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  1. PS3 prices stayed high for way too long, Sony kept believing their own hype that people would eventually wake up and think that $600 for a system was a good idea
  2. the gamecube was a piece of shit that broke all the time
  3. I'm going to bump this several months late because this is the first time I've read this (NO I DIDN'T DO A SEARCH OF MY USERNAME TO SEE WHO'S POSTED ABOUT ME IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS TO STROKE MY EGO SHUT UP LEAVE ME ALONE) I have only ever had two tracks 100%L/R work for me. I don't know what mix of alchemy and chicanary I used but it worked that one time and never again. I just prefer 4 good, solid takes of VERY LOW GAIN GUITARS (talking almost clean, only a little bit of distortion) to make a huge sound. You wouldn't think low gain could = huge gain, but it works. And I don't use compression/EQ in any post stuff, so it's direct in.
  4. i didn't care about graphics until i joined the PC master race 1080p 16xaf whatevermaxAA 60fps gaming ftw consoles are pdumb
  5. nobody will ever need more than 512kb of ram... (or whatever the stupid quote is) Because the 360 was the lead platform for almost all games being developed (because it was the most popular of the actual next gen systems. no wii was not next gen at its time, it was just a new system) The problem was that the Wii didn't have enough power. that is why there was no 3rd party support. because they couldn't just simply downport from ps3/360 (which were the only systems devs were truly interested in making games for). if the wii had been equal in power you can guaranfuckingtee your shit it would have gotten ports across the board like the ps3 and 360. it all comes down to power. power. money. women. in that order. sometimes.
  6. In 1.5-2 years, the WiiU will be in the same position as the Wii power wise versus its competing consoles. Ie out of date
  7. The WiiU comes out in 2012. Most of the multiplatform games announced for it are coming out on 360 and PS3... in 2011. Anyone see a problem here?
  8. so where's that stupid who was predicting ff7 remake at sony show? someone forgot to tell him that people have been predicting ff7 remake at sony e3 shows for like 5 years now
  9. tell him he smells like dicks
  10. this seems like they were trying to be bad on purpose not funny thanks for wasting my time jerks
  11. And people like me, who had to tell Dave face-to-face to stop DPing and start judge-posting my stuff so I could get some feedback Edit: And about filesize, I'd love to see it increased, as I have (more than once) edited a piece because it was "too long" and went over the file size, and no VBR encoding could help it. I would like to create something long and substantial and still have it here, but that doesn't seem possible for now.
  12. Should unproven "artists" really be allowed to participate?
  13. they had it coming because their network security was a fucking joke and then they followed it up by having their password reset form being a fucking joke and easily exploitable
  14. Start watching Family Guy again. After the awful seasons 4-whatever it was 2 years ago, it got REALLY good again.
  15. i didn't handcraft my guitar so i didn't write those songs well fuck
  16. Nekofrog


    strange you nerds dont like it has a great rating on rt comic dorks are loving it and thor the character is awesome btw
  17. suck it. geohot is in no position to give anybody "payback". have you been following the issue at all? he got out of litigation through a settlement the terms of which aren't entirely disclosed. you really think he's going to turn around and hack psn? you really think he has the capability to even do so? hacking one piece of hardware (console architecture) != hacking an entire network. use a little fucking common sense and maybe you won't come to asinine conclusions
  18. i take it as you're probably the stupidest poster outside of zeality i've ever seen. good job considering this is the only post from you i've ever seen
  19. i haven't bought a CD in 10+ years and I probably never will again. tbh anyone who buys a cd is a moron in my opinion. overpriced pieces of shit physical media that needs to be phased out (along with dvds, blurays, etc). digital is the future, the near future. anyone who refuses to conform needs to be punted into the ocean
  21. shut up and keep the thread on topic you derailing son of a bitch.
  22. why did you price your system at $599 sony why did you do it why did you release a premature system with hardware that wasn't wanted or needed sony why did you do it why did you refuse to show any humility sony why did you do it why did you not listen to gamers at all sony why did you do it why di
  23. Bitter? How about I can recognize an awful game when I see one?
  24. Actually tensei sales of the 3ds have dropped off considerably prompting speculation of a price cut before the end of the year
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