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  1. This project needs more Geekwad: Games of the Galaxy and Wacky Funsters. And Kiloblaster. And Jill of the Jungle. Totally can't argue with what's already on there, though.
  2. This was pretty much my reaction to seeing a Pilotwings tribute album. I don't often announce it, but I am a huge fan of the original game, but strangely not the Nintendo 64 game. Still, when they announced Pilotwings Resort for the 3DS a couple years back, I was so excited! Zip ahead to today when I happened to be browsing OverClocked ReMix. What should I find but this album hanging out on the front page? Needless to say, I jumped on that like an Italian plumber on a turtle! I am stoked for this album and can only imagine it will be one of the many awesome things to come out of this site.
  3. I'm really hesitant about admitting this... but this is definitely a great album. It's nearly perfect! However, there are a few flaws I simply can't overlook... I'll explain. The broad selection of songs chosen for this album were pretty much perfect. I like how so many people chose random songs and songs that a lot of people would otherwise overlook, such as X-Hunter Stage 1 theme from Mega Man X2 (grossly overlooked) or Primrose from Mega Man X8 (awesome!). But I can't say I like the fact that there are a couple duplicate covers of songs, not counting the bonus content. The obvious one here is the two versions of Bubble Crab's theme -- one from Mega Man X2 and a remix of Tidal Whale's remix of Bubble Crab's theme from Mega Man X5. They're both very good arrangements, but that seems a bit redundant. (The more clever thing to do would have been to make a remix of Tidal Whale's unused theme from Mega Man X5. ;P) There's also quite a few repeats in the album, though most of these are also mixed with another song. (Part of the Grand Maverick Remix Battle, I believe?) However... Spiral Pegasus has four repeats. And not one of them are solo tunes. Was his theme really that good enough warrant four remixes, even if they were mixed with four other songs... Oh, and the two remixes of Blizzard Buffalo's theme right back-to-back? Somewhat amusing, but poorly planned, in my opinion. In addition to over-saturation of some songs, some of the arrangements themselves weren't all that great. Only one stands out in my mind as being "bad", that being "Thorn in my Slide", since I couldn't easily recognize it as being Spike Rosered's stage theme. It's not a bad piece of music, but like I said, it wasn't recognizable as Spike Rosered's theme to me, similar to the old OC ReMix "Let There Be Light" being barely recognizable as Dustman's theme. I also don't like the fact that the last three Mega Man X games and Mega Man X: Command Mission were overlooked in contrast to the first five. Mega Man X: Command Mission was completely snubbed in this album while Mega Man X7, despite having a pretty awesome soundtrack, got all of a single song remixed. Granted that the chosen song was the single-best song in the game by far, but that's not the point. The point is that there was some definite favortism going on here -- especially for the first game in the series. It's very rare for me to pop on these forums these days... but Mega Man X: Maverick Rising was more than enough encouragement to get me to pop in and give my feedback on the album. Despite the minor flaws I mentioned -- and trust me, in the grand scheme of things, these flaws are very minor -- this album is absolutely, positively worth everyone's time and is truly a pleasure to listen to. All the contributing artists should be extremely proud of their contributions. I haven't been this satisfied since the Final Fantasy IV remix project. I'm very glad I took the time to download this album and will enjoy listening to it whenever most any song pops up in my XMPlay randomizer!
  4. This is one of those rare OverClocked ReMix albums that actually does the source material nothing less than absolute justice. Not one of the main album songs sucks. Not a one. If you loved the original Final Fantasy IV soundtrack (or any of the remixes), THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU. This thing has it all! A number of styles, the complete soundtrack lovingly remixed, and even some epic singing on a few songs! Words don't do this thing justice. You just have to EXPERIENCE it for yourself. Do it. You will not regret it.
  5. The unfortunate thing about these tunes is that they sound less like something Capcom whipped up and more like something Konami whipped up. (Blast Hornet's theme in particular reminds me of Contra: Hard Corps.) There's also definately a bit of Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master in there. Ultimately, despite questionable do-ability on real hardware, these things definately deliver. I could listen to these things all day... Anyway, now that I've BERATED your work (;P), I'd like to make a request. How about the title theme? It shouldn't take too long, I wouldn't think.
