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  1. Another ?. When i try to save a mix into a flp file type then when i try to open it i get erros like cant find midi output/input or the file my be curourpt. THen i tired to open one that came with fl4 and the same thing happned.
  2. In frutiy loops 4 onthe left side is the browser. I made a remix and i wanted to add some reverb but i dont knowhow to. In the browser right clicked reverb and clicked add to selected channel but it said somelike reeverb isent a insturment and the genterator something. So my main question is, how do i put reverb into my mixes?
  3. I Think this is the first remix of this song i have heard. Its nice catchy jazzy mix.
  4. Normally i wouldent even touch jazz but, this is great. You used great soundfonts.
  5. Great job. The chessy voice sample sounds a little like when the chicks witha moh hockdie.
  6. Pretty good a little tomuch distortion for me but other than that great mix.
  7. Perfect nice virety of insturments. Nice mix. Now go make a mix of the boos battle theme.
  8. I havent played this game in years so iam not fimmailr with the orinignal. But this is great.
  9. The hacking and the alarms sounds great. but about 0:50 is just :vomit:
  10. Well not my kind of music the only real part i liked was the flute. But even thou i dontlike this you did a greatjobon it.
  11. Especially McVaffe's remix. \m/ WOW This is something that you would find on a orchrested actraier soundtrack.
  12. Sorry dj pretzel but i like this better than yours. Anyways i lovethe great paino work!
  13. This is like old school techno. But its not my favorite but its good. My favorite part is 0:52.
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