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  1. When i said battle theme, I MEANT boss theme. My brain farted. I'LL GET A WIP DONE FASTER THAN YOU
  2. I hate to do this so late in the week, but I've had literally NO time to work on a song. Work is running me ragged and I can't forsee being able to get enough free time to work on anything in the near future. Just as an example, since I've returned from my deployment I have had to work Thanksgiving, Christmas, and will work New Years next week. I may be able to assist my team if they need guitar parts, but I don't have the time to do full songwriting. Sorry guys, didn't know my time would be in high demand after I got back.
  3. Ours is on its way. We had initially ordered it a while ago and didn't check up on it. Only after ordering some stuff for ourselves recently did we see that the secret santa order vanished from our order history at a certain website. We had still been charged for it the entire time. Calling their customer support resulted in them pretty much telling us "sorry". Our paypal still holds record of the transaction including order number, but the company says that the order number listed in paypal correlates to a previous unrelated order. tl;dr - our gift is late because a certain website (where geeks think) decided to "lose" the order whilst still charging us. Only just found out about the error, so, that's the story.
  4. i like to think i'm dumber now than i was 10 years ago. also, no. what made it great back then was the fact that they created a game that was within their means instead of shooting for something they could never achieve.
  5. At this point there's no turning back time and returning the series to what made it great, so I say we need more of stuff like this. The less serious that FF takes itself, the better it usually is. moar plox
  6. not going to compromise the artistic integrity of the piece for "points".
  7. looks like I'm not going to be able to sub anything... I have about a minute's worth of material recorded but just don't have the time to finish up. thought I'd be able to find the time while on vacation but I guess not. I'll be around next time though.
  8. on the road for one more day... then we'll see how much free time i have in between family and friends to record
  9. Ash and I love gaming memorabilia and classic games. We are technology minded. We also like to drink. She likes ponies, I hate ponies. Somehow we make it work.
  10. I don't compress any of my music. At all. D: I literally record raw and that's it. I MIGHT adjust volume levels to prevent clipping but I never apply any post compression or EQ to anything.
  11. So when a series runs its ideas into the ground and keeps rehashing over and over it's okay because change has no logic yeah, sure. right. why not change the setting? why does it have to be generic fantasy settings with elves every time? time must progress in the zelda-verse. tell a story from a different time period, a different character's perspective, or i don't know, just fucking make something new how many mainline zelda games have there been now? zelda, zelda 2, zelda lttp, zelda 64, zelda major's mask, zelda wind waker, zelda twilight princess, zelda skyward sword. if nintendo out and out refuses to make new ips with new characters and settings, the only solution is to just fucking shake things up with the series that they DO have. especially when they've been running for so long that creatively they're fairly bankrupt.
  12. Are you using revision 7719? That's the best for SS. 3.0 is ass and renders it improperly. also your processor speed is pretty bad for dolphin. you can probably do better with 2xAA, 2x internal res, @ 720p maybe.
  13. Ash and I are going on vacation for 2 weeks starting today. I am bringing my recording equipment with me (best decision I ever made was to make my studio portable) so it shouldn't affect my commitment here.
  14. following a formula doesn't making somewhat what it is. all it needs is to be called a zelda game and bingo bango, zelda game. doesn't matter content. it's zelda. dot period i for one would like a drastic change to the series. a complete overhaul. i don't want to recognize anything beyond characters maybe.
  15. i for one love mellow bossa nova elevator music. it's one of my many musical quirks i mean for fucks sake we like VIDEO GAME music. that's as lame as you can get now everyone shut the fuck up
  16. I don't think its a Dolphin issue. I had the same issues playing on my wii. I think it's just the way it is.
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