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  1. You guys suck for not playing Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. Game has pretty much nothing that you hate, combat requires you to take advantage of enemy weaknesses for extra turns while being careful that the enemy doesn't take advantage of yours, no voice acting at all, no cutesy girls in the story, it does have a teenage protagonist, though he turns into a half demon near the beginning of the game...after the world ends. Not your typical story.
  2. Aww, I thought some of it was good, like the ending.
  3. Flash Strife


  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1eYKy9FW4k&feature=related
  5. So I decided to upgrade my computer with a McRib. Now I can do spreadsheets!
  6. My computer has been low on the megabytes lately. Can I put a McRib in it?
  7. I decided to try one a couple of hours ago for the hell of it. Nothing special really.
  8. For DS, Suikoden Tierkreis, Devil Survivor, and Atelier Annie. Knights in the Nightmare is great too, but it's takes some getting used to. Even though it's for PC, you could always try Recettear, fun little game that shouldn't require much for it to work.
  9. Use a pistol that fires one or 2 shots a turn with 2 turns on it. Make sure it's upgraded with stats from other guns and maybe even use some upgrade points to make the gun better. Been a while since I played but that's what I did my 2nd go at the Chrysler building. I say 2nd attempt caused the first time I ever attempted it I used a grenade launcher that fired 7 shots a turn with 2 turns. Didn't know at the time that damage was distributed depending on the number of shots so shooting a gun with 2 shots a turn does almost the same damage as shooting the same gun but with 7 or so shots a turn. Shooting 14 shots from a grenade launcher at the roach boss with the slow rate of fire equals death pretty much.
  10. Didn't think that idea was used a lot. I'm a writer myself and even had my first book be critically praised. Good thing my next book doesn't have this setup. It's actually going to be about a disgraced former NYPD detective who's on the hunt for his former partner who he shot for betraying the force and helping the mob. He doesn't know what happened to him because he was never found after he feel into the river so he spends his time trying to find clues during his travels and trying to figure out why his partner did what he did while also doing work for his new boss who was also a former detective. Story isn't finished yet and I don't want to give anything else away so just make sure to look out for it soon.
  11. Who's #7? Only person I can think of is Elly but she has blue eyes.
  12. Flash Strife


    Satoshi Kon passed away today. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-08-24/award-winning-director-satoshi-kon-passes-away
  13. Heard the SMB2 overworld theme during a Marlins road game one time.
  14. My order shipped. Never played a MH game before so this should be interesting.
  15. Anyone play Resonance of Fate yet? Looks really good from what I've seen.
  16. Woohoo! Marlins win! Even if the bullpen blew the lead!
  17. That cooler should definitely help, though I'm not sure how much of a difference it'll make when your max temps were 95C! Even if it were to lower your temps by 20C it would still be past the recommended maximum. Make sure you research some good thermal compound and that you keep your PC case well ventilated. Maybe even get yourself some fans for the case if it can support it.
  18. lol cpu building? You mean pc building? Also, HOLY CRAP! 95C? AMD says it should be below 71C MAX. You sure those temps were right? http://products.amd.com/en-na/DesktopCPUDetail.aspx?id=597
  19. Xigmatek Dark Knight? Make sure you can use it first and that your case can support it, though I think it should work, I'm using AM3 and I have it. Also arctic silver is good, but it can be kinda difficult to use sometimes and it takes a while to set in. There are better thermal compounds but I can't remember the names at the moment.
  20. Just need to get the last 2 ending for each character in Muramasa, then I'm gonna start on Fragile.
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