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  1. I was gonna make a witty comment about a sue Napster mode but I guess you beat me to it. *frowny face*
  2. That's only because I don't post here much anymore! I have lots of friends! LOTS!



  3. First visitor! Sup dude!

  4. WTF? I heard they delayed it and were adding V Special because of it. Some retailers even had it say it was 7 games in 1.
  5. I win! Now and forever!

  6. Happy birthday! I'd post some old pic from the unmod days but I have them stored on a disc somewhere so this will have to make do for now. Have a good one!

  7. Old man! You seek the spell of mastery!

  8. Where? He always has an away message on when on aim and I haven't seen him.
  9. Nothing bad to say about Gray, he was good people. Also lol to Phthisis. Still working for Atlus? And what ever happened to mythril nazgul/myf? We were bros before hos and then he left... =/
  10. No Metal Slug Or Gurumin love? Both should be cheap to find now. Also I heard you can play Persona 2 Innocent Sin with a homebrew psp, which is pretty much the only way you can play a translated version of that game unless you mod a PS1/PS2.
  11. This This This This Would be cool to see the PS2 version here. And I'd like to see a new, really good Way of The Samurai game myself, as well as ZOE 3 and maybe a new Robot Alchemic Drive (otherwise known as RAD) game.
  12. You know, there was a boss battle theme from Parasite Eve called Femme Fatales. Just putting that out there... not implying that anyone draw Parasite Eve or anything...
  13. I'm still playing through FES but I have this waiting for me. Anyone lucky enough to get the P4 social link expansion pack from Amazon?
  14. Anime was made back in 1997, though the manga started in the 80's so maybe it would be a good pick? Either way the series is all kinds of awesome.
  15. Damn Thundercats always wake me up at night when I'm trying to sleep. SICK AND TIRED OF THEM!
  16. GUNGRAVE OVERDOSE! Also, I've only mentioned ZOE like a THOUSAND times over the years. Mostly to Chaz, but yeah, get ZOE2. RAD was good too, even though the VA is awful. Red Star is on some old school type gameplay. Also, Persona 3 FES, you may like it.
  17. Been working on Suiko avatars, should be finished soon.
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