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  1. Perhaps the same could be said of all relig... Suikoden games, since 1 and 2 had a simpler battle system, III had that weird 2 person pairing thing going on and IV had that 4 person team which I'm not too sure about yet. Also, should be getting Fragile in the mail tomorrow, which I had been looking forward to.
  2. Actually only played 1 and 2 to be honest, rest are in my backlog. My Suikoden collection isn't too bad I guess, though it's tiny compared to this... http://jjrrs.deviantart.com/art/Genso-Suikoden-Collection-67611595 http://jjrrs.deviantart.com/art/Genso-Suikoden-Collection-Pt-2-116608313 http://jjrrs.deviantart.com/art/Genso-Suikoden-Promo-Posters-114497082
  3. Both are the same game, but Student Alliance has some extra features. Multiplayer wireless battles, some extra recipes, quests and monsters I think. Also has longer load times than the ps2 version, though you can load it to the memory stick to make the loads better.
  4. FINALLY GOT SUIKODEN V! That completes my collection of US released Suikoden games. Gonna be selling off an extra copy of III and IV I got soon.
  5. Seems Dee Jay likes Haken's oil slide super, since he's the only that looks happy about it. =P
  6. More like five hole-in-ones, then again if you were Tiger sticking it in just five holes wouldn't be enough. HI-YO!!!
  7. Well I have the PS2 version anyways so it shouldn't be a problem. The text on the PSP version is also hard to read sometimes, mostly with the letter b looking kinda like a l.
  8. So I played some Mana Khemia Student Alliance today and I think I get why some people think it's hard. The alchemy wheel goes around pretty fast, doesn't help that the screen is small too so making out the order of elements can be pretty hard. It's a lot different from Khemia 2, which had the elements spin a lot slower making it easier to pick the one you wanted.
  10. I saw him, was just talking about the bottom characters. =p Also, Olan was the astrologist Ramza meets that uses Galaxy Stop. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0NiPF_jTfU
  11. Not like he was a major character. Also you forgot Olan next to Agrias.
  12. I always wondered if the guy to the right was Algus.
  13. lol bought both of these earlier today on ebay as a set. Already had part 2 but I could always sell it off.
  14. I think in Mana Khemia 2 you have to pick the color before the cards color on the wheel for it to give you a bonus.
  15. that her personality changes with some of the outfits.
  16. Did I mention she has a monkey suit?
  17. I liked Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure even though that is more of an action rpg. Also if you've never played it, could always try Breath of Fire III psp.
  18. I bought a Suikoden 5 figure from them once, no problem. I used a coupon code too, can't remember if I had it earlier or if it was a first time buyer code that I got from searching on google. Saved 10% I think, so make sure to check if they have coupons before buying.
  19. Bullshit! That was x triangle x to win.
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