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  1. Really like it. Sounds like the lovechild of Starfox and Thunderforce III. Which is awesome, btw.
  2. I like it. Feels very night time, light-lit street, if you know what I mean. Do I hear tank police cat characters in there?
  3. Really good! You've changed it enough to be interesting, but still true to the original. I especially enjoy how it transists from heavy and powerful, to light and airy, then back again.
  4. Any progress on the Aterlier mix? Or is it dead?

  5. Yeah, that's the best part. Extend it and repeat it a few times, I don't know, but I'm sure I'll dig it. :)

  6. This game has awesome music and I've always thought so since I was little. I can't believe no one has ever covered it. I can't even find anything on uTube, except the original tracks... Please please please, someone be brave enough to give it a go. All the tracks are good, especially the title, and stages 2,3 and 5, and the boss track.
  7. Hi, did you get my message? Here it is again anyway....

    I do have it in mp3 format. I can send it if you give me an email to send it too. Or you can get it at Galbadia Hotel.

    Shining Sword is on that page I believe

  8. I do have it in mp3 format. I can send it if you give me an email to send it too. Or you can get it at Galbadia Hotel.

    Shining Sword is on that page I believe

  9. Well, I liked it. I could easily recognise it and I think I like it more than the original, which has naff instruments. Yours was muhc more enjoyable and less cheesy. The Aterlier games have some great tracks, particularly Iris 1 and 2. The songs often have catchy, yet complex melodies, and are quite varied. I'm not sure of the translation but Shining Sword is a favourite of mine, and Drive into the Dark. If you remix anything else from the series, let me know.
  10. I like it. An imaginative rendition. From 0.37 to 1.10 it sounds like Starfox-cum-Thunderforce III, or is that just me?
  11. That's just tragic. The world is cursed to never hear a decent Altered Beast remix. I would pay for one!
  12. Yes, I like remixes that are recognisable, I think it's important. At the same time plain re-orchestrations are not remixes. It's broad line of interpretation between them and you tread it well. Look forward to updates.
  13. Great stuff, love it so far, Rayza, you kept it recognisable.
  14. Oh, and please don't put the 'rise from your grave' sample in there, it would instantly make it naff.
  15. It's getting really good now. The tune remains completely recognisable but is nicely altered... Can't wait for more.
  16. Great stuff... I checked out your other work too and I have to say it's pure class. You're a very talented bloke.
  17. Altered Beast? Yay, I love this game's music. It's rarely given a look. It is indeed good so far. Look forward to updates.
  18. That's a promising start. I'll watch this post with interest.
  19. Therapsid I still have this mix. Maybe I can send it to you?
  20. Still lovin' it. It is great that you chose an unusual track, instead of the usual stuff.
  21. Definately an improvement. I think from 2:47 onwards it's especially good, great 'marching' feel to it.
  22. I like. Extending the catchy end section was an especially good choice. Look forward to any updates
  23. I like. Hope you finish it, with or without a collaboration.
  24. Take heart, judges don't know everything. You could submit a finished version to the website, as Midnight Resistance was released on the C64. I look forward to an update.