  6. At first, I thought this was just another generic remix. Ya know... NESkimos or Minibosses-style. Guitars and heavy drums. Boring stuff like that. Then I heard the lyrics and decided that this was indeed worth listening to after all. The lyrics seems to carry a message of loneliness, shining an altogether different light on Airman in general. No ego. No will of his own, to a degree. A force of destruction and a machine made simply to terrorize Neo Tokyo. (Or "Monsteropolis", as per the US manual.) This is what he was built to do. He wants to defeat anyone who comes near him...but he also wants the freedom his clouded realm seems to promise. He doesn't want to be a minion forever. He wants to fly. But he knows he can't have that, so he kind of snaps and just decides to carry out his programming in a rather extreme fashion. I guess the song is a bit of a contradiction in and of itself if you listen to the lyrics, but it's pretty good altogether. I think it's worthy of a Japanese music video a'la "You Can't Defeat Airman!" or "Omoide wa Okkusenman" and I think it's worth listening to as well. Nicely done! ...now make a Springman remix. X3
  7. Grab yer ten-gallon hat an' ride on in to town with this rip-snortin' good remix of two of th' Dark World themes from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, pardner! Yeehaw!! Okay, but seriously. This sounds like something out of a Western movie. And incidently, I highly approve of that concept. It's a very pretty song with both calm and exciting parts to it. Well done!
  8. Hm... Marvelous music. Decent vocalizations. But the singing voice completely does not suit the atmosphere of the music, I'm sorry to say. Still, this is a keeper. Definately a four-star piece, if only for the arrangement. Very relaxing.
  9. Ya know, it's extremely rare I bother posting here. But for this song, I had to come out of hiding and actually give an opinion. I have to say, this song is quite possibly...the single-best thing I've heard come from OverClocked ReMix in some time. It's an effective collage of a few of the in-game themes (title, forest, cavern, etc.) with some slick lyrics and a nice, solid beat that never lets up. This song actually bumped me up out of my depression, it's so good. And that says quite a lot, considering I rarely bother fighting off my depression. Anyway... It's a really awesome song and definately worth downloading. I'll make sure to rate this song 5/5 on OCReMix Radio when I get a chance. Thanks, Trenthian, for making a song good enough to put me in a great mood! This is so totally going on my MP3 player...
  10. Honestly speaking, I didn't care much for this as a remix. It's a pretty nice piece of music by itself, and I think it does improve upon the original "Go Down" by Alexander Brandon, but it's certainly no "Hyperblast Redux".(Unreal Tournament 2004.) Not by a long, long shot. But as I said, it's a fairly decent piece by itself. I think I liked it a lot more back before I read it was a remix of "Go Down" and/or heard the Unreal Tournament 2004 arrangement.(Which still makes my pulse quicken and palms sweat to this day.)
  11. Holy crap, do I love this. At least, I did. For some reason, after listening to it for about two minutes, it starts to get boring. . . I'm not entirely sure how else to explain it. It just sort of gets dull after the first half of the song. But then again, there's not much to work with in the first place. But anyway, nice job. And yeah. I didn't feel like a full-fledge review. Sorry.
  12. If you're looking for a solid Super Mario Bros. ReMix. . .then prepare to be sorely disappointed. If you're looking for a generic metal song with lots of ripping synthetic guitars and some SMB thrown in for the Hell of it. . .you've got the right ReMix. In my opinion, this wasn't worth the time it took to download. If I wanted something original and metally(?), I'd hit up Newgrounds or MP3.com or something. This is hardly a ReMix at all. More like an original composition with the Super Mario Bros. theme thrown in here and there just for the Hell of it. And even then, it's only a half-decent original composition. And on that note, this ReMix strongly reminds me of "The Legend of Zelda UnderWorldPressureCooker," by wRenchpilot. . . And not in a good way, either. In a sort of. . ."I couldn't think of anything better to do" way. I'm sorry, but this completely fails to impress me in any aspect at all. How this became an OverClocked ReMix is beyond me.
