.
  9. Finally got all Alliance on Maiev, and got my Horde characters back on Arthas. Anyone wanting to roll on a new server or start the game should come join the party.
  10. Considering going. Plans are tentative at this stage, but I'll probably be coming with a cadre of miscreants.
  11. Google has roughly 40-45% of the market share regarding search engines. That's one company, one process, one algorithm, one idea assuming a commanding lead in the market. It's pretty easy to chip away at something that large without being noticed. By the time you are a threat, it's too late to stop you. Not saying that Cuil is in any position to de-throne Google anytime soon, but I would assume this is the reasoning behind it's founders. I can guarantee you'll start to hear about it more from various alterna-geeks. Google is everyone's friend -- some people will go against it just for the sake of being different. You put a good marketing strategy behind that, and you could settle in quite nicely.
  12. All it needs is a jazzy marketing campaign and site will be golden. Mark my words.
  13. Hey, this kicks an inordinate amount of ass. I'm unfamiliar with the source, so I cannot judge on the nature of this being a ReMix, but as a general and technical piece, I'm loving it. I'm particularly fond of the transition just after 5:00. Audix, as always, I am impressed with your work. I definitely sense your contribution here. That, of course, is not to diminish the work done by BGC and tweek, but you are slowly building a fan in me. Keep it up.
  14. Tekken's cast contained one too many azns. As I possess an ignorant white brain, I simply cannot comprehend the semantic differences between them all. Sorry.
  15. May not be as screwed as I thought. Abdominal issues seem to be on their way out. Probably can't pack 10 pounds of tight muscle in three weeks, but I can certainly lay the groundwork for proper development for a few months to come.
  16. Holy thread grave digging Batman! To avoid a tl;dr story, I want to put my main (65 Hunter on Mannoroth) and alt (21 Priest on Maiev) on the same server. Both are Alliance. I'm wondering if anyone out there still plays fairly regularly and would be willing to welcome me in (to their guild, or just fairly regular grouping together, whatever). Let me know. Character transfers are not a problem. I really just want to have both characters running at the same speed by the time WotLK comes out.
  17. Alright, made it back into the gym. Abdominal issues seem to be dying down, so I was able to crank out a couple miles on the treadmill along with about 4 miles on the bike. Also busted my ass on strength work. Woo.
  18. Well I'm fucked. Pretty much out for the goal this summer. Been afflicted with some bizarre abdominal issue that has a variety of symptoms for the past couple of weeks. One of which causes pretty nasty muscle cramps when jogging outdoors -- even if only for a short distance. It's only hit me once so far, but I'm going to have to take it easy, lest I exacerbate a minor issue into a major one. Pretty sure it's a pulled/strained abdominal muscle I managed to fuck up while embarking on a new daily stretching routine. One stretch involved sitting on my knees and laying my back all the way to the floor (with legs tucked in), like a bridge position but lying down (I did the bridges too). Did this for three or four weeks -- and I never bothered to warm up first. Whoops. Now I'm pretty much stuck out of jogging until it clears up. Going to try my luck at using the exercise bike as a substitute in the meantime. Hopefully it won't last all too long. Thankfully, strength training is still in-bounds, as I was able to hit the gym last night and came out just fine (had the whole facility to myself, too). Can probably still do circuit training as well -- so I won't be completely invalid, though I'm sure my mile time will suffer a bit. The lesson? ALWAYS WARM UP BEFORE STRETCHING. For serious.
  19. Never met you, bud, but your work is brilliant. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep up the fight, and get well soon.
  20. This guy has a style I'd like to see more of: ^^^ = the only image of Sephiroth I ever found intimidating. and also...
  21. Which would continue a steady tradition of SE tracing back to their mid-90's roots by over-franchising successful series (FF7) and spitting ports on new platforms rather than provide an original title. Oh but I am excited nonetheless. Woo wee! (And hey, those 3D-rendered remakes are a hoot as well)
  22. This may more fully explain the end of CT:R Also, woo!
  23. 1: This is not written by David Hayter. It is most likely some overly self-important MGS weeaboo worried the Uwe Boll will get ahold of the script. 2: Online petitions are lulzy. Sorry. :roll:
  24. Yeah, going to add in my surprise that you're only 21 as well. I'm going to give you much more shit from now on. Hah!
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