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  1. That there are still pirates on the PC when Steam is available and makes most games dirt cheap at one point or another proves any argument that "PIRACY EXISTS BECOZ HIGH PRICEZ" to be total bullshit. Piracy exists because people are self entitled assholes who, when presented with the option of "free" versus "WHAT YOU WANT TO ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY OFF OF YOUR PRODUCT AND EXPECT ME TO PAY FOR MY ENJOYMENT THAT I DERIVE FROM YOUR HARD WORK ARE YOU CRAZY", they go with the obvious choice. Pirates = dicks. But I pirate in a lot of cases so who am I to talk.
  2. Ever played the PSP? After having a handheld with one analogue, you understand just how big a blunder it is, touch screen or no touch screen (I am one that hates touch screen for the record, never liked it on the DS). Region locking should never exist on handhelds (or in general). The price is absurd. The listed battery life, until proven otherwise, is horrendous. No handheld should be that low. Think what you like, but I am going off of stated facts. And these stated facts all point to a system that needs a revision before being purchased. Anyone who jumps in day 1, based off of THESE stats, is a sucker.
  3. Guess how many of those copies were returned? Japan was literally FLOODED with returns after the initial purchase, bringing the game's NEW price down after probably a month, and selling at a USED price so low that it was mind numbing. I'd like to see you find these people that "thought it was excellent". I guaran-fucking-tee you I can find more that hated it.
  4. Let's not forget this great bit of news: -Region locking (because Nintendo has been SO great about bringing over games this generation, right? ... right... ?) -2.5-3.5 hour battery life -3+ hours for a full charge -No dual analogue Fuck you, Nintendo. $250? For this shit? You're becoming overconfident again. Time for a big punch in the financial nose.
  5. I meant it in a "you can't be that much of a moron" way.
  7. McVan's is an overpriced ripoff and you should never shop from there. They wanted like $40 more for a few SNES RPGs (CART ONLY) that Disc Replay had FULL MINT IN BOX (Mario RPG, Chronotrigger MIB $40, Cart only McVan's = like $80). Fuck that noise.
  8. Why would anyone want an FF7 remake anyway? They've already butchered the universe with their sidestories and prequels that retconned some of the more interesting things about FF7 and destroyed the continuity. Not to mention the awful Advent Children turning the game into a standard shonen piece of shit. The game would suck with super realistic HD graphics because let's face it, most of the charm comes from the super deformed blocky characters. You really want the Honeybee Inn scene in full HD one jillion polygon realistic graphics? No. If anything, give it an update that keeps everything the fucking same, but a graphical overhaul IN THE SAME STYLE as the original game. No remake, no reimagining, just update it so that they're not like 20 polys a character. Or just leave it alone. That's the better option.
  9. FS: Radeon HD5770. Bought it for my new media PC and then discovered that my better video card in my actual PC had HDMI on it, so I don't need it. This has HDMI, DVI, and displayport. Bought this at $150 from Newegg a couple weeks ago, willing to let it go for $120 shipped.
  10. batman begins is good, but it drags on too long and nothing REALLY exciting happens until near the end.
  11. As time goes on I am finding myself less and less interested in movies. And video games. And TV. And pretty much everything :\
  12. oh and this shit GTA Vice City PS2 $5 PS2 GH2 $5 who would buy this shit Katamari Damacy $10 FF12 $10 i played this piece of shit for two hours im never fucking buying a new ff ever ratchet and klank something or other $i dont think im selling it i dont know how it got in this picture oh right and let's not forget this stinking pile of dogshit guitar hero 5 $15
  13. PSP: DSi: Laptop: Core i3 something or other (I think 2.3GHz), 4GB RAM, 250GB hard drive. The screen is pretty much fucked, Amazon has replacements for this model at about $100 or so. I just have no need for it anymore (I have 6 fucking computers in my house, 3 laptops, 3 desktops) so I never bothered to fix it. It's only like 6 months old, Inspiron 1750 or something like that. 17.5 inch monitor. $200 (costs like $600+ new). price may be negotiable. 8GB ipod nano. the gen before this this one. yes it does the video crap. just never really used it, I use my cell phone for music. waste of my money. $80
  14. go back to misawa you fucking weaboo no one will miss you
  15. Want to sell: White/silver (whatever it is) PSP 3000 with the following games> Megaman X Maverick Hunter, Final Fantasy Crisis Core (not a real box, gamestop box), and that gay Final Fantasy fighting game. Comes with memory stick (iono what's in it right now). $110 takes it. might have more to add to the PSP deal I'm at work not sure what all I have. White DS-i. No games. Comes in original box with all the stupid manuals and shit. what do these go for now i don't know $120 takes it i guess. edit: forgot I had Disgaea 2 for the psp also
  16. okay let me try again i hate women british accents especially fake pretentious ones.
  17. BRITISH ACCENTS IN SPACE i fucking hate british accents
  18. Square needs this. For far too long they've been operating under the mindset of "We're Square, we make Final Fantasy. Everyone loves us and we can do no wrong and people will buy whatever we put out. We could release a bag of dogshit with the words "Final Fantasy" scribbled on it with sharpie and it will be adored by our fans. We don't need outside input from anyone, not even those who actually do care about our games. Fuck them. Fuck everyone who isn't us. WE ARE THE BEST. HOORAY SQUARE!" Fuck Square. Fuck Wada. Fuck Nomura.
  19. I don't think I plan on subbing this mainly due to the incredibly loud synth at the end. Otherwise, it's done.
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