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  1. nsmb. awful games. skyward sword looks terrible. dkcr was shit. wii <insert verb here> sucks. galaxy was the best time i had on the wii and they couldn't even replicate that properly.
  2. nintendo is pretty much ass these days anyways
  3. nintendo fans 2005: "GRAPHICS DON'T MATTER IT"S ALL GAMEPLAY BABY" nintendo fans 2011: "OMFG THE GRAPHICS I CAME"
  4. the grammys are bullshit so this doesnt really mean anything
  5. You should post examples of the style you're going for, general "themes" or "feelings", etc. if you want to rope in a quality composer.
  6. Do you mean you're getting fret buzz? Springs rattling in the back of the guitar (if trem)? Lots of things it could be.
  7. are you fucking blind he used potty words
  8. 1 "okay" game and another "slightly-more-okay" game does not warrant caution optimism. It warrants more "go the fuck away, Sonic".
  9. never. I have about 4 hours to play games a week so I just play once and I'm done
  10. haha i did that too. actually i didn't throw them away, i said "fuck it" and left them under my bed still aligned with the bedpost for the poor airman holder fucker to throw it away.
  11. brushfire posts always make the least amount of sense to me
  12. what about dub 100% of that is junk
  13. repost because fuck being the last post on the first page, you deserve to listen to this
  14. if you don't like this you're a fucking idiot. chet atkins even fucking shreds, AND uses sweep picking all on CLEAN long before metal faggots were shredding. LONG before also one of her more pop tunes but still fucking greatfuck you faggots who don't appreciate good country and won't click these links.
  15. country music from the last 30 years is pmuch all shit pop music if you want good country look to chet atkins or even dolly parton. yes srs
  16. Many of the common guitar forums (jemsite, ss.org, harmony central, etc) have people who have great guitars for sale. It's just an issue of knowing what you want and what a fair price is. craigslist can also be good
  17. Unless you're having the guitar built for you, there's no sense in buying a guitar brand new ever.
  18. what the hell is with this title i am highly offended ocr is anti christian BOYCOTT OCR
  19. All my songs use 4 tracks. 100 left, 50 left, 100 right, 50 right. Recorded 4 times. Takes a bit of work but is oh so worth it.
  20. eh. who cares. by now you know the capabilities of the ps3 and 360. so if you see a commercial or trailer that doesn't look like shit and is not a PC game you know it's not real.
  21. what the fuck is charme, some kind of toilet paper?
  22. Right? My FF7/Xenogears mix was originally like 9 minutes long. Hated having to cut that down, will never do it again just to sub to OCR.
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