  13. This arrangement makes my stomach churn for some reason. And gives me a headache. Not to mention that it's boring, uninspired, and just drags on. . . Oi. It's my opinion that he did succeed in making "Eat Your Veggies"(AKA "the Well of Wishes/Dopefish song") from Commander Keen IV: The Secret of the Oracle sound all swampy. . .but is that a good thing? Firstly, it's just not varied enough from the original to be truly unique. As I said twice before, this is definately more of an arrangement than a remix. The beginning is rather boring and unmotivated. It's basically the normal beginning, but deeper, and more ambient than the original, with a bubbly sort of instrument thrown in for the Hell of it. And then it just kind of drones on like this, adding drums, removing drums, adding and removing basslines, etc. etc. While I realize the original song was little more than thirty seconds of music, I'm positive Mazedude could have done something more with this piece of music, if he'd really wanted to. Overall, though. . .I'm not impressed. And this track makes me phyiscally ill, to boot. I'm not deducting points for the music making me ill. That's just wrong. However, I'm still going to have to give it a 3.1 out of 10. Sorry, Mazedude. You fail to impress me.
  14. I'll be blunt, for those reading this on the ReMix page itself. This. . .does not sound familiar. At all. It's a good piece, but sounds utterly unfamiliar to me. Apparently, this is a remix of Lorenzo's Soil. But. . .Hell if I can tell. It only sounds vaugely like Lorenzo's Soil. . . I mean, it's an awesome piece of music, and all. But. . .this doesn't sound much like anything I recall from EarthWorm Jim 2. Did the Sega MegaDrive version have some weird-ass special music that I don't know about, perhaps? Seriously, this doesn't qualify as a ReMix, in my opinion. It's either not, or it's way the Hell too well remixed to be even remotely recognized. Kind of like what's his face's "Megaman 4 Let There Be Light" ReMix.
  15. I'm too tired to take the time to pick apart this song section by section, so I'll just give a brief rundown. This arrangement of Sunset Park Zone, Act 3 is pretty solid. It starts out like any chilled-out trance song, slowly coasting into more solid beats. . . Fade-in drums. . . "Chimes" and notes that cut in and out. . . Stuff like that. It's pretty average as a trance song, really, but as a remix of Sunset Park Zone, Act 3, it works well. Now. . .on another topic, I'm not complaining, buuuuut. . . There are other songs in the game that are worthy of being remixed. It seems like that every time there's a Sonic & Tails 2 arrangement or remix out there, it's of this song. Now, I know those of you keeping track are probably aware that there haven't been many remixes/arrangements from this game overall. Ztrop was nice enough to make an arrangement of this song for me a while back, which is on VG Music as I type this. And there was one by some random dude that I can't remember. I had it on my MP3 player at some point. It was someone here at OC ReMix, in fact, who posted it in the WiP forum. But, I digress. Short Story: Average-sounding trance song, very good-sounding remix.
  16. Well, here it is, a few months from two years later, from when I first listened to this Mad City remix. That much time has passed, and I just recently recovered this file. However, I can honestly say I still don't like it all that much. The pitch is just to high on the main melodies, for one. For another, as previously stated, it doesn't sound like Mazedude made use of all the notes that were given in the original score. Though very high, I still do enjoy the shift to the Reggaeish funk around 2:47.75. That's a fun part of the song. Overall, I still rank this around a 5.5 out of 10, because it's just kind of out there. . . Too much "Mix," not enough "Re", as I've said about one or two other songs in my stay here. And yes, I realize this file's old, but I felt compelled to give another overview of it, almost two years later.
  17. Well. . . This piece of music has successfully obliterated what little believe I had left, that I had some musical talent. I can sit on my arse and make S3Ms of Sonic the Hedgehog music, among other video game music, until the apocolypse hits. . .and none of them. . . At all. . . Would even begin to stratch this work of art. This, or a great deal of the mixes here at OverClocked ReMix. I may be the (self-proclaimed)King of All Video Game S3M Arrangements. . . . . .but it's nothing more than a tremendously painful moot point when compared to remixes like these. What I do is pointless. Scream Tracker III Modules are worthless in this day and age. Especially crappy ones like mine.
