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  1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY Edition Deluxe Edition for $6.24 or Driver San Fran Deluxe for $8.74. Loved the original Driver game and never played an Elder Scrolls game. Which should I get?
  2. Thanks Dhsu! Also you can't send gifts until you've been registered for 30 days on steam? I got you Ys Felghana but not sure if you got it.
  3. Walking Dead for $15, cheapest I've seen yet if anyone is interested. Gonna hold out on that, both cause I'm broke and cause I can wait till next year when it'll hopefully be cheaper. Had enough to pick up Samorost2 at $1.24, not enough to get the portal bundle which is up again at $6.24. FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU...
  4. My bad, ID is Flash Strife and HOLY CARP THAT'S A LOT OF GAMES! http://www.steamcalculator.com/id/FlashStrife I thought my 13 games in 5 days was a lot. Also, check your pm Dhsu.
  5. Flash_Strife. Sent you a pm, check it out.
  6. Wait, what? Where? (I don't see it)
  7. Damn, really am totally broke and want to pick up Chantelise and Fortune Summoners but the sale ends before I get money. Any fortunate soul who hasn't been milked dry by steam yet looking for a trade? Got steam keys from humble bundles 2-5 as well as introversion and frozen synapse bundles. We could work out a trade for the games mentioned or the Ys titles via pm (holding out a steam bundle sale for these though).
  8. I'm not gonna buy anymore stuff from steam, totally broke now.
  9. bIlkshiY ibe tryed tis an __________________ Currently listening to Valkyrie Profile - Behave Irrationally
  10. Now I know why people complain about steam sales... $9.99 Alan Wake Franchise $24.99 Batman Franchise $14.98 Left 4 Dead Bundle, Borderlands GOTY $14.98 Fallout 3 Game of the Year, Fallout New Vegas Ultimate I'm broke now.
  11. Read that part, but from the sound of it people make it out like it's something that'll mess up/nuke your pc or steal your info or kill your firstborn. =P Basically I wanna know if it's worth having on my pc if it means I can play the game for cheap. Already missed out on buying a physical copy of it once for $7 because of these concerns.
  12. First time buying on steam, got the Alan Wake franchise collection for $9.99. Thought about portal franchise when it was going for like $7 but missed out. Oh well... Thinking of getting Borderlands GOTY but it has SecuRom which people seem to hate. Can someone explain why it's so bad?
  13. Aquaria was in the introversion bundle, so chances are it won't be added anytime soon.
  14. It's official, the humble bundle people are reading my mind. First they added Bastion and now Lone Survivor, 2 games I really wanted but wouldn't buy unless they were humble bundled, and now they are. Awesome.
  15. Dutch guy, loves Mega Man... OMG HE WORKS FOR SMOKE!e
  16. I thought about getting Bastion when it came out and was $15 but couldn't really afford to spend money so I told myself I'll wait for it to appear in a humble bundle jokingly. Didn't think it would actually happen though, and with other awesome games to boot.
  17. Douglas reminds me a bit of Robert Burns from Vanquish. Now I wish some Vanquish characters were on the roster...
  18. Don't think the blackface thing was proven though. Also wish they kept his old voice.
  19. Damn, from the guy who I WATCHED go through the Silver Surfer?! Count me out I have it and have beaten it multiple times. Unless you were doing a melee only run or something then it's beatable.
  20. Yeah WTF? In my opinion Adventure Time and Regular Show are the only good shows on CN right now.
  21. Was still pretty terrible though. At first you think "oh this isn't that bad" but after the first dozen or so episodes it just drags on and on. It feels like the whole series was pretty much filler after the first 20-30 episodes. Now Yu Yu Hakusho, THAT was a fun show.
  22. Well yeah, they did use Queens Flash Gordon theme as inspiration so of course it's gonna be awesome.
  23. Personally, I have no problem with this Mega Man. Would still like to get MML3 though. Also what's up with the dark version with the red eyes in the background of the first pic? Alt character Evil Mega Man?
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