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  1. because he's probably 12 years old and is probably never going to actually finish what he's announcing
  2. This is just a "hey guys make music for the game i'm making" thread in book form. without the music.
  3. So you mean fanfiction, right? Get in line with the 50000000 other fanfic authors.
  4. Should probably say that when I'm looking for team members, if you're a newb who has no work on the site, I will need a sample before I even consider you.
  5. i remix music that i want to remix. doesn't matter what the source is.
  6. None of my stuff has any compression on it (except for Jenova).
  7. I was getting direct-posted until I told Dave at MAG to slow down and let it go through the judging process so I can get some constructive feedback regarding my music.
  8. Congrats. As a reservist, you'll probably be insta-deployed as soon as you finish your post-basic training training. /i deployed before you, nyah nyah
  9. i haven't seen you forever if i wasn't in the middle east and you japan i'd fellate you
  10. that type of audience will n ever drop $700 on a phone for their 7 year old.
  11. Phones will never replace handheld gaming devices. One reason and one reason only: the shitty controls.
  12. PS1 shot looks waaaaaaaaaaaay better to me. Look at the textures on the clothes; you can see fair amounts of ruffles and shit. What do you see on that bitches shirt? Nothing it's a gradient, there is no texture, except on her apron and sleeves. Ugly as shit, makes it plain and unappealing.
  13. PSX having worse graphics is subjective in a lot of cases. Do you prefer sharp IQ but jaggy edges, or blurry massive blobs of pixels on your TV screen? The N64 should not have been as awful as it was. It had no reason to be.
  14. The N64 was an awful piece of hardware limited by extremely low memory (which is why textures are so blurry that you can rarely ever tell what anything is supposed to be) and, of course, carts. How some companies managed to make the like 7 good games on that system alone is beyond me. There should have been 0 with that awful hardware.
  15. Oh yay, you get a bunch of ancient as shit games that you've probably played 3000 times already. Fuck that.
  16. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gamehunters/post/2011/07/nintendo-drops-price-of-3ds-to-170/1 From $250 to $169. Holy shit. This was an awful, awful launch and they know it. Who the fuck did they think they were, Apple?
  17. I'm currently deployed to the Middle East right now, and will be for the next 4 months. All of my audio files are on an external hard drive that is dying, so when I get home if I am able to retrieve the audio data, maybe. I might have to scrap it entirely though, we'll see.

  18. i look forward to the plethora of posts from people saying it's just as bad as ever
  19. you know what i'll say this i hope the wiiu is just as popular and hard to find as the wii was that way i can make over $1500 selling 4 of them like i did in 2006 and 2007.
  20. FF7 had bad graphics even when it was released. It only had CG movies that impressed people visually also shariq, stop being such a nazi. this place used to be great before people had to walk on eggshells. you're the only one who cares, none of the other mods do. let people post. if things get a little OT it's fine, as long as it isn't completely derailed. learn to step back and take stock before trying to insert your imaginary authority
  21. if its the normal zelda formula, it'll probably be tired and boring. hoping skyward sword breathes life into a dead franchise.
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