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  1. Panasonic Viera Plasma. 50 inch with official component cables. Yeah. Total ass. I actually played through to the first dungeon with it on my Wii before I just could NOT take it anymore and forced myself to set up Dolphin. And you know what? It took all of 30 seconds and bam. Also, the Galaxy games are NOWHERE NEAR this bad looking on my Wii. They don't look GOOD, but they aren't a jaggy jumbled blurry mess like SS is.
  2. I don't know, Microsoft seems to be doing pretty well for themselves in the console front. Not to mention that they had a chance with the WiiU to upscale and chose not to.
  3. And they fail at forward thinking. These shots were taken with a camera. Here's what Zelda looks like on my TV when played on a Wii: And here's what Zelda looks like emulated on Dolphin, the only real difference being the increased resolution: Nintendo sure done fucked up.
  4. I'm only at the second dungeon but my biggest complaint (other than the awful, awful Fi) is the lackluster soundtrack.
  5. Mmm... might be pushing it. If you can get it up to 3.2GHz, or even 3, you might be able to run it at 2x native res @ 30FPS. Fuck, even running it at 720p would be like a million times better than SD so it might be worth a shot.
  6. Dolphin? No. It isn't GPU reliant very much at all. If anything, it's CPU reliant. A modern CPU clocked at around 3.5GHz will get you a maxed out 30FPS in Skyward Sword, maybe a dip or two here. 4GHz intel processor? forget about it, 60FPS Mario Galaxy @ 1080p glory. The only reason Zelda only gets 30 FPS is because that's what Nintendo hardcoded it for. Galaxy 1&2 are a beautiful 60fps the entire time.
  7. Yeah, about that stage select... I was just jamming to the song trying to come up with a suitable backing riff. I played that and thought "hey this sounds badass, I wonder what it's from". It wasn't until later that I even realized it was another MM song.
  8. still rocking the microscopic USB thumb drives we got last year. So small and sturdy. we're in
  9. Currently working on an alt-80s-goth-pop-rock tune (think Billy Idol, The Cure etc) based off of Phantasy Star 2. Need a male vocalist who can belt it out. Apply with samples please. Thank you. VERY EARLY WIP: http://tindeck.com/listen/mery
  10. Is the game linear? Yes. WARNINGL POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERS IN THIS POST (none story related, all gameplay related) There's no real "overworld"; you get your town of Skyloft (this game's Kakariko) and you get to fly around there in a very very VERY miniature version of Wind Waker's ocean sailing. There are small islands with treasure chests but again, it's very small. Skyloft acts as a hub point from which you choose which area of the game you want to go to. So you don't "Travel" in the traditional Zelda sense. From Skyloft there are several teleport points within the land below that you can simply warp to. Each outside "area" of the game is in and of itself "dungeon" like. It may be a large outer area but there's usually always a point A and a point B that you will go to. You can explore this area, and some are bigger than others, but there's nothing remotely class to traveling from say, Lake Hylia to Death Mountain or from the Goron Village to Kakariko. There are no other towns in the game as far as I know other than Skyloft. The game also almost never stops prompting you with hints and telling you outright exactly what to do before you know (and even when you DO know) what to do. You thought it was bad in previous Zelda games? They turned it up to 11 here. Edit: in regards to the linearity, it's not to the literal corridor fest of FF13, but when you get down to it it's similar. Just instead of corridors you have slightly open areas.
  11. Anyone else playing in Dolphin? Here are some 1080p shots. My system: Core i5 2500k overclocked to 4.5GHz 8GB RAM ATI Radeon 6870
  12. Have you played it yet? It is EXACTLY as bad as I described it. There is no longer a permanent flag that says "they already got this message", so now you get it every single time you turn your system back on. That's a LOT of messages repeated.
  13. "HEY LOOK YOU GOT A RUPEE. IT IS WORHT WGJSFGSDFGHDSFH" "HEY LOOK YOU GOT A HEART THIS WILL REFILL YOUR DSTWGHEFGE" "HEY LOOK YOU GOT A BEETLE IT SGDFGD" "HEY LOOK YOU GOT SLIME IT SGNDFGDFGHDJH" this shit has got to stop. holy shit it was bad in zelda games before, but now it happens EVERY.TIME.YOU.TURN.THE.GAME.ON it acts like you never picked up anything before. holy SHIT is this awful.
  14. So.. anyone having lots of trouble getting Tindeck to take uploads? I haven't been able to all night. ... and holy shit as soon as I type up this post it freaking WORKS.
  15. looks like i'm going to be up late trying to salvage this mess of a song
  16. 9's on my trem equipped Charvel. 10's on my fixed bridge 6 and 7 string, with anywhere from a 64 to 70 for the low B depending on if I feel like downtuning a lot on it. 1mm dunlop gator picks.
  17. man my song is probably the worst song i've ever done in my life. it's "done" because i can't think of anything else better to throw on it.
  18. Wait, so what's the time limit on this stuff? I'm still out of country and won't be home for another 2 weeks.
  19. 1. cutman 2. bubbleman 3. crashman 4. Metalman 5. Darkman
  20. when i look at myself i see a lot of sexy but that's besides the point I didn't need to rely on 1. a corporation that has since thrown all interest in said property (Megaman) away for approval and official license to produce works of fiction. 2. a publisher to publish said officially licensed works of fiction. 3. a niche genre of literature (video game readers) all I do is plug in a guitar and click stuff on a computer and voila music. a lot less complicated.
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