  18. I'm sorry to say that I was throughly disappointed in this ReMix. Far too much "mix," not enough "re". Right from the start, I thought I knew what I should expect from this tune, hearing what sounded like a guitar riff from the title theme. Of course, I might be wrong, as I can't seem to find the specific melody anywhere in the title theme. . . Upon listening to the Double Dragon III NSF, though, I can semi-safely assume it's a riff from the Japan(level 3?) theme. But, whatever. The transition around 0:24/0:25 is pretty nice, even though it just leads into another twenty-some seconds of a low-volume similar, until we hit around 0:46. Then we start getting into familar stuff. The title theme -- or rather, eight seconds of it. From around 0:28 to 0:36 of the title theme, in fact. Now, loop that with some heavy drums from about, oh. . .0:58.25, to 1:23.5.(That's a little under twenty-six seconds, for those with bad math skills.) Now, gimme some bass, keeping the drums, for about twenty or twenty-one seconds more. . . Then go on a little bit of a tangent, piecing in various original bits, and a little bit of the title theme, again. . . Now at 2:05, we start back in on the title theme, but around 2:18.5, we start getting original, again. Guitar riffs and whatnot, for a while, then more bassline/drum combos. Stuff like that. This leads back into what we saw at 1:48, earlier. Except, once we're finished with that, we go into the USA theme from Double Dragon III, repeating the trailing melodies for about twenty-two seconds. More guitar riffs and drums. . . More original stuff. . . Yawn. Let's see. . . Around 4:15, we come back down to earth and start playing the IronSword: Wizards and Warriors II title theme for a while longer, but go off on a random other tangent from 4:27.7 until the end of the song. It sounds vaugely familiar to me, but I'm kind of leaning towards more "originality." So, overall, there are a lot of original guitar riffs and whatnot in this song. Too many to really suit my tastes, as far as calling this a remix. It's more like. . .an original piece of music, with some IronSword: Wizards and Warriors II and Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones/Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone mixed in just for laughs. It's a very nice piece by itself, of course. But it's not much of a remix of the IronSword: Wizards and Warriors II title theme, as it doesn't really have very much of the piece in it. End review.
  19. I am beyond being unimpressed. Well beyond, in fact. This isn't anything special, whatsoever. Much like Prince Vejita's "Vejita Cutman OC ReMix," this is basically just the original FamiCom track with some synthetics thrown in for fun. Seriously, if I didn't know this track was submitted back in 2001, I'd say Matt Pollard sucks as a remixer. Thankfully, his later works far redeem this grevious error he made. First entries often can be rocky.
  20. Wow. Just. . .wow. That's pretty-much all I can say about this awesome remix of Robo's theme. Really.
  21. I honestly don't like this remix at all... It barely sounds anything like the original version, for one. For another, it doesn't sound like Maze used all four channels(Konami did their normal "play a note so quick it sounds like two separate notes" thing in BGM A) of the musical score. I do like how it progress into that whole Reggaeish theme(or...something) around 2:49, though. All and all, I'd give this remix a D+. Nice effort, but it just doesn't appeal to me, me being the lover of the FamiCom sound chip, and Mad City, that I am.
  22. Rarely is it, that I find a piece of music that I just have to hit the Play button on in WinAMP. Ya know... Just before it ends. So I can listen to it again. .. Anyway... This remix qualifies for that, no questions asked. This is a beautiful remix of the Devil's Mask theme from Ninja Gaiden. Now if only someone would do a good rendition of the Nails of Lukifell. ... Actually, nevermind. Someone already did. Jose Acosta, with his "Ninja Gaiden: Emulated" Remix... ^-^; So, yeah. I'm all set!
  23. While we're on the topic of this remix... What's it a remix of?? I cannot match this song with any song in Rockman 4, at all. It doesn't sound anything light Brightman's stage, nor Pharoahman's, which were the first two that came to mind... Then I tried lining it up with other songs, and couldn't find any similarities... Being the avid Rockman fan that I am, either this is less of a remix and more of an original piece, or I just plain missed something... Addendum: Dustman's theme? *scratches the back of his head* ...oooooookay... If you say so, AmIEvil... dj pretzel... Real obscure, in my opinion... I can barely make the connection